Saturday, September 27, 2008

What a week!

It's been a tough week. I mentioned earlier in the week that Heather had car problems. It turns out it's some security thing in the ignition. Her car thinks it's being stolen, so it won't start. Of course this is not a cheap thing to fix and although it was supposed to be done on Friday, it needed another part, so we are left missing a car, with people who need to go to work and school on Monday.
My sister in law, Jan came home from the hospital on Thursday. She came home under the care of Hospice and remains very sick. She will need someone to stay with her while Rog goes to work, so there is much to be done in way of arrangements. Please continue to pray for her and the rest of the family.
I have mentioned that we were having another state survey. Many of you will remember when I have told you about the crazy things we are cited on. I think our cites this time top the cake. We have been cleared of our last cites, but there always seem to be more things to find fault with. I don't like any citations, but we are humans and we do make mistakes. However, when it seems they are just grasping for things, and I hear about what happens in some other homes, I get really frustrated.
Here are some of the things we were cited on:
1. The kitchen sent out sandwiches wrapped in foil. These were for a snack and as such were passed out to people in their rooms and the hallway. The state says they should have a paper plate with them and it is a dignity issue.
2. Our silverware is wrapped in a napkin. The state says the residents should receive another napkin. This is also a dignity issue.
3. The residents had bananas with a meal. The aides peel them and help them with eating them. It is (yes, you guessed it!) a dignity issue to have a banana peel next to them while they are eating! Of course, if you get up to throw the banana peel away, you have to wash your hands before you come back to the table and the resident has to sit there and wait.
We only got a few other citations, but you get the general idea. Another reason this is frustrating is that these people are like judge and jury. There is really no one to complain to, and the regulations are not in black and white, so each person reads them a little differently.
So - now we go back to work and write a plan of correction, so we are ready for the next visit!


Anonymous said...

Mari I do believe and agree with you from Nancy's blog, to tell our State Rep.This (crap) has to stop!! If you need me just holler, I'll tell them a thing or two or three!!!! Oh lord let your light shine there and let them only see the TRUTH!! We pray for your Mercy and justice Lord, In Jesus name AMEN!!

A Stone Gatherer said...

Another way our tax dollars are hard at work! How do we stop the insanity?!!!!!!!
Praying for your sister in law and family!

Diane said...

Gotta love the government!... NOT!!!!

Cherdecor said...

Interesting! I do not know what to say!!!!
We are living in a very difficult world.

Anonymous said...

It really is just absolutely ridiculous.
The sad thing is we probably can't complain for you because it'll come back to bite you!

Terri said...

Ooh, that is just maddening. There are so many bad nursing homes out there. Why do they pick on the good ones?

We're still praying for Rog and Jan.

Melissa said...

Remember when I had car trouble? Mine was the same thing as Heather's. Wierd...
And in restaurants, they roll silverwear in napkins, so isn't that the same thing?

Demara said...

Oh man! I was LOL'd...those are very "dignifiedly" picky rules aren't they?! But I suppose the client's may feel more respected if these "citations" are addressed.

I'm glad everything else is ok!

Sandra said...

I was over at Nancy's blog and could NOT believe the banana peel thing, and now reading yours I am just confused as to why you guys would be getting citations for such ridiculous things.

I'm sorry you're having to deal with this.

Jean said...

Wow, Mari, you do need God's grace poured out on you for all these situations you are dealing with.

"Lord, Your word says that Your grace is sufficient, enough. Let that be true for Mari in the days ahead. Amen."

Mary said...


They are indeed grasping at straws in order to find something to give a citation for. Who hasn't peeled a banana and left the peel lying on their plate while they ate it? That one is totally ludicrous.

I can see that the residents might need an extra napkin, but don't believe it is a dignity issue.

Good luck on getting those people on their way to somewhere else. Try to be patient. As Grandma used to say, "This too shall pass."

Blessings for a great day on Sunday.

Unknown said...

all I can say is we have to hang in there and work as a team and pray like crazy to rid the evil that seems to be lurking in our midst. We are truly being tested & watched by some to see how we deal with this whole ordeal. Thanks to all who understand and are praying with us.

Amy said...

These issues are so crazy! You must be shaking your hand. I worked in a hospitl for 10 years, and I crazy stuff happened there too! Hang in there through the whole survey - I will say some extra prayers for you.

I will pray for your sil too. As for cars, they are such pains! I hope it doesn't cost Heather too much. Why is everything electronic nowadays?

I'm Tara. said...

That is so lame...I'm so sorry. I used to be the word processing person for the rehab department in a HUGE hospital here in Denver and ohhh, goodness -- the P&P updates when JCAHO would visit was just ridiculous. I'm sorry you had to deal with all of that. I'll pray for Jan and the entire family! Car trouble always makes me appreciate the luxury of having two -- sorry you're having to repair and scramble for rides this week.

Pat said...

You're just lucky they didn't require you to get a permit to peel that banana! Oh, what are we going to do...I guess we do like that old Spiritual sung by Mahalia Jackson..."we'll just pray for them, and let the church (government) roll on"! Praying for grace to get you through.

Kayren said...

I'm stunned at the craziness of the inspections.
Please continue to keep us posted on Jan. What impact is there that Hospice is with her? Could you update on that sometime?

Shelly said...

Maybe someone should have dropped a banana peel and let them slip on it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Praying for Jan and the family.

Lynn said...

I've worked in several nursing homes and that is just ridiculous!!! Seriously, those are the CRAZIEST citations I have ever heard about! Give me a break!