Friday, June 27, 2008

They're gone!

I though I better update you on my last post. We survived, we are done, hooray!
The inspectors are gone and it is a huge relief. I think this was probably the worst inspection I can remember, mainly because one of the team members was completely unreasonable and very demeaning. I think they give these people classes in intimidation and she was very good at it.
We ended up doing very well and they did tell our administrator that there is a unique feel to our place because of the interaction between residents and staff. Of course - none of that is in the report and it wasn't mentioned to us, except by our administrator. Our crazy citation for this year was that all of our call bells cords are not uniform in length! We better get right on that, don't you think?
The sad thing about this is that not only does it disrupt our residents lives for a week, it sometimes drives people away from the nursing home field. We actually had a Dr quit a few years ago because he said he didn't need to deal with this. My good friend Nancy wrote this post today about how she feels following this inspection.
This is not the end, I'm sorry to say. They will be back in about 2 months to make sure we took care of the things they cited us on. In the meantime, we should be able to go back to enjoying our job!

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Shelly said...

They sure can be a pain in the rear. Those guys always follow around you nurses way more than the aids. I did see that they asked a lot of questions to the aids and other workers this year. That surprised me. Have not ran into that in quite some time. They always have to find something. In fact, I probably would have thought about wacking them with the fly swater. That is rediculous what they did with that.

Mary said...


I have not heard anything so stupid in my entire life? The bell cords have to be all uniform length. Why? That is crazy.

Those guys better come up here and set some of our nursing homes straight. We had two nursing homes charged with senior abuse two years ago. If the TV program W5 hadn't picked up on it, it would have continued. The two nurses who reported it were fired and had a difficult time finding other jobs because they were labeled as snitches. An atrocity for sure.

Take care. I hope things get better.

Kayren said...

Thank you for the work you do at your facility. It's a special gift to be able to do this job with care and compassion, and it sounds like your facility is filled with those types of people. That's definitely a unique and special place. Our family participates in our church's nursing home ministry once a month, and we don't always see this. So again, thank you for the special work you do.

On a happy, or sad note depending on how you look at it, my youngest just finished his last year of Awana used the little Sparky guy at the top of your post so I just had to give him a shout out.

AlaneM said...

I remember my hubby going through that years ago - did not sound fun then & sounds no better now.
Glad you are all back to normal now, what a relief!

A Stone Gatherer said...

Gotta love (not) the way they save their job security huh!!! You guys are great, don't let any bureaucrat tell you otherwise! Now go make those cords the same length!!!

Rebekah said...

At least its over for now. Relax and enjoy

Diane said...

What a nightmare! Too bad you can't just send those inspectors packin' when they show up! Or tell them to pick on someone else! Glad it's over for a while at least!

Anonymous said...

I'm convinced that some people stay awake at night figuring out how to make other people's lives miserable.

Glad the first step is over for you.

Unknown said...

I am rejoicing at home today and I know your week-end at work is going 100% better. So glad they are gone & its done for now. Hope your getting those call bells all one lenght in your spare time.LOL

Cheri said...

I'm glad it's done for another year.
Now you can enjoy your job again.

Cherdecor said...

I think that you and Nancy should read Frank Peretti's book called
This Present Darkness.

After the experience you and Nancy have had this week, you would certainly see the significance of what goes on in the world around you.

Enjoy your weekend, my friend.

Rmomof3 said...

Whew! So glad that they are gone! I know that is a relief!

On another note, I still want to know how Andy is doing!

And please tell Alecia, that I miss her posts about Spain!;-)

Sweet blessings!

sharon brobst said...

For goodness sakes!! So sorry you had to go through that!

Anonymous said...

Mari, Oh I so remember those visits. Do you remember the lady inspector who had just put her cat to sleep and was so filled with grief and anger that she turned into a Witch?? Oh I will never forget her!! She should have taken a few days off. Glad thats over just remember you are a great nurse and they love you!!

Grace Acres said...

unfortunately the inspectors are usually the larger part of the nasty population.

Dena said...