Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Paint touch ups

You know how nice a room looks when it is freshly painted? However - it doesn't last long. It seems that soon there are scatches or nicks in the new paint and who wants to drag out and open that gallon pail? We have found a new product that makes it easier to touch up these spots. It is made by Rubbermaid and we found it in the paint department of our favorite local store! It's a little plastic container that holds about a cup of paint. It has a small roller on top that may be used if you want. (It removes easily to be cleaned). The top snaps on tight to keep the paint fresh. If you fill it when you paint the room, touch ups are a breeze. It works for me!


Cheri said...

Love that! I wonder what local paint store I could get that at- if only I had a brother in law to ask these questions of!

Anonymous said...

Hey Mari-Beth,
I like the blog. Looks pretty interesting and is fun to read. Also, you could have told me this tip last October when I was buying my "Bob's Beige" from him at our favorite hardware store. That is a really neat idea. I will keep it in mind for future use.

Laura said...

Works for you - fix your paint, and support your local husband, I mean, hardware store... :) I have wondered how those work, so thanks for letting me know!