Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Cooking Thursday

I've shared a few recipes with you that I got at our MOPS (Mom's of pre-schoolers) brunches.  I have another one today.  We often comment that these brunches are not good for the diet!  This one has been brought a few times and is always good.  I made it myself last week, making just half of it in an 8x8 pan.  I'm sure you would like it!

 Overnight Cinnamon Rolls

2 loaves frozen white bread dough
1 stick butter
1 cup brown sugar
1/3 cup white sugar
2 teaspoons cinnamon
3 tablespoons milk

3 cups powdered sugar
4 tablespoons milk
3 tablespoons softened butter.

Spray 9x13 baking pan and place bread in to thaw for about 2 hours.
Cut bread into small pieces with a scissors or knife.
Melt butter, sugars, cinnamon and milk together in a small pan.  Pour over bread pieces, cover and refrigerate overnight.
In the morning, uncover and bake for 25 minutes at 375 degrees.
Beat icing ingredients together while it bakes.
Cool briefly and frost.


Betsy Brock said...

Yum. I don't think I've ever had a bad cinnamon roll! One of my weaknesses!

Arlene @Nanaland said...

Another winner. I am planning to make the Ghiradelli bars soon. I agree with Betsy, never had a bad cinnamon roll.

Dianna said...

Now that is definitely easy enough! I'll follow your lead and make a smaller amount in an 8x8 pan. Hubby is the only one here eating sweets at the moment. :) But I know he would love them. Thank you for sharing the recipe.

Bethany Carson said...

I like overnight recipes, and this looks delicious! Thank you for sharing, Mari!

Anonymous said...

I would love one of these for breakfast. I hope you will have a nice weekend, Mari.

Linda said...


Doris said...

Looks delicious! My family would enjoy this for sure.

Jennifer Hays said...

Oh, I love these! I haven't made them in a while but they're so easy and good. Thanks for reminding me of them, I'll try to make them again soon. :)

Ramblings of a Retired Lady said...

This and a pot of coffee would definitely be comfort food for today.

Saleslady371 said...

Maybe not too good for the diet but oh, who doesn't love cinnamon rolls. Thursdays at your place are my favorite. Honestly, I am so glad Dianna clued me in because I like to eat what you eat!!!! Except I have allergies to some foods, but I copy and paste most of your recipes. Ha!

Sandi said...

This looks so good, Mari!

Sally said...

Oh yes! We would all love it. Thanks for the recipe, Mari!


Terri D said...

Oh my goodness, Mari. I can almost smell them!! Butter, cinnamon, sugar....yum!!

Cherdecor said...

I've made these before and they are scrumptious!

Judy said...

Yum! My mouth is watering.

Jenny said...

Oh dear. Thanks. I think. xoxo