Thursday, August 12, 2010

The other stall

I got this e-mail from my Mom-in-law a while back and thought you would enjoy it too.

Traveling down the interstate and needing to use the restroom,
I stopped at a rest area and headed to the bathroom.

I was barely sitting down, when I heard a voice from the other stall saying,
"Hi, how are you?"

I'm not the type to start a conversation in the rest room,
but I answered, somewhat embarrassed,
"doing just fine!"

And the other person says,
"So, what are you up to?"

What kind of a question is that? At this point, I'm thinking this is too bizarre,
so I say:
"Uuh, I'm like you, just traveling!"??

I'm now just trying to get out as fast as I can, when I hear another question:
"Can I come over?"

Now this is way too weird, but I figured I could just be polite and end the conversation.
I tell them...
"No, I'm a little busy right now!"

Then I hear the other person say:
"Listen, I'll have to call you back. Some crazy person in the other stall
keeps answering all my questions."

Don't you just love cell phones?


Jean said...

I read that before, but it always cracks me up!

Nancy said...

I am cracking up; this is just too funny......great story

Unknown said...

Oh my goodness Mari! This is just what I needed to read today. SO, so funny. Hilarious! : )

Pat said...

I hadn't heard this one before...what a hoot!

Karin said...

Hope I didn't wake hubby with my loud chuckles! It just cracked me up......again!!Thanks!

Mike Golch said...

when my wife is using here bluetooth and talking on her phone while shopping people look at her like she's crazy,but let a young person do that and no one thinks twice of it.

Unknown said...

That would totally be me in the other stall, answering! LOL

A Stone Gatherer said...

That is to funny!

Jane said...

That is very funny. I'll have to keep that in mind in case someone starts talking to me in the bathroom!

Hootin' Anni said...

LOL...sad part of it all it could so be true!!!

Susan said...

I love real life!!! It is so much fun. No one could make this up!!!!

Sharon said...

Thank you for the laugh today. It is just what I needed.
That is so funny but it could be so true.
Have a great weekend.

Brooke said...

blue tooth headsets are the worst - i never know if my boss is talking to me as he gets his morning coffee or on the telephone!

Nezzy (Cow Patty Surprise) said...

Heeehehehehe! Great. I was gettin' some milk out of the cooler at Wally-World when a lady came up beside me and said, "well, what do you think about that! I stood upright and asked, " what do I think about what???" Drawin' a deep angry breath the woman turned and literally stomped away. In doin' this the store lights glimmered off her 'blue-tooth!" Who knew???

God bless ya and have a marvelous weekend!!!

Betty W said...

Yeah, I´ve done that. Not in the bathroom, but with my co-worker who works next door from my office. I thought he was talking to me, and answered him, then realized he was talking on the phone... :)

Ms. Bake-it said...

Oh my goodness Mari! This is hilarious! Some of the younger girls in our office building talk on their phones in the bathroom and it drives me crazy! If they are not on their phones, they are standing there gabbing.

Rose said...

just getting to read posts. love the bathroom story. thanks for your comment re nture and sounds. have a good weekend. Rose

Shell in your Pocket said...

That is so funny!!!

Have a great weekend, Mari!

sandy toes

Cherdecor said...

I wish my mother was alive and could read this. She always enjoyed stories like this.

Jenny said...

BAAAAAAAAHAHAHA that reminds me of when someone you know (like in the church parking lot, or at work) is walking towards you, looking right at you, TALKING, and of course you smile and tune in and try to understand what they're saying ... and then they ignore you and walk right past ... and it's right about then you see the bluetooth headset in their ear.

FAIL. Me no likey.

Justabeachkat said...

Too funny! I've heard people of their phones in the bathroom before and thought "how weird". So glad I knew they were on their phones and not talking to me. LOL