Monday, May 29, 2017

Weekend getaway...

Bob and I have both been very busy lately and feel like we are often ships passing in the night!  Somehow we both ended up having Memorial Day off, so we decided to get away for one night and spend a little time together.  We left right after church on Sunday and drove to Ludington, Michigan - about 1 1/ hours north of us.
The weather report was not good.  Saturday had been beautiful, but in was supposed to storm starting Sunday afternoon, and then rain through Monday.

This was the view in the car as we were driving.  We both took some books thinking this may be a time to read, and not much time outside!

However, when we arrived it quit raining.  After about an hour the sun came out, so we headed out to explore Ludington.

We were driving along Lake Michigan and visit the beach.  Our beaches are famous for the white sand, fresh water, no sharks!

We decided to visit the Au Sable Lighthouse in Ludington.  You have to park at the Ludington State Park and then walk to the Lighthouse - 2 miles to see it and 2 miles back!

Along the way we saw sand dunes,

and more sand dunes.

It was a nice walking path though.

 There were a few small ponds as we walked too.

 After walking for some time we saw it in the distance!

And then finally arrived.

You can climb the spiral staircase to the top - 130 steps in all.   We had to do that!

 Here's the view from a window close to the top.

 And here are some views from the walkway around the top.  It's 92 feet up and you can see for miles!

This is facing Wisconsin - it's 56 miles across the lake.

After we climbed back down, we explored outside for a while.

Here's the lighthouse from another direction.  You might see Bob on that bench in front of the lighthouse looking out at the lake.

Then it was time for the 2 mile hike back to our car.
When we got back to Ludington, we got some supper and took it out to the beach to eat.

 It was just beautiful!

 While we were there the SS Badger came in.  It's a huge ferry that makes a trip to Wisconsin daily.

It was fun seeing this huge ship make its way into the ferry.

We went back to the hotel for a short time, and then came back to the beach to watch the sunset.

The end of a beautiful day!


LL Cool Joe said...

I'm glad you had time together and how cool the weather improved so much by the time you arrived. I bet you burned up quite a few calories with the 4 mile walk there and back and going up the lighthouse too! The beautiful views were worth the effort.

Hootin' Anni said...

Oh my goodness...everything is just breathtaking. I LOVE lighthouses, and I LOVE sunsets [and sunrises]. To have dinner on the beach...and great ending for a fabulous day.

Anonymous said...

So happy that you two were able to have such a nice time together. I love lighthouses and this is beautiful. I enjoyed all your pictures. How nice to enjoy dinner on the beach.

Linda said...

Sigh...I haven't been there since my teens...beautiful...not quite remembering how lovely it truly is. smiles

Changes in the wind said...

Great getaway for the two of you but it's a good thing you took pictures at the top of the lighthouse because I would not have tackled those steps to see it.

Deb said...

What a great outing! I have never been to that part of the country and would really like to see the Great Lakes. So glad you had good weather and an enjoyable time! Hope the rest of the week goes well for you!

Karen said...

It sounds like an absolutely perfect getaway. I love the picture with the dandelions in the foreground! The hike to the lighthouse was definitely worth it, for those spectacular views.

Ramblings of a Retired Lady said...

Beautiful pictures and so glad you had the getaway....we all need to do that from time to time.

Sally said...

How wonderful the weather cleared up for you and Bob! The photos are awesome, love them all. What a climb y'all had up and back, but from your description it was well worth it.

Yay for taking time just the two of you. :)


Dianna said...

I am so glad that the two of you had this opportunity to get away, Mari. Thank you for sharing the pictures. I loved seeing the lighthouse and the sunset is stunning! Michigan must be a beautiful state.

Terri D said...

Oh my, Mari! A four-mile hike and all those steps up and then down?!! Whew! My poor knees would have screamed at 100 yards! What a wonderful get-away you two had. Good for the soul, for sure!

Ceil said...

Hi Mari! Loved your photos of Lundington! My brother lives in Muskegon, and had an office in Ludington. I've actually traveled on that ferry too, so it was fun to see it again.
I'm so glad you and your husband could get some time to be away and just enjoy. The weather looked great too!

Doris said...

Beautiful pictures! Sunsets are a favorite of mine....seeing them by water is icing on the cake :) I've climbed several towers but not recently. Not sure I could do it anymore. I tried to climb a fire tower in Gettysburg but couldn't do it. Open stairs, not for me!

Jenny said...

I've said this before but I admire the way you and Bob are the embodiment of "the best things in life are free" ... or nearly! Like you, we enjoy wandering and seeing what can be found, then relaxing and being on no one's schedule but our own. And that gorgeous day you had, to see the lighthouse and the water! Well played, my friend. xoxo

Saleslady371 said...

I enjoyed your time away via photos! We love to do these short trips too and feel refreshed when we get back home.

Cherdecor said...

You and Bob have to be in good physical shape to walk 2 miles, climb the steps up to the top of the lighthouse, walk down, then walk two miles to the car. My legs hurt just reading about it! Glad you had a nice time. Great pictures!

Laura said...

Wow - I am so proud of you for being at the top of that lighthouse and even looking down to take pictures!! Makes my stomach flutter a little just seeing them. :) Beautiful pictures though, what a nice sunset!