Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Bob's little fans

Bob spent an extra day with us at the camp ground, before going back to work. He decided to do a little carving while he was sitting around.

Here he is, working a little man.
He wears a Kevlar glove, while he is carving to protect his fingers. You can see the man taking shape, but without a face.
This little guy is from the Revolutionary times. Take note of the 3 corner hat and the ponytail.

You can see the front of him here. He is almost done and ready to be painted.

The girls were quite interested in this. They would be out on a bike ride, then stop by to see how the carving was going. I know Bob enjoyed having them around and he had some fun conversations with them too!
Left to right: Shaelyn (Terri's) and Arianna and Halle (Cheri's)

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Amy said...

That is so cool - he is talented!

Andrew Bruins said...

Thats cute. He is very cool

Anonymous said...

I just love Bob's cool!

Cheri said...

That was so fun to see him doing it from start to finish. The girls really were fascinated by that!

Cherdecor said...

Bob has an unbelievable talent! I think, "How can anyone do that?" He is incredible!

Short Stop said...

That is just unbelievable! WOW...Bob is just incredibly talented. Just a gorgeous piece.

Terri said...

He does such a great job. I love seeing the girls watch him work.

Anonymous said...

I saw Bob in a picture of your camping week(cheri's blog)and wondered what he was doing.Then I come to your blog and you post about it.That's funny, now I know what he was doing! Very cool!See-ya,Patty

Nancy said...

He is very talented!! That is a cute picture of the kids watching him.

Shelly said...

Bob has a great gift of carving! That is so cool of what he turns a piece of wood into.
I like to see the audience that he has too.

AlaneM said...

Oh my, I'da been watching him all day! I love to watch people carve, it's fascinating to see how something is created.
I love his creations too, they are so interesting.

Rebekah said...

What an awesome talent. Hey, you ought to have him carve something and have a give-a-way on your blog. Ohh- maybe a Christmas ornament. That would be so cool

Lynn said...

Wow! This is a talent you've kept hidden from us. Amazing!