Tuesday, October 1, 2019

A Day in my Life

Happy October!  Hope the month started well for all of you.  Here's how I spent my day.

Tuesday was my day off.  One of the things I enjoy on a day off is sleeping a little later and being able to have a slow start.  That didn't happen on this day.  On Monday my car wouldn't start when I was ready to leave work.  I had to call Bob to pick me up and have the car towed away.  So, Tuesday morning I had to get up and bring Bob to work at 7 am so I could use his car during the day.

When I got home I had my quiet time, then watched Pioneer Woman which I had DVR'd earlier.

Then it was time to get some things done.

The laundry needed to be done.

 I mixed up some refrigerator oatmeal - my go to breakfast when it's not winter.  It doesn't look great here, but after a night in the frig and with some fruit it looks good and makes a quick and yummy breakfast.

I boiled some eggs. I like to have some in the refrigerator to put in lunches or for breakfast.

 Ground beef was on sale so I bought 6 pounds of it and browned it.  I like to brown it in my large saucepan.  I did 3# at a time.  Once it's browned, I drain the grease and rinse it in a colander.

Then it goes into zip-lock bags.  I usually do 1# to a bag and toss it into the freezer. It makes it so easy to throw together sloppy joes, chili...

I did dishes, cleaned the kitchen and the sink.  Don't you feel better when everything is cleaned and the sink is shiny?  :)

 Bob spent the day yesterday putting in this new entry door from our garage.  He needs to finish the trim yet, but yesterdays work meant the whole area was dusty and dirty so I did some cleaning here along with vacuuming the living room.

 The bathrooms needed cleaning too.  I took a picture of this cleaner because it's something we recently started using which makes cleaning easier.  You just spray down the shower or tub when you are done and it keeps it clean.  We have hard water and before using this we would get deposits on the tile.  I haven't had to scrub it nearly as often.

It was cloudy and warm all day, didn't feel like it should be October.  Here's how it looked in the afternoon when I left the house.

I had an appointment in the afternoon to have my hair cut and colored.  I forgot to take a picture while I was inside, so here's one from the parking lot.  :)    My hair was overdue for some work and it felt good to have it done!

 When I left, it was sprinkling.  I had to go pick Bob up from work.

 While I was waiting for him, it got darker and started to really rain.  I also got a call from the station where my car was, telling me that it had started without issue and had no problems all day, so as of that time they couldn't figure out what caused the problem. So frustrating!  It's spending the night and they will try again tomorrow.

And when we got home, it was pouring!

 After supper the sun came out!

Bob was doing some work clearing the rain gutters and the front walk.

Then we had a relaxing evening, a candle burning and watching The Voice!

It was another good day!


Changes in the wind said...

That was a busy day for a "day off". Sorry to hear about your car, it can be so frustrating for sure. Yes a haircut can put some pounce back into your step:)

Doris said...

You are busy even on a day off. Car issues can be so frustrating. Everything works perfectly for the professional who's to fix the issue!!
God bless your day today, Mary.

Laurel Wood said...

I wonder if you needed the rain as badly as we do here? That is irritating about your car. I am trying to grow my hair longer from a very short cut - it is driving me nuts! lol The view of your yard is so pretty after the rain. Looks like a park. I have been looking for a cleaner that would make bath tile clean up easier. Thx for the recommendation!

Kim said...

Wow you had a busy day!!

Terri D said...

I don't know which is worse... car trouble or computer trouble. Car trouble, I think. Sure hope they find out what is causing your starter to not work. Your yard is always so beautiful!

Michelle said...

My days off are as busy as yours! lol Glad to see it happens to someone else. I starting using the Clorox Scentiva spray foam cleaner and it melts away everything, dirt and hard water.

Mary said...

You are the one that got me cooking ground beef in bulk, portioning and freezing it, Mari. It’s a big time saver for sure. I’m glad to read I’m nothing only one rinsing the ground beef in my colander after cooking it. I’ve gotten teased for doing it but I started noticing that even the leanest ground beef I drained still had a lot of grease clinging to it. I tried rinsing it and noticed that it didn’t impact the flavor so I’ve been doing it ever since.

Mary said...

Oh darn, sorry about the typos. I’m using my cell phone browser and The small keyboard on the screen is easy to hit the wrong letters

Great-Granny Grandma said...

What a good idea to brown the chopped meat and then freeze in individual baggies. Sounds like a great time saver.

Jenny said...

Ugh! Car problems! The only thing worse is computer problems, haaahaa! And I should know. I love your rainstorm. We are on the verge of a drought. And I love rain so much! I'm sorry you didn't get to sleep in on your day off. :( xoxo

Debi said...

I hate when that happens with vehicles, so frustrating. You had a very busy day off. I buy ground beef in bulk, divide it and freeze it. I never thought about cooking it up first! I'll be doing that the next time I buy ground beef I will be cooking and then freezing... thanks for the tip!

Cherdecor said...

I really enjoyed your day. It has been a while since I have read blogs. Your grass is soooo green! You should see ours. It is like walking on shredded wheat! Honestly! I am going to try your suggestion of Clorox Tilex Daily Shower. We don't have tile but it would probably keep all of it clean and clean smelling. I am always up for trying something new.

About your car. Do cars today have distributor caps? They used to get a crack in them and water get in there and the car would not start. But then again, I may be talking about the cars in the 1940's. Hahahahahahaha!

Jean said...

And again I am amazed at all you accomplish in a day! Sometime I am going to remember to do this, hahaha! I say that every month, don't I??