Sunday, September 25, 2011

New County Park

The county I live in (Ottawa) has been very smart about purchasing land and preserving it. It seems there are so many housing developments built and it's nice to see the County purchase land and keep it as parkland so everyone can enjoy it.
I've shown you a few farms recently where they did this. The first was the old county poor farm, and the other is the farm where I recently took pictures of Laura and Aaron.
Ottawa County recently purchased some property on the banks of the Grand River, which is just a few miles from my house. We checked it out last week and I can see there's going to be a lot of people enjoying it! A lot of people enjoy fishing here and they have added a boat and kayak launch.

The banks of the river near the bridge. They've made a path so you can go under the bridge, and there are walking trails on the other side.

Here's the view once you walk under the bridge.

The reflections were beautiful that evening.

This property has the river on one side and the bayou on the other. There are lots of wild flowers near the bayou.

I saw this leaf along the path we were walking. Can you see the heart shape?

Here's a view of the bayou.

And another view of the bayou.

Getting ready for a new sign.

The sun setting over the river.
I think I'll be back to walk those trails!


Karin said...

What a beautiful, peaceful place! You got gorgeous photos of it!

Raise Them Up said...

Mari, your pictures would make beautiful postcards! What a neat place!

Leslie Payne said...

Beautiful photos to start my day. Thank you!

Susan said...

How beautiful and how wonderful!!! I was surprised with all we hear about how broke Michigan is that your country could afford to be purchasing land and developing it like this. That is wonderful that they can.

Sharon said...

How beautiful and it is so wonderful that your county would make something so beautiful.
Your photos are so beautiful and I bet it would be fun to visit there often.

Anonymous said...

Land preservation should be the number one, hallowed, idea on the brain of every city councilman/woman. We need the ground—nobody is making more.

Your photographs speak of peacefulness and home to fishes, birds, bugs and perhaps beaver, otter, crawdads and leaches. I love it and you are doing good work.

Betty said...

What beautiful pictures!! And what a great neighborhood you live in. I can really feel the peace in your pictures.

Brooke said...

the bayou picture looks like a postcard!!

Beth (A Mom's Life) said...

What a beautiful place, Mari! Great pictures!

Kim said...

My husband's aunt and uncle (both passed away in the last couple of years) and their son and his family, owned the 2 houses that used to be on this property. I didn't realize that there were walking trails....we may have to stop by next time we drive by and check them out. Lovely pics.


Nancy said...

We have been by that park as they were working on it but didn't know it was completed. I'll have to go take a look. Your pictures are beautiful as usual.

Shelly said...

These pictures make it look wonderful!

Rebecca said...

You really DID get some grand pictures! That last one (the sun setting) is quite unusual - not the normal reds/oranges...Just a beautiful, beautiful sight (as are ALL of them)!

Sue O said...

Beautiful photos, Mari. I especially love the first one of the bayou and the last one.
I had forgotten that Andy was in Afghanistan. He will be home a little before our Charlie. Prayers for both of them.