Thursday, October 2, 2008

Purse Meme

Jennifer had this fun Meme on her blog and I decided to play along. You are also welcome!

1. Describe your favorite purse.
The purse that is pictured is my latest. I bought it from an Etsy shop after I drooled over my sister Cheri's cute purse. She told me where she got hers and I ordered this one. (The funny thing is, when I showed this too her, she told me she had this one too!)

2. What 4 things are always in your purse?
~ wallet
~phone (but it may not be turned on!)

3. What is the most unusual thing you carry with you on a regular basis?
Lately I have had a paint chip and a counter top swatch so I can match colors when I am looking for things for the kitchen.

4. What is the strangest thing you have found in your purse?
A tiny plastic angel figurine that was given to me by one of my residents. I forgot to take it out when I got home and found it again after about a week.

5. Is your purse an "open book" or a "private sanctuary"?
Probably more of a sanctuary, because no one gets into it without asking.

6. Do you change purses often or tend to use the same one for everything?
I usually have just one, unless I am switching to a small one for more dressy events (Which doesn't happen often)

7. Any "purse wisdom" you would like to share?
I'm not the one to give purse advice! I usually buy cheap purses so I don't feel bad when I am sick of it and get another one. My purses are often a mess, because I dump papers and receipts in them and don't clean them out often enough!

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Demara said...

I collect purses, at least i did before my husband found out. It's just a very expensive habit to have apparently. (0; The last purse I bought is my favourite and probably will not buy another one until that one falls apart. I've been using it for about 3 years now. It's Genuine Black leather from the "ROOTS" store here in Canada. It was $150 and a bag, one strap styled purse, with 2 tinier cell phone type pockets on one side and on the other a zippered pocket. Otherwise the purse is wide open, with a zippered top of which I have a cute red flowery thing from Japan hanging off of along with some strips of leather. This purse is so soft, and it just melts in your arms when you hold it. Since I've put so many heavier things in it and have had it for so long the strap (black leather) seems to be stretching and therefore getting skinnier. So I'm thinking about getting something wider from a fabric store. It's just like a belt buckle on the sides. So it should be easy to replace. I am however not your typical seamstress. In fact, I don't sew, or hem for that matter. So who knows it may actually prove to be a chore, finding a wider strap! I try to keep as few of things in my purse as possible so it's not too this is a long comment, perhaps I should blog about it hey?

Anonymous said...

I just love my purse too- unfortunately my purse doesn't get cleaned out often enough either!

mariel said...

I love this purse meme! How cute! and I love your purse...very girlie! The girlier the better...I live with 3 boys, so I try to keep my things girlie..then everyone knows who they belong to!! haha!

Anonymous said...

Love that purse. Please pass the site along.

My purse is always a disaster! Maybe if it's cute on the outside no one will ever have to know.

Pat said...

Cute purse! I tend to buy one I like and stay with it till it falls apart, unless like you, I need to dress up. I have to carry my husbands reading glasses in mine because he doesn't like to bother with them! Back in Aug, 2007 I wrote a blg titled "My life as a Purse"...I guess they are really important to us gals!

Munchkins and Music said...

That is cute! I like all kinds of purses from big and floppy to small and sophisticated.

Growin' With It said...

i have never been excited about caring a purse but now that i'm older it is mandatory. but i do enjoy me a cute looking purse! and this one is awesome!

Cherdecor said...

That is a really nice purse! I think we better talk to your pastor about that angel you carry! Hahahahahahaha!

Sandra said...

Oh I LOVE that purse Mari, I want one too LOL

You'll have to tell me which Etsy shop you got it from LOL

Lynn said...

Korea got me a bit more excited about my purse possibilities. I still don't change them too often. Very fun meme!

Kayren said...

Which Etsy shop, Mari? I bought one about six months ago, but I can tell it's from a different shop. I'd like to check this one out too.
~ Kayren

Unknown said...

That is a cute purse. I'm gonna check that Etsy shop out, I'm about due for a new purse.

Kathy_in_Colorado said...

Which Etsy shop? That is very cute.

Anonymous said...

Oh. .that is so adorable, I want it!! I am putting those colors in my bedroom. . .I need to have that purse!!!! I am finding that site!!! Thanks tons!!!!

I'm Tara. said...

So cute. SO cute!! I love the purse meme. Might have to do that. And combine it with Cheri's hubby meme. Hmmm. A post done without much work. yay!