Tuesday, January 1, 2019

A Day in my Life

Hi!  Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and are ready for the new year!
I enjoyed my break and had a very nice Christmas.  Now here we are in 2019!
Here's how I spent the first day of the year.

I'm actually going to start with a photo from New Years Eve just because it's cute.
We spent the evening with Bobs brother Tom and wife Bonnie.  This is our annual tradition, and we followed another tradition as well.  We've been doing a traveling type outing every New Years Eve.  We stop at a restaurant to get appetizers, stop somewhere else for a main dish, and then make one more stop for dessert.  We figure we have all night, so this is the night to do it.

These carolers were on the street outside the restaurant where we had our main dish. After we ate, Bob, Tom and Bonnie joined them!  :)

We didn't get back to our house until about 9:30.  Such a fun evening!

Happy New Year!  I don't know what was going on with Bob and I but we laughed the New Year in.

Tom and Bonnie left shortly after midnight. Bob was soon in bed, I did a little reading and was in bed by 1.

We both slept in and had a relaxing morning.  I started some laundry and picked up groceries.
I got a message from my sister Cheri asking if I wanted to run out to one of our favorite stores as they were having a New Years Day sale.  I picked her up at 11 and we headed out.
We stopped at my sister Terri's house to see some work that's been happening in her living room and see if she wanted to come along.  She couldn't do that, but we had a nice little visit.

 We made it to this store - such cute vintage things are offered here. It's owner has been profiled in Better Homes and Gardens and some other magazines, so we're lucky to have her cute store near us.
I found a beautiful wreath for 75% off!

We stopped at Wendy's for lunch and then made our way back home.

When I got home I finished the laundry and then started to do some cleaning.
 This closet is where I store all my wrapping supplies and decorative items.  It's hard to see, but I sorted it all out and put it back in place, something that was badly needed.

Then I worked on cleaning out drawers.  It's something I really like to do, and it always makes me feel good to see everything clean and neat.

I also cooked up and froze some chicken and hamburger in preparation for later meals.

We had Chicken Cordon Bleu and green bean casserole for supper.

After supper I did a little reading.  Our Pastor is going to be doing a series going through the Bible this year, so we got a list of passages to read, that will have us go through the Bible in one year, and will follow his messages.  This is the schedule and I'm starting off on time.  Hope I can keep it up!

Then it was a quiet, relaxing evening.
Back to work tomorrow!


Ramblings of a Retired Lady said...

Glad you had a good Christmas and looks like a very Happy New Year. Wishing you many blessings in 2019!

Changes in the wind said...

Love your traditions and the carolers were too cute. Funny, I never think about making green bean casserole except for Thanksgiving lol.

Linda said...

What lovely photos, smiles. You know, every time I clean the drawers, the "Not Me" happens--meaning--they return to the other way...sigh...I give up, lol.

Jenny said...

Hey in that first picture, did Bob take a minute to carve the little guy standing in front? He looks like a Bob carving, haaaahaha .... in the third picture, Bob is flirting with you, is what's going on. You LIKE cleaning out drawers? Mmmmmkay ... I wish I did. Mine need an overhaul like yours. I love that flatware holder with slanted wells for the utensils. I need that. Happy New Year! xoxo

Sally said...

I'm glad y'all had a fun New Year's Eve! Girl, I need you to come here and help me re-organize drawers! Yours look so neat and pretty. :)

Wishing you, Bob and all the family a healthy, blessed Happy New Year.


Dianna said...

LOVED those pictures from New Year's Eve. Everyone looked happy...and the one of your brother-in-law and sister-in-law is the way he is looking at his beloved. The picture of you and Bob makes me smile a big smile. I love seeing couples enjoying one another's company.

Love the insets you have in your kitchen drawer for your flatware. Very unique! I'd hate for you to see my kitchen drawers right now. They all are in fairly good shape except for the wide one that I use a lot. :) Reckoning day is coming...soon!

Terri D said...

Sure sounds like you had a fun new year's eve! It is so nice that your sisters are so close and you can get together to do fun things. Blessed! We have been in our new-to-us home for nearly two years now. It's time for me to be cleaning out drawers and cupboards...

Happy new year to you and Bob, Mari!!

Hootin' Anni said...

I love that tradition of dining out.

Cherdecor said...

I love your tradition of eating out at three different places for the New Year's Eve. I think that would be so fun!

Jean said...

You get so much done in a day, even when you sleep in!!! So when you say you cooked up and froze chicken and hamburger in preparation for later meals - what exactly do you do?