Sunday, August 26, 2018

Grandma and girlies day out!

The last few years I've taken Alaina out shopping before school starts to get a pair of shoes for school, and to do some fun things together.
Ruby is going to Preschool this year so she got to go too.  I had planned to take them separately so we could have some one on one time, but on our first scheduled day I ended up having to take my Dad in for a procedure on his heart.  (he's fine)  Anyway, with school starting so soon, I ended up taking them both together.

Here we are, ready for our adventure!

I laughed when I got in the car and turned around to see these two in their sunglasses, with their water cups all ready to go!

Usually I've gone around 11 and we have lunch first, but this year Laura had an early dentist appointment so we had an earlier start to the day.  We stopped at Old McDonalds (Ruby's title) for an Egg McMuffin before we went shopping.

The mall wasn't open yet, so we stopped at Target.

We found shoes there for each of them.  Some boots with pink laces for Alaina, and high topped sparkly tennis shoes for Ruby!

 After that we went to the mall.  When you go to the mall, you have to ride the escalator!

We found a cute outfit for each of them at Kohls, the pants are different colors but the tops match.

 After that we headed upstairs to the food court and rode the carousel which was probably the girls favorite part of the day.

We had Subway for lunch.

There are other kids rides there too, so they each chose one more ride.

When we went back down, we took the see through elevator and then it was time to go home.

 When I got them home, Laura had a surprise for me.  A beautiful bouquet of flowers!  She bought them because it was our 37h anniversary.

When Bob came home, he came with flowers too - these beautiful roses.
37 years passed very quickly and I'm so thankful for my wonderful husband, my kids and those fun little girls!


Terri D said...

What a fun day!! The girls are growing up so fast... as they should be, but time does fly. Glad your dad is okay!! Happy anniversary!! The flowers are lovely!

Joyful said...

Happy 37th anniversary to you and Bob, Mari. That is a real accomplishment. The girls look so cute and very happy to be going out with grandma for the day.

Linda said...

Happy Anniversary, Mari and Bob! Wishes for many more. smiles
Hey, I want you to adopt me, so we can go shopping, giggling.
Have a beautiful day, friend...oh, we are under a heat advisory until late tomorrow/Tuesday.

Laura said...

They had so much fun, as usual. And it cracks me up how perfect each of their shoes are for their personality! They will definitely get a lot of use out of those - thank you!

Ramblings of a Retired Lady said...

Hope you had a happy anniversary day, and with the beautiful flowers, I am sure you did. I used to take my grands shopping before school started, so I enjoyed seeing your pictures and remembering. Looks like a full fun day. Hope you have a good Monday.

Kerin said...

Oh, what fun!
The smiles on your Grands faces are telling of how much they loved their outing and time spent with you!
You are a very special Grandma :)

Happy, happy anniversary! Yes, I agree the years go by so quickly!

Have a great new week.


Arlene @Nanaland said...

What a lovely day and a very happy Anniversary!!

Changes in the wind said...

The time with the girls are really special and they will always remember it.

Sally said...

The way they look at you, priceless. I can see they had a wonderful time; perfect moments.


Dianna said...

Well, my friend, first of all, Happy 37th Anniversary! I always enjoy celebrations for long years of marriage! Congratulations!

I know the girls look forward to this special excited Ruby must have been that she got to go this year!

Glad to know your dad is okay.

Jenny said...

What a wonderful excursion! I remember how crestfallen Ruby was last year when she didn't get to go school shopping. Looks like she lived it up this time. Happy Anniversary to the extra-special loving couple known as Bob and Maribeth Bruins! xoxo

Doris said...

I love to shop and shopping with grandchildren can be so fun. Yesterday I did a little shopping with two daughters and the 3 yr old Noah, oh my. He's a boy, he's 3 and exercising his independence, he's tricky, he's hilarious, he's cute as can be and he's full of energy.....of which I wasn't!!

sharon said...

Happy Anniversary!!