Thursday, July 5, 2018

A Day in my Life - July!

I must admit that I am a bit sad to say it's July already.  Summer is nearly halfway done, and it always seems to fly faster once July arrives. I will enjoy it though, even if it seems to short.
July 1 was a Sunday, I didn't have to work, so it was a quiet, restful type of day!

We don't have Sunday School in the summer, so we have a little extra time in the morning.

I made bacon and eggs for breakfast, something we don't have very frequently.

A peek in the backyard.  Sunshine and beautiful blue skies, with predictions for more hot weather.

We got to church a little early, time to do a little talking in the narthex before church started.
We enjoyed our church service, and even sang one of my favorite songs - "I'll Fly Away"!

Shortly before noon church was done and we were on our way home. The weathermen were right - it was getting very hot!

We had a nice salad for lunch - perfect for a hot day.

After lunch we had no plans.  I was able to relax and read a book, and even took a short nap!

Then, I was getting a bit bored, so decided to talk a little walk around the yard.

It was still hot outside - 98.9 degrees!

 This is part of the back yard, the building you see is Bob's workshop.

This is our side yard, the house is on the left with a wooded area on the right.

I didn't stay out long, it felt like I was standing next to an open oven out there.

When I came in, I made some supper which I'll share on Thursday.
Then we sat and watched a show we've been streaming through Netflix - Midsomer Murders.  We are fans of British shows and this is a good one!

That's about it for the day.  It was nice to have a day that was so relaxing and calm!

I'll be taking a blog break next week.  I have some continuing education work to do on Microbiology and Infection Control Data, and the tests need to be complete by July 16.  It's about as exciting as it sounds!  I'm making good progress, but need to devote some time to it.  See you in a week!


Vicki said...

I love "I'll Fly Away"! Sounds like you had a great Sunday! Good luck with your tests.

Mary said...

I love I’ll fly away as well. I’m a fan of British programming as well including Midsomer Murders.

Joyful said...

Salads are great on a hot day when one doesn't feel like eating much. Watermelons are great too. I was glad, though that isn't really the right word, to hear that you are thinking summer will be over all too soon. I think it is the shortest of seasons and I wish it were just a bit longer. My absolute favourite season is the Fall because of the wonderful weather. But I don't actually like getting to Fall because soon Winter will follow, lol. Doesn't Winter always seem longer than any other season too? Here's to enjoying the summer we have left. said...

I too am a fan of British programs and Midsomer Murders was a good one for sure. Your salad looks so good and perfect for a hot day. Summer seems to be flying by. Good luck on the continuing education work....I remember those days well.

Hootin' Anni said...

Don't study too much. lol

Love the yard scenes Mari!! And yes...those temps are HOT for your area.

Anonymous said...

Glad you enjoyed a restful day. The salad looks so refreshing for a hot day. I always enjoy walks around your beautiful yard. Best wishes with the courses.

Jean said...

I can so relate to your feelings about it being July already. I want summer to go very slowly, but I guess the only way that would happen is if I were completely bored. Hmmmm.

I don't mind the heat we've had because I have the luxury of woking in AC all the time. Dick, however, is not so fortunate. He really does mind the extreme heat and is looking forward to the break we'll get this weekend.

Happy studying!

Doris said...

Me too....feeling rather sad that it's several days into July already! Summer goes way too fast.
Your Sunday was more relaxing than mine ;-) Your salad looks perfect for a hot day. The extreme heat here is going away today, yay!

Linda said...

Good luck on your continuing education...I start back at the end of August, so looking forward to it, honest. smiles

Have a beautiful blog break.

Sylvia said...

Loved reading about your day Mari. Glad you enjoyed Midsummer Murders!! ~We like it as well. A "feel good" sort of programme, even though there are so many murders!

Changes in the wind said...

Here in the desert we are celebrating the fact that summer is half way over:) Your yard is lovely.

Terri D said...

Joe and I love Midsomer Murders and have watched all the seasons. We are loving a show called William and Mary right now. There are only three seasons though and I hate to have it end. We are only two shows into season two, so we'll have a few more to watch before it ends. Martin Clunes is the star and we love him from Doc Martin (another great British show). Looking forward to your Thursday recipe! Good luck with your studies!

Henny Penny said...

Sounds like a perfect Sunday. We rarely have eggs for breakfast either, but those make me want to go fry a couple. I love the British shows too but my husband does not. He says he can't understand a word they say. Hope you get through your studies okay.

Cherdecor said...

I always love walking around in your yard. It has amazed me how hot it is up there. You should find a way to can some of that heat. I loved your salad. I wonder what kind of dressing you use on it. Chad has been making a salad using Romaine, chicken, croutons, cheese, and his salad dressing of choice is Creamy Parmesan Caesar Dressing by food network kitchen Inspirations. He eats it every other day during this hot weather.

I will pray for you as you study for your tests. Stay cool!

Kim said...

Oh, I have to check out that show. We love anything British over here! And yes...and oven indeed!

Beth (A Mom's Life) said...

I'll Fly Away!! I remember that song. It was one of my grandmother's favorites! Your backyard is so pretty!!! Good luck with your continuing education!

sharon said...

Midsummer Murders is one of our favorite shows!! Your yard is beautiful and I always enjoy seeing pictures of it. Good luck with your classes!

Sally said...

Your yard is beautiful! Prayers for your upcoming study.


LL Cool Joe said...

We are having a heatwave here in the UK with no a/c! Houses in the UK just don't have it, we don't normally need it! Well not until now. Your garden always looks beautiful.

Jenny said...

Oooh I love Midsomer Murders! I've seen every episode and hated to see it end. I adore British TV and if I could, I'd watch it exclusively. Sounds like you had a lovely first day of July, but if you pay attention, even this early in the summer you can feel autumn peeking around the corner, waiting for its entrance cue. We've had lovely weather, not too hot and low humidity. I'm sure it's temporary but we've truly enjoyed it. xoxo

Dianna said...

Oh my...that salad looks amazing! Makes me hungry! :)

Carrie B. said...

Hello Dearest Mari my Girl!

I know what you mean about the temps lately. Hot ones here too and looks like it will continue this weekend too.

I'm planning to do a summer post tomorrow and then maybe take a little break too. I will post about it tomorrow too.

HOpe you have a nice break and accomplish all you need to do! Love sharing time here with you and will catch up again soon. Blessings on the weekend ahead. xoxo

Betsy Brock said...

Hope you've had a nice week off. Are you all done with the studying? Tomorrow is the 16th! :)