Tuesday, May 1, 2018

A day in my life - May!

Another month has flown by!  In our area we were happy to see April, with all the snow, wind and cold gone.  May came and with it a beautiful day!
Here's how my day went.

 The morning started out clear and sunny.  I left for work about 7:40, it was 55 degrees when I left the house which felt so good I almost left my jacket behind.

Here's my desk when I arrived.  I always have a few things people leave for me to take care of. There wasn't much this morning!

I started by running a report of any new orders and progress notes written in the last day.  I print it and then read over it, highlighting any concerns.  We have a meeting at 9:30 which is attended by the Administrator, Director of Nursing, Social Worker, head of PT, Dietician, Maintenance...  We talk about census, any new admits, discharges, any maintenance concerns, and I go over any nursing issues that have come up on the report I ran earlier.
At about 10:30 our Physicians Assistant came in.  He sees any residents that we feel needs to be seen, and reviews recent labs.
He was done around noon, and after he left I inputted new orders and printed new med sheets and notified families of changes.
I took a lunch break, then worked on getting vaccination records on some of our new admissions.  I also worked on infection control reports and put in orders for a new resident who was arriving later in the afternoon.
We have a new Director of Nursing and I showed her how to do a few things that I had been doing while we were without someone in that position.

Before I knew it, it was 5pm and time for me to leave.  I had subs ready to go, so I called Bob and asked him to pop them in the oven.

 When I left work it was 80 degrees!  What a gorgeous day.  I saw this pretty sight on my way home.

We had our subs for supper and then did a little walking in the yard.

We almost missed this toad sitting on our garden gate.  He blended in and almost looked like a rock sitting there.

 Bob's been doing some work in the back of our yard.  We have a lot of tall, skinny pine trees which are in poor condition.  There are power lines back there and we've been concerned they would fall on the lines.  So, he's been taking them down.  He took advantage of the nice evening to cut a few more down.


The tree is down, and cut up.  A little more firewood!

We spent the rest of the evening just relaxing.  It was another good day!


Linda said...

Same here weather really don't want to know about my day yesterday, sigh. Hope you have a lovely day, Mari.

Ramblings of a Retired Lady said...

You have a hard, busy job, no doubt about it. Isnt it amazing what you can get done when you have the dry, snowless, sunny days! That frog really does look like a rock.

Arlene @Nanaland said...

So glad you have a new Director of Nursing...I know it will be a help to you Mari. So glad Spring has finally reached yall. It is still quite cool down here for May but when the heat and humidity crank up we will be fussing about that as well.:)

Anonymous said...

Thankful you have someone new at work to make your load lighter. You always capture pretty views from your drive to and from work. We had some of those same skinny pines that we cut before they grew to big and did a lot of damage. Your subs for dinner sound so good to me.

Connie said...

Oh that photo of the brook and the bridge in the background, just made me want to go on a picnic :) What a beautiful area!
Happy Spring . . . it's finally here!
Connie :)

Laura said...

Wow! The backyard is looking so different! I'm guessing Dad will have some big plans to fill all that empty space... :)

Hootin' Anni said...

I REALLY ENJOY these post each's like opening a door to your work environment.

Vicki said...

We just got a new DON a few days ago. I haven't met her yet.

We're cutting down some trees in our back yard too. We always put the wood out by the road with a "Free" sign since we don't use wood for heat.

Cherdecor said...

Is grandpa getting ready to build a playground back there? :) I know that he has some plans for that area. Can't wait to see what he comes up with.

Another busy day for you. I loved the stream of water on your way home. Someone did some great planning there.

Terri D said...

Hopefully, the new Director of Nursing will make your job a little easier! Bless you and all nurses for the fine work you do, especially for the elderly in the nursing/assisted living facilities. You are special people!! That little waterfall on your way home is SO pretty!

Betty W said...

I'm amazing you are still working full time. But I'm sure you are such a blessing to the elderly and you should continue as long as you can. I for one, know that my mother would be lost, if there were not such great older woman working there in the home she lives in.

Patsy said...

Your day at work went fast--busy,busy. Happy to see you can get back in to yard work.

carrie@northwoods scrapbook said...

Always love these peeks into your life on a given day. So nice to see you're getting some Spring weather too! Nice that it's showing up finally, huh? ;0)

I have a good idea of the work you do from my past experience in long term care and I'll just say God bless you dear Mari and all you do. I have no doubt you're so appreciated there.

Enjoy lots more sunshine I hope and fun in your backyard! xoxo

Jenny said...

Lovely. I adore that frog. xoxo