Sunday, June 4, 2017

A Day in my life - June edition

It's June!  Here's my monthly post on how I spent my day.
On Thursday's I don't have to start until 8am, so I get to sleep in until 6!  I started my day with my usual walk on the treadmill.  I walked for 30 minutes, then got ready for work and had breakfast.
At 7:40 I was on my way to work.

It was a beautiful morning, the sun was shining and it was cool, in the 50's.

Thursday is the day that our Doctor comes.  I spend the morning getting the charts ready for the people he is going to see.  On this day we had 3 new admissions, one person who was not feeling well and 7 routine visits.  I gather the latest vital signs, weights, blood sugars, any relevant labs... so he can review them.  I also talk to the therapy team to hear the latest on how those residents are doing.
This is also a day that I work on any other paperwork that needs to be done (upcoming doctor appointments outside of the facility, insurance paperwork, get labs ordered for the next week...)  We are still in the middle of our renovation so things are crazy as far as where we are working.  For the past few weeks the Dr and I have been working in a patient room in the new wing.  We have a table set up in it, I take my laptop to use and it works for now.

The reason we are working out of a resident room is because the office we were using is in this area - what a mess!  Everyone is crammed into little corners of the finished area to work.  They say we have at least a month before this area is done.

This is another section down that hall.  It used to be four rooms, now they have knocked down walls to make it a therapy area.  They will be putting in a bathroom with a tub, and also a kitchen area so people can work on rehabbing with those skills before returning home.

However, in the new section, people are really enjoying the new patio, now that it is getting warmer.

The Doctor came around 11:30 and we finished seeing people at about 4:30.  After he leaves, I need to print all the new medication and treatment orders and put them in the med and treatment books.  I call the family members to update them on their loved ones conditions and any new orders, update the nurses that are working on any new orders and send out a message to all the department heads and nurses, letting them know who was seen and any updates.

I left work about 6pm.

I took the back roads home and enjoyed the views of early summer.  I love seeing the fields with the plants growing in straight lines!

And maybe because I grew up on a farm, I always enjoy seeing cows!

I stopped at the store to get groceries, then at Subway to get a salad for supper.  (Bob almost always has a late day on Thursday, so I don't need to worry about supper for him)

I got home about 7:15 and put away the groceries. I also started a load of wash and then sat down and enjoyed my salad.
Bob got home about 8:30; we had a quiet evening and went to bed a little after 11.  It was a good day!


Anonymous said...

Good Morning, Mari. I know you will be happy when the reno is complete. The new patio area is lovely. I always enjoy the pretty views from your drive in to work. I hope you have a nice start to the week.

Linda said...

What lovely views, Mari...whew, your busy. smiles. Have a beautiful week, my friend.

Sandra said...

Really enjoyed your post and the photos. I hope the construction ends soon at your work, that surely is a mess to work around. Tell me, does it affect the patients at all, like with the dust and so on?

Hope you have a great week Mari :)

Arlene @Nanaland said...

Whew...I get tired just reading your posts Mari!! If I had a family member at your facility I would rest easy with you in charge. Loved seeing the lovely scenery as well!!

Karen said...

I always enjoy seeing the pictures you take of your drive to work and home. You live in such a pretty area. The care facility sounds like a loving and happy place for the residents. Enjoy your week, Mari!

Ramblings of a Retired Lady said...

Your work place is going to be beautiful when finished and much more functional I am sure. Thank you for sharing with us, as well as the beautiful pictures along the way.

Sally said...

Such a busy day you had! But, at least you were able to sleep in for bit before it started.

I too love seeing the fields; brings back nice memories, Mari. Thank you!

That patio looks so nice! Hopefully, all the mess will be gone soon and you & the other nurses will be back to "normal" :)


Terri D said...

That is a very FULL day, Mari! God bless you for the work you do everyday, not just on the first day of the month. Nurses are exceptional human beings!

Jennifer Hays said...

Love seeing the days in your life, Mari! The new patio looks wonderful, I'm sure residents and caregivers alike will love using it.

carrie@northwoods scrapbook said...

Another full day by one wonderful nurse! So fun to read these - thanks for sharing Hon. The new patio looks beautiful and so inviting. ;) It will be really nice to have all of that mess done I am sure!

Blessings on your week. Starting to feel like summer here too. Yay! xoxo

Jenny said...

I love your first day of the month posts. I'm always impressed with how early you rise and how much you work and all you get accomplished in the space of a day. I know too how fortunate all those who work with you are, to have you there -- not only your colleagues but the doctors and especially the residents. And although your usual work area is a wreck now, I'm happy for you because of how beautiful it will be when the work is done. Your to-and-fro pictures are gorgeous as usual. I especially love the shadow thrown by the big tree in the early morning, and those bright-green straight lines of growing things. xoxo

Doris said...

It might be 7 years since I worked in a nursing home but your day still is so familiar to me ;-) Doctor days are busy days and oh all those reports....but major breakdown is a rusult without them! The patio is so nice. I'm happy for those who live there to enjoy it!

Michelle said...

I can only imagine how busy your work days are, even without all of the renovation happening.

Patsy said...

I had almost forgot what a work day was, Reality came back
fast after reading about your long day.
Loved the trip home, it was a good day??

LL Cool Joe said...

The Nursing home my mum is in is very old fashioned and much much smaller. Isn't funny, but the doctor always visits there every Thursday too. 2 weeks in a row mum has refused to see her. There are only 35 residents in her home, how many are in yours?

Hootin' Anni said...

That picture on the back roads home with the rows and rows of farmland growth is amazing. Great perspective.

Cherdecor said...

Another great first day of the month post! The work areas look a tad dusty yet. I know everyone will be over the moon when everything is finished. Love the pretty fields and cows on your way to and from.

I am really behind on visiting blogs. By the time night time comes, I am usually so tired that I cannot think so I do not dare post a comment in that condition. Ha! Ha!

Laura said...

The new patio is beautiful! It will be so nice once it's all finished.