Sunday, April 2, 2017

A day in my life...

April is here!  Can you believe it?  Here's how my April 1 went.

It's been so busy at work lately! Our new unit has kept us all running.  We have patients that are more difficult and require more time, which has been showing in longer days.  This will improve when we get more nurses, but until then it's crazy.
I knew I would be on that side this weekend, so I got permission to start early, hoping to get some things done right at the start of the day, hopefully making things a little calmer.

 I was up at 4:30 in the morning...

 I usually walk for 30 minutes on the treadmill, but this time I just did 20 minutes to save myself from getting up any earlier!

 I got ready, had breakfast and was on the road by 5:45 am.  It was cold  ...  29 degrees! 

5:55 am - I'm at work.  It was a quiet drive.  I think most of Michigan is in Florida for Spring Break, plus it's early.  I only saw one other car out till I got to work.

This is Kelly.  She's one of our night nurses.  Shortly after I arrived I heard an "aaah" followed by crazy laughter.  She was getting a glass of milk for one of the patients, when she somehow mis-stepped and slid onto the floor, splattering milk all over, including on herself.  She has a good sense of humor and laughed about it - no injuries!

It was a busy day.  I had to send someone in to the hospital and we had another patient who is on comfort care that was not doing well.  I ended up leaving at about 4:40pm, but I felt like coming in the hour early really helped!
It was a beautiful day - the kind that remind you that it really is Spring!  When I left work it was 51 degrees and the sun was shining!  I took the back roads home, so I could enjoy the countryside.  This was a field of pumpkins that didn't get harvested.  This is how they look after winter!

I drove past this old barn and enjoyed the scene of it, against that blue sky.

When I got home, I started a load of laundry and then got on the treadmill to get my last 10 minutes of walking in.

Then I went out to the barn to see what Bob had been working on.  We are working on our main bathroom and he is in the middle of making new cabinets.

In the back yard the crocus are blooming!

 Heather and Andrew got a new car of Friday - their old one died suddenly.  They were happy to get this one! They came over at about 5:30 to show it to us.

 They brought Jett's pizza along for supper.  It was good!

After supper, they went out to Bob's barn to work on a dresser they're refinishing.

They left shortly before 9.  Bob and I just relaxed for about an hour before heading to bed.  I have to work again tomorrow and am going in at 6 again.

PS - I may not make it to visit you a lot this week.  As I said, half of Michigan has left for Spring break, and most of them are nurses I think!  :)  I am working a double on Monday and also have several other long days.  I must admit that I'll be glad when this week is done!


Anonymous said...

Hi Mari, I'm sorry your work load is so heavy currently. Your days are certainly filled to capacity. I love the cabinet Bob is building for your bath. Congrats to Heather and Andrew on the new car. I know it was a nice treat for you that they brought pizza. That's a great barn that you photographed and I love the crocus, too. Take good care and please don't worry about visiting.

Arlene Grimm said...

Bless your heart are an angel. I know how difficult your work can be. So glad Heather got a new car...I read on her blog about their old one giving up the ghost. said...

A nurses work is never done.....I understand do what you have to do, so be sure and rest when you can. I wondered what that was in the field until I read your We will miss you being here, but as I said, take care of yourself, and come back when you can.

Carrie B. said...

My Hubby is his own boss (a real estate developer and owns other businesses) - and he often does this so he can accomplish ANYTHING some weeks! Lol Helps that he's an early bird anyway. ;)

Love the beauty of your area! So happy your friend was okay at work!! (hee hee kind of funny too). Looks like you got some nice family time in too. And that Bob is one talented Dude!!

And most of all so proud of you - getting your 30 mins in no matter what! Go Girl!! ;) xoxo

Hang in there this week. Blessings to you Neighbor! (we're enjoying the more mild days when we get them here too - it was almost 60 here last Saturday! Yay!!)

Dianna said...

Praying for you, my friend. That is a lot of hours, but am thankful that God gives you strength. xx

Sally said...

Oh goodness, you are really busy! I always enjoy your 'day' of the month.

Don't worry about not visiting; what you do is plenty.

Wow, Bob is a good worker too; you guys are amazing. :)


Saleslady371 said...

Love your energy! I hope just the right staff comes along to lighten your load!

Betsy Brock said...

Look at you so dedicated with the treadmill! I'm impressed! Good for you!
Hope you feel well and the days fly by as good as they possibly can!

Amy at love made my home said...

A very busy day! Hope that the week isn't as busy as you feared it might be and that if it is you get some rest when it is done!

LL Cool Joe said...

You pack into one day what most people do in a week! I'm sorry you are so busy. Look after yourself and drive carefully, as we don't want you to end up in hospital too!

Cherdecor said...

I love your first day of the month posts. I just read it all to Alan too. Can't wait to see that new bathroom! Bob is amazing in his woodworking skills. Hope some of those nurses come back to Michigan soon!

Jenny said...

Mari, you amaze me. I've said it before, but I am in awe of someone who can get up at 4:30 or 5:00 in the morning. I've just never been an early riser and I thank God I don't have to be. We're night owls and I sleep in every day unless I have to go somewhere! Haahaha but don't call me lazy. That Jett's pizza looks fabulous. Please don't work too hard and don't worry about visiting me until you've got more time. xoxo

Laura said...

You are a never ending ball of energy! I love how you managed to get those 10 minutes of walking in too - I would have written them off as a lost cause on that busy of a day! I love the photo of the pumpkins - I've never seen that before!