Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Works for me Wednesday

Today is a themed Works for me Wednesday.  Kristen is asking us to share ideas that help us through the holiday season.  My best tip is this:

I use this notebook to keep lists in.   I have a list of all the people I need to get gifts for.  I have lists of gift ideas for those people.  When I purchase something, I write the gift next to the name.  When the gift is wrapped and ready to be given, I cross the name off.
This notebook is divided into sections.  The dividers have pockets in them and I put coupons and flyers into the folders.  I use another one of the pockets to tuck reciepts into.
I also use the other sections to write down parties and things I have to make for them.
My brain is too busy during this season, so it really helps to have things written down in a place I can easily check into.
Another holiday tip is to shop early and make it fun.  Many of you know that my sisters and I plan a shopping trip every year.  We shop for the day and spend the night in a hotel.  We get most of our shopping done and have fun doing it.  We'll be on our shopping trip for this year on Friday! So, find someone to shop with and get a head start on it!
For more holiday tips, visit Kristen at We are THAT Family.


Mary said...


Much of my shopping is done. I start early because of budget restraints. I need to get it all wrapped because I don't want to be wrapping on Christmas Eve again this year.

Have a wonderful shopping trip with your sisters.


septembermom said...

I'm such a list maker. This is a goo idea. I have to start getting organized for my shopping.

Donna B said...

What a fabulous idea! I am also a list maker, but by week's end, I have a pile of lists I have to staple together. Your notebook idea is really an idea I will borrow.
Thanks for the tip. My two daughters get up at the crack of dawn every day after Thanksgiving and do the majority of their Christmas shopping. They look forward and plan for it all year.

Kayren, Pink Daisy Girl said...

I want to be one of your sisters and come shopping with you. Will you adopt me? We'll try to figure out a rhyming name...maybe Kerri since I'm a 'K' anyway.

Betty said...

What a great idea Mari! I need one of those notebooks.
And the shopping trip does sound fun! I would love that. And you get to bond with your sisters too!

Hootin' Anni said...

Excellent advice!!!

Thanks for stopping by today. Hope your Wednesday is perfect.

Pat said...

I think you need to adopt me. You have a great family and manage to get things done while having fun. I also think you are one of the most organized people I know!
Thank you for all of your encouraging comments on my brothers means so much to all of us. Your a blessing!

Rebekah said...

that is a good tip- but hopefully no one who is on that list gets a hold of your book... lol, that would be naughty! and you would have to start a new list, without their name on it

Growin' with it! said...

way to be organized! santa would be happy.

Bonnie said...

ah ... so this is the book you were talking about ! i love this idea ! i should make a holidays section in my brain book !!

SusanD said...

Great tip on the notebook. I keep lists too. I'd go crazy and forget too many things otherwise. Have a great shopping trip. Blessings, SusanD

Brooke said...

i <3 lists!! :) an a bound notebook is the perfect place for them.

Brooke said...

i <3 lists!! :) an a bound notebook is the perfect place for them.

Grandma Elsie said...

You are a smart lady to keep a list.
Hope you have a wonderful shopping trip and a great time with your sisters.

Connie said...

Great idea! What fun you and your sisters must have. A night in a hotel too. What fun! (Do you get any sleep?)

Sandra said...

What a great idea Mari, I'll have to do this myself, I actually love lists.

jenniferw said...

That's a simple but fantastic idea! I'm getting one of those notebooks this weekend. Christmas is only seven weeks away!

Crown of Beauty said...

You are one organized mom! I loved your idea...I started doing that once, when my husband just had a heart attack, and I needed a notebook to list all his meds, and doctor visits, and menus plus grocery lists for a healthy lifestyle... then things started getting too busy, I even had no time to keep up with the notebook!

It's a good idea to start doing that again.

Loved your shopping tip...I think I'll do that with my daughter when I visit her again at the end of this month.

Loved your Fall Pictures part 2! That's the reality part of the beauty of fall... falling leaves!


Lynn said...

I am such a list girl! I finally started a notebook where I keep ideas for loved ones, but I also record items *I* want. Hopefully I can avoid the "um" response when my MIL asks me what I want this year!