Monday, April 28, 2008

Day 2 - Graduation

Thursday was graduation day. The ceremony started at 9 am, so we were there bright and early. After the welcome one of the sergeants that was picked by the class spoke. Then they said they were honoring 2 graduates. The first one was a "distinguished honor graduate" and the second was an "honor graduate". The second one was Andy - he was second in his class. We were really proud to hear that!
Here he is standing in front after being recognized. They tell them to stand straight and be serious.

They had one last formation after the ceremony. Andy is in the middle with the sunglasses on. This was probably the most relaxed formation they have had!

We had to wait for 4 hours while he had all his papers processed, and then he was allowed to take us to the hanger where he worked and studied the Apache helicopters. Bob was able to get in one and Andy had a great time showing us all the different Apache's in this hanger. You should have seen the smiles on both of their faces!

This is Andy with Sgt. Keyes. He was Andy's favorite instructor.

Here is the building he has been living in since September.

The name of his group was the "Gators". This little display of alligators was in the front of the building. There were a few more ceramic alligators in the flowerbed.

After we had him and his belongings all packed up, he took us all around the base. This is the James river which runs alongside the base. It's a pretty river. They didn't show up in this picture, but there is a whole fleet of boats that are stored by the Navy down the river. It was quite a sight.
That's enough for today. Tomorrow I'll tell you of our driving adventures after leaving the base.

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Amy said...

You must be so proud - he is handsome. =)

A Captured Reflection said...

How fabulous Mari. I love your son's grin in the photo where looking serious is the thing to do. So clearly over the moon to have his family with him to celebrate. Wow, 2nd in Class that is awesome. You must be so very proud.

Cheri said...

He does look so serious in that picture. We're so proud of him-
2nd in his class!!!
I bet Bob was just loving looking through the helicopter hanger.

Melissa said...

Second in the class...that's something to be proud of! Way to go Andy!!!
Looks like you had a great time! I'm sure Bob was thrilled!!

Melissa said...

Oh, and that last picture should be framed or made into a postcard or...something! :)

Sadie said...

WTG Andy! That's awesome! I am sure that was one proud moment for your family! Looks like a great time! Loving the photos!

Justabeachkat said...

Oh Mari! I can see why you're so proud of Andy. Second in his class! That's incredible. I've enjoyed being a part of your trip through your photos.


A Stone Gatherer said...

Way to go Andy! How cool is that, 2nd in his class! WaHOO! I bet that Bob was excited to see all those helicopters! Pride just must have been busting out all over the place and with good reason! When my brother was in the Army his troop was the anaconda's. I remember a picture of his troop (a large troop mind you) with the front row holding onto an anaconda, and it when from one side to the other! Big Stinkin Snake!!!!

Diane said...

Congrats Andy! That's awesome!!! I love all the pictures!

Megan (FriedOkra) said...

Congrats to Andy on being 2nd in the class! He must've worked hard! I know y'all were busting at the seams with pride. Looks warm down there, I know you enjoyed that!

Shelly said...

That is awesome! Way to go Andy! Such a high honor for sure. Setting high goals and achieving them has such great reward and pride. Keep the stories coming. I love reading about your trip and seeing pics.

Terri said...

What fun! Congratulations Andy - #2 in your class. He really does take after his aunts!!!! (all of them)
I can just imagine the fun Bob and him had together looking at those apaches.

Anonymous said...
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Cherdecor said...

Congratulations to Andy and to his parents! What a neat young man you have produced! I am proud of him and I am not even his aunt!

Short Stop said...

Just awesome. SO happy for him and you must be bursting with pride.

That pic of the James river is gorgeous!

LeslieW. said...

Awesome trip! Congrats to Andy and I hope you have a safe trip home! Traveling mercies to you!!!

Perri said...

Thanks for sharing these neat picture. The last one is beautiful - wouldn't mind hanging out by that river for awhile.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful!! Congrats!! you must be so proud!

Rebekah said...

What a proud Mama you must be. Congratulations to Andy on a job well done

Anonymous said...

Oh my, that sure was a long time to wait! But, you know anything that the Govt. does is slow-----we're still praying our paperwork gets posted soon.

Aren't those navy ships a sight? I LOVED seeing them when I was waiting for Baby M to be born.

Your son makes a fine soldier! I know you are proud!

Dena said...

Way to go Andy! That's awesome - you get your brains from your dad's side of the family I am sure! hahahaha!

Everyone is SOOOO proud of you!