Sunday, May 31, 2020


We didn't have any big plans for Memorial Day. Bob thought he had to work, so I was just planning to get some things done at home and he was planning to grill something for supper when he came home.   On Friday, my sister Cheri had sent me a message that they were going to drive to Shipshewana and wondered if we wanted to ride along.  Shortly after that Bob came home and said he had Monday off!  So we were happy to accept that offer.
For those of you who don't know, Shipshewana is in Indiana and is in an area where there are a lot of Amish.  Unlike Michigan, Indiana is not on lockdown, so people are able to go to restaurants and do some shopping.
We thought it would be a beautiful drive and also that it would be so nice to eat in a restaurant again.
We left at 10am, and drove the two hours to Shipshewana.  It was a beautiful day and the drive was very nice.

 Here is the Das Dutchman Essenhaus.  It's a very large business.  What you see here is the restaurant and Amish Bakery.  There is also an inn, many little shops and a theatre.
We went in to sign is and were told there would be an hour wait, so we wandered into some of the shops.
As we walked through the parking lot, we took note of the license plates.  We saw one from Indiana, one from Illinois and all the rest were from Michigan.  It seems a lot of people wanted a bit of freedom.

They were giving carriage rides.  We didn't do this, this time, but have in the past and it's always fun.
The shops were watching how many people were inside and the shoppers were being careful.

Here is the area we were in.  As you can see, the tables are set quite far apart and all the staff were wearing masks.
We felt very safe and we felt this was a good example of how to open things up, but still be safe.

We had a family style meal with chicken, stuffing, corn, mashed potatoes and Amish noodles. The meal comes with pie, which we took to go, because we were all very full!

 After our meal, we drove to an Amish store.  We saw several Amish wagons and buggies.  It was fun driving in the area and seeing the farms.  A lot of them had laundry hanging out to dry.

 The Amish store is huge, with groceries and lots of other things.  Aren't these little pedal cars cute?

The front parking lot is filled with cars, but on the side are hitching posts for the horses and buggies.

After this stop we headed home.  We were home by 5, so we had a nice relaxing evening.
It was a refreshing day and so nice to do something that felt a little normal again!


Laurel Wood said...

I am so glad it worked out for you to join your sister for this outing. We've eaten out twice and like you say, it was wonderful to get out and eat something different! I would enjoy the bakery, seeing the pedal cars, and the lovely peaceful scenery in that area.

Connie said...

Mari. I love that you shared your day with us and that you were able to have a day that felt normal again.
Thank you for visiting my blog today. It feels good to be blogging again and it feels good to know that my blogging sisters haven't given up on me. I know that I am in your prayers and for this I am very grateful. Every day has its ups and downs and tears that start up at the drop of a hat . . . but getting back to blogging has a normal feeling for me. Blogging has brought me many lonely friends and you sweet lady are a treasure to me.

God bless you,

Susan said...

What a fun adventure! The meal looked very good! Glad you got to go out with your family.

Hootin' Anni said... THAT sounds like a piece of heaven these days!

Jean said...

I love it all! Looks quite familiar to me, having lived in Lancaster County most of my life. Actually, it's not unusual to see Amish around State College. There are lots of Amish farms out in the countrysides around here, and sometimes they come to town to shop at Walmart, etc.

Your day sounds wonderful.

Changes in the wind said...

What a great time you all had and such a lovely place.

Kerin said...

It looks like a great place to visit, and I'm so happy for you to have had such a nice outing :)

Have a great new week.


Deb said...

What a fun weekend trip! That looks like a place I would love and in fact it looks familiar and I think we might have stopped there on a trip many years back when we lived in the mid-west. Delicious food and lots of interesting things to see. Thanks for sharing and have a great week!

Linda said...

Wait a minute, You guys get to eat indoors at a restaurant? SAY WHAT???? Smiles...nothing like that here, sigh.

Jenny the Pirate said...

What a gorgeous day you had for your outing! And isn't it amazing how COVID knows the difference between Michigan and Indiana? At any rate, that's a cool place to go and I'm so glad y'all were able to have a day trip with a lovely meal. xoxo