Monday, February 11, 2019

Winter Continued...

I have to tell you that we are getting tired of winter!  Last week I showed you pictures of all the snow and told you how cold it had been.  Unfortunately, the bad weather has continued.  This past week we had freezing rain and ice 3 mornings in a row.  Schools were cancelled for at least three day.  The ice meant power lines were down so many people were without power.  My daughter had her in-laws staying with them for 2 days because of no power.
Here's a few pictures to show you how the week went.

 The beginning of the week had us with warm temps and rain.  All the snow we got was melting and we had some very foggy mornings.

 Tuesday night we had freezing rain, and by Wednesday morning, everything was coated with ice!

It was amazing to see everything dripping with ice.  I made it to work ok, but was thankful I didn't have to drive far.  By early afternoon, we were being told the roads were better, so I took my lunch break and went for a little drive to see what it looked like.

 Those are branches in the electrical wires.  They were breaking because of the ice and falling onto the wires.

It was certainly pretty to see!

Wednesday night we were hit with more ice, and Thursday morning was a more difficult drive until I got to a main road.

This photo and some similar were on our news on Thursday.  They called these ghost apples.  An area orchard had apples that were never picked last Fall still hanging on the trees.  They were rotting, and when the freezing rain coated them, the rotting apple fell out of the bottom, leaving this ice apple hanging on the tree.  Isn't that cool?

Friday brought more wind and snow and the roads were again not fun to drive on.

Saturday we had sunshine!  However, it also brought this news.  This is the bridge over the Grand River, about 2 miles from my house.  Ice has begun to dam up here.  They have closed the surrounding area to the ice fishermen who like to fish here and a flood watch has been issued.   I don't remember this happening at this particular area before, so we'll see what happens.
The weather people have also said there are at least 3 big storms, and one smaller one headed this way in the next 16 days.
For a winter that started so calmly, things have certainly changed!


Unknown said...

Boy you really have gotten it piled on here in the end part of winter! And I did see that another storm is coming your way. I don't know how you do it; I'd be over it and then some. Those ghost apples are wonderful! What an amazing thing. Please be extra-careful out driving on those roads! xoxo

Ramblings of a Retired Lady said...

Enough is enough, right? The apples are amazing. Glad you still have power and are able to get to and from work without too much trouble. Be safe, be warm.

Arlene Grimm said...

Mari, the trees are budding here this week...early even for us. I am sure we will have some more cold weather but hopefully all the new vegetation will live. They have almost drained the back waters of the Tennessee River, getting ready for the snow melt from the north.

Changes in the wind said...

Ice storms are really dangerous but like the pictures you shared, they can be beautiful too.

Kerin said...

Oh my goodness.. you guys have been really slammed with winter. I hope that you can stay safe and warm.
Thanks for sharing your pictures...the ghost apple pic is amazing.

Warm wishes.

Linda said...

That's how it is here today, I couldn't even make it to class. The roads are nasty, nasty, nasty.

Lovely photos, Mari, smiles...and I am so ready for this weather to end. Just saying.

Terri D said...

Wow! Winter finally hit with a fury! I am so happy to not have to drive in that weather. Please be safe when you have to be out!!

Dianna said...

Oh my goodness, Mari! What a winter you are having! The ice makes things look pretty, but they sure can be dangerous. Carroll saw that about the ghost apples on the internet...that is really cool.

We have friends here who left Sunday a week ago for Michigan to cross country skiing. When they got there the snow was too deep to ski so they did snow-shoeing instead. :)

Debbie - Mountain Mama said...

We are in the midst of a massive snowstorm right now....your photos are gorgeous!!

Sally said...

I can't even imagine, Mari, although the photo's tell the story. Spring is coming, don't give up! :)


Henny Penny said...

It looks and sounds just miserable! You were brave to venture out. I'm scared to death of driving on ice, or snow. Those ice apples are beautiful! Never seen anything like it. Hope spring comes soon for all you who are having such a rough winter.

Carrie B. said...

I hear ya Lady! Feels like winter will never end over this way too. I'm looking forward to a trip we have booked to visit my Dad and stepMOm when the kiddos have spring break. Can't wait!

Stay cozy and safe. xoxo

Cherdecor said...

WOW! You really did get some storms! Glad that you were all safe on the roads. I love that Ice Apple. Your photos are very pretty!

Debi said...

You have certainly had your fill of winter! I don't mind the snow but I dread the ice. We got 10 inches of snow last night but the predicted ice and freezing rain didn't happen... thank goodness!