Sunday, February 10, 2019

Making Cupcakes

Our girlies came and spent the night with us on Friday.
After we picked them up and got back to our house, I showed them these cute lanterns.

One of the Doctors I work with is Vietnamese.  Last week he brought in a gift for me, to thank me for what I do for him, and he put these lanterns with it because it was the Chinese New Year.  The girls loved them and had to turn off the lights in the kitchen so they could see how the lanterns looked in the dark.  We hung them along the side of their bunk bed which they thought was pretty fun.

We made some cupcakes in the evening, so they could cool and be frosted the next day.  We were making them to deliver to my stepmom, who fell on the ice, going to get the mail, and broke her wrist.

 The next morning I made the frosting and they licked the beater.  They said the frosting was yummy!

 They both wanted to decorate, so I gave them each a tin to work on.  Alaina was very  careful.  She had a plan for different designs she wanted to try.

 Ruby had no plan, other than that she wanted to do it herself!  I had to give a little guidance though, or there would have been more frosting than cupcake on each one!

We had cute sprinkles to finish them with.

 Here's their finished tins.  They were pretty proud!


We had to try them out, and they both thought they were good.  Alaina liked the cake part best and Ruby thought the frosting was the best.

Then we surprised Great Grandma!  She was happy to see them, and she liked the cupcakes and the cards they made.
The girls liked her cast because it's purple!  She's doing good and has even been able to go bowling again.
I brought the girls home after this, and they took some cupcakes home with them.

I have to tell you one more funny story about Ruby.

This is Ruby with her well loved bunny.  Bunny has been with her since she was a baby, and bunny still goes to bed with her, and is often seen laying somewhere near her at home, but she doesn't take her along when she goes away.
Last week Aaron and Laura were going to take the girls out sledding and Ruby asked if Bunny could come along.  Laura responded that Bunny wouldn't want to come out in the snow.  Ruby's answer?  "But Mumma - Bunny is a snow shoe hare!"
Laura doesn't know where she learned about snow shoe hares, but we all got a good laugh at that one!


Arlene Grimm said...

Bless Great was about this time last year that I broke my list. I am sure she will heal even faster with those sweet cupcakes.

Hootin' Anni said...

A snow bunny! Why, of course. So, so sweet. And, we think kids have a lot to learn and then they go and pull a "smart one" on us!!

I would have loved seeing the lanterns on their bunks! (Did they choose the same bunks as last time?)

Ramblings of a Retired Lady said...

I know they enjoyed making the cupcakes and that great Grandma enjoyed them as well. The girls are so cute in everything they do, but Miss Ruby had a good one with the bunny. Have a good Monday and week ahead.

Kerin said...

What a fun filled day you had with your precious Grands!
Memories that will last a lifetime :)

That cracks me up... "snowshoed hare"!!
What can you say to that??!!

Best wished for your stepmom on a continued speedy recovery.


Changes in the wind said...

What a sweet gift the lanterns were and so nice the girls could come and stay and help with the cupcakes. They are so cute together. Hope your step-mother's wrist heals quickly.

Sally said...

I love their cupcakes; they decorated them beautifully! It's always so fun in the kitchen with the little ones, and watching their creativity.

So sorry about your step-mom though glad that she's doing pretty good. She looks very happy with the girls. :)

That Ruby, there's just something about her that always makes me laugh; first it was her hair she was little. Alaina is a beautiful child also. I know you guys love having them over.


Terri D said...

Kids are so smart these days!! I just love your posts about those two sweet grandgirls of yours!! Glad your stepmom didn't break anything more than her wrist and glad it is healing well. I know she enjoyed your visit and those yummy cupcakes!!

Doris said...

Baking with kids is just so fun....our Noah at 3 (almost 4) is getting really good at it. Licking the beaters....of course!! How nice to bless great grandma too.

Jean said...

What a fun post!! I laughed at your description of the difference in the girls when they started decorating. It reminded me so much of the time I had to do something to get Anthony and Jeremy (elementary school age) to stop bickering on a particularly boring day at home. I gave them each a paper and pencil and told them to write down ideas of something fun they could do together. After fifteen minutes Anthony had three ideas written down, each of them well-thought-out and very practical and do-able. Jeremy had 25 ideas, wild and crazy and absolutely impractical. Hahahaha!! I think your Alaina is an Anthony and your Ruby is a Jeremy!

Henny Penny said...

These girls are adorable! And you are the best grandma! That's so cute about Ruby and her snow shoe hare. She knows what she's talking about! :)

Kim said...

Oh my goodness, those frosting covered faces are just too cute!! What a nice visit.

Michelle said...

You are such a good grandma. Looks like those girls loved making those cupcakes.

Unknown said...

Awww, that Ruby! What a kid. The small cupcake tins are a spectacular idea. I'm going to get a few of those so I can make cupcakes with Dagny and we'll have a decorate-off. I'll let her win, haaahaha. You always give me such good ideas for little-girl activities. First however, we are going to make slime and oobleck later this week. We've never done that before and she's ecstatic at the prospect. I'm so sorry about your stepmom falling and breaking her wrist. Tell her I said stay inside until the thaw, haahaaha! xoxo

Mary said...

Oh my goodness, Mari, but is Ruby’s bunny a blanket that has a stuffed animal bunny attached to the corner? It looks exactly like one my daughter Annie was given as a baby (she is 35 now), she carried it everywhere and called it her “wubby” (wubby was how she pronounced lovey). What a good time you all had, thank you for sharing it with us. We here in Massachusetts are expecting to get hit with heavy snow tomorrow. Not looking forward to that

Dianna said...

Oh those girls! They are adorable! I think they did a really good job with their cupcakes. It was good for them to do something for Great Grandma like that. :) I feel for Great Grandma. I broke my right wrist in 2011. As I was reading about her fall I thought to myself, "Well, I guess she won't be going bowling for a while" and the very next thing I read was that she has already been bowling! God bless her! What a trooper!

Carrie B. said...

This is the sweetest post (pun intended). ;0) Those cupcakes looked yummy and I bet your step MOm really appreciated them. That Ruby story is just precious!! xo