Monday, June 4, 2018

Grand River Ravines Park

Yesterday I told you we visited a park near us.  We've been there quite a few times before, but we checked out a new area this time.  This park is called the Grand Ravines Park and as the name suggests there are some amazing ravines in this area.  The Grand River also runs through this park and they have made some nice paths to explore the whole thing.

This little spot is at the entry to one of the walking trails.  The girls had fun walking on the ledge and jumping off of it.

 Isn't this beautiful?  This is an overlook over one of the ravines.

Walking through to the end you can look over the sides and then there is a sign that talks about the type of trees you see.  Apparently this area is unique in the many varieties of trees that grow here. The weather is good for trees usually grow only in the north or only the south.

 Unfortunately, photos don't show depth very well, but this was taken looking down into the ravine.  It was a long way down!

As we walked we saw some trees that had fallen.  This one had twisted and peeled and looked different from the rest.

 The path soon took us toward the river.  Isn't this a pretty scene?

They've done a great job with this path.  It winds back and forth so the path isn't so steep heading to the river down in the ravine.  It's very pretty too, with lots of wild flowers growing on the side.

Here's a few of the blooms we saw.

 Ruby was lagging behind a bit here.  She said she had "baby legs" and couldn't walk as fast as us, but those little legs seem to be in non-stop motion at other times!

As we walked in this area we saw something so cool. Across the river we saw ducks, and then could see there was a bigger bird flying near them.  It was a bald eagle!  It flew past us, right down the river, which was our thrill of the night! We knew there were bald eagles that lived in this area, but until now, we never had the privilege of seeing one.

 We made it to the river!

We stopped at the covered bridge near the river for some pictures, then hiked back to the car.
What a fun place to take a walk!


Arlene @Nanaland said...

Oh that looks like a place where I would enjoy walking. Lovely.

Ramblings of a Retired Lady said...

What a beautiful place for a walk. Thanks for sharing the pictures with us.

Jean said...

So much beauty! And perfect weather for it too. I laughed at Ruby’s comment about baby legs!

Hootin' Anni said...

Absolutely stunning!

Linda said...

Ruby just "slays" me with what she says, lol. Beautiful photos Mari, smiles.

Patsy said...

What a lovely place to enjoy the peace and order of
the busy world.

Vicki said...

I love parks and walking trails, that looks like a great place to spend the day exploring!

Laura said...

Such a nice walk! We go there too, although last time we went was when Alaina got that deadly sliver in her finger and could barely make it back to the car! ;)

Betty W said...

What a great place you have there! I find it so cool that the path is paved and everything. So much easier for walking with kids.

Brooke F said...

oh wow - how incredible to see a bald eagle!!!

Sally said...

This really reminds me of one of our parks around here. I think yours is prettier though. XOXO

Saleslady371 said...

A beautiful park with so much to look at. Oh those blooms! That Ruby is so much fun, isn't she?

Terri D said...

It sure does look like a beautiful place to spend peaceful time!!

Jenny said...

Stunning scenery. Baby legs, haaahahaha. Go Ruby. xoxo