Sunday, June 3, 2018

A Day in my life - June!

It's June!  This is one of my favorite times of the year.  No threat of snow, the sky is blue, it's usually not too hot and everything is blooming.  Here's how the first day of the month went for me.

It was a work day for me.  The morning started off beautiful, but quite warm for shortly after 7 in the morning.  I got to work and started at 7:30.  There aren't many photo ops at work, so I'll just tell you a little about the day.
It was one of those days that I planned to get a lot done.  I had no doctors coming in, so I thought I had time for that.  However, when I got there, I found they had trouble with the computer system the night before and a new admit needed everything done yet - orders put it, assessment done, med and treatment sheets printed...  The nurse working this area couldn't do it right away because mornings can be crazy.  So I worked on that, which took close to 2 hours.  Then it was time for the morning meeting, then someone wasn't doing well and needed to be sent out to the hospital, then a family member of one of our residents wanted to talk to me about some changes he was seeing in his mom...  And that's how the day went.  I got things done, just not what I thought I would!
Our girlies were going to spend the night with us, so Laura dropped them off to me at work about 4:15.  We were getting another admission, and I was working on putting in orders, so they hung out in my office and colored while I finished.  We left for home about 4:50.
Bob came home from work shortly after we did and we took the girls out for supper.

We went to Freddy's, where they chose this table because it had spinning seats.  Much of the conversation was something like - "quit spinning your seat", eat some of your chicken". "don't drink all your milk at once"!    They would have been happy with just a glass of milk and a spinning seat!

After supper we went to a park to investigate.  We've been there before, but checked out some new areas this time.  It's always fun to go with kids, because they seem to take notice of things we would just walk past.  When they got off this log, they saw a worm slithering around and were quite fascinated by it.

 Alaina found this old walnut shell and thought it looked like a pigs snout.  She's right!

Ruby saw something on the walkway and wondered what it was.  We didn't know, and she said "Maybe it's possum puke"!   I don't think so, but anything is possible!

It was very hot at this point and the mosquitos were after us.  We went home, but told the girls we would go out for ice cream later.

 We found a surprise when we got home though.  I big branch had cracked off a tree next to the house and had fallen over our gate and garage roof.

 Here's what it looked like on the other side of the gate.

The girls had to swing for a few minutes, and then we went inside while Bob checked out the tree branch.

Bob got out his chainsaw and went to work.

 while the girls took a bath.

All clean again!

When we were done with that, we went to check on Bob.  He found the reason the branch came down.  It was filled with carpenter ants!

We also saw that some of the landscape was torn up.  One of our favorite hosta's which had been looking so good was decimated, and several other plants got beaten up too.  However, nothing else was damaged.

The girls were very helpful in hauling away the branches.

 After everything was cleaned up we checked out the other flower.  The clematis and the Siberian Iris are looking so good!

One more little walk, and then it was finally time to go for ice cream.

This was the first ice cream outing of the season.  Everyone enjoyed it!

Time for jammies and a show, and then off to bed.  The girlies went to bed, but I had some things to finish first.  I had started a load of laundry earlier and had to get that done, then I had to make a dessert and some BBQ beef for the next day.  I didn't get done until about 11:30, but it was good to have it all done.
It was another good day - no injuries, lots got done, we had ice cream and time with loved ones!


Arlene Grimm said...

Possum puke!! That Ruby!! As always I do not know where you get your energy Mari!! Love all the pictures and glad you have a handy husband who took care of that limb.

Joyful said...

I had a chuckle over 'possum puke'. I'd never think of that! It looks like you got an awful lot done for one day.

Vicki said...

Possum puke, kids are hilarious! I like the pig snout. Looks like you had a great day full of fun and love.

We have falling branches/trees a lot in Florida especially during hurricane season.

Hootin' Anni said...

Other than the unexpected 'mishaps' ...sounds like a good day. I like the busy days where a lot gets done and ice cream award!!

Linda said...

"Possum Puke", that just kills me, smiles. Have a beautiful day, Mari. Thank you for the many smiles.

Doris said...

Sounds wonderful! The possum poop caused me to chuckle :)

Changes in the wind said...

Yes the girls surely do change things up with all their curiosity. That was a huge branch, so glad it didn't damage anything and hope you can revive the tree and get rid of the ants. said...

The girls are so cute, they just light up any place where they are. Sorry about the tree limb and glad not more was harmed. Ice cream is always good to end a good day!

Terri D said...

Those two sweethearts are growing up much too fast. They are adorable. Your day was busy and it can be frustrating to not get things done that were on your to-do list. Those little girls can make any day better though! Yes to ice cream!!

Connie said...

Looks like a very sweet day . . . love the photo of the girls walking on the log. Childhood . . . what a marvelous time in life :)

Laura said...

What a day! That was a long day - sure a good thing you had the girls to give you all that extra "help."

Jenny said...

Girl! What you manage to cram into a day always amazes me. That said ... good call on the walnut shell pig snout. I would've said the same. Funny our grandma parallels: Dagny spends lots of time while at my house either in the tub (with bubbles and toys) or up on a stool at the sink (with bubbles and toys). The hours fly by. But I have stocked the pantry with Joy cups and we have our ice cream at home. BTW that "last walk" ... is that your yard? Please tell me it's a park because it looks like a park and you know how Bob is ... yard/park nearly indistinguishable. Haaaahahaha.

Happy June to you! xoxo

Michelle said...

Those girls keep you on your toes, no doubt. They are so cute!

Jean said...

That was a LOT packed into one day, Mari!! Aren’t these long days so glorious??

I’m glad the damage from the tree branch wasn’t worse.

I just love that you have so much time with the girls. We get plenty of time with some of our grandchildren and hardly any time at all with others due to distance, etc. We’re excited to be leaving for Florida tomorrow and plenty of grandchildren time with some of those.