Monday, November 2, 2015

A Day in my Life

The months are just buzzing by!  I can't believe it's November already.
I'm going to share my first day of the month with you again.  It fell on a Sunday, so it's not my normal working day post.

The time change allowed me to get an extra hour of sleep, which was wonderful!
I got up at 7am and got ready for church and had breakfast.  It was a beautiful morning and before we left I stepped outside to get a picture.

 Our Japanese maple in the back yard is brilliant right now!

We were on the road a little after 8.  We drove about 35 minutes to get here:
 This is our daughter Heather and her husband Andrews church.  We  joined them because on this morning Heather was being baptized and joining the church.  She also gave her testimony.  It was a wonderful service and we enjoyed our time there.  Laura, Aaron and girls were also there to support Heather.

Then it was time for the drive home, and to work on lunch.
 We made these yummy panini's for lunch.  Mine was turkey, bacon, swiss with tomato.  Bob's was turkey, bacon and cheddar.

After lunch we relaxed a bit and read the paper.
One of the joys of Sunday afternoon is the time to relax and maybe get in a little nap!  After I took this photo of Bob napping, I took a short nap too.  It was so nice!

My sister Terri had asked if I would take some pictures of my niece Shaelyn, and since it was such a nice afternoon, I met them at a local park for some photo opportunities.

Here are a few of the pictures I took there.  Shaelyn was a good model!

Then it was back home and time to make supper.
We had pizza burgers, a quick and easy supper.
It was a calm and quiet evening, the perfect way to end a weekend.
Thanks for sharing another day with me!


Bethany Carson said...

Lovely photos of your niece; she's a beautiful young lady. The paninis and pizza burgers look awesome! Once again you have not failed me; I'll be leaving your blog with hunger pains... Your Japanese Maple is looking great! Thanks for sharing a lovely day with us. I enjoyed the post.

Mary said...

I agree, lovely photos! I also agree about how good the paninis and pizza burgers look. When I was in 6th grade in the 70s pizza burgers were one of my favorite school lunches. I never had them any where else though and had forgotten them until I saw your mention of them. Would you share hour recipe for them, Mari?

Rebecca said...

What a perfect way to spend a Sunday!
I need to get the old waffle iron out. (It's my panini-maker!) It's been a while since I've made's such an easy and tasty way to serve up a sandwich.
In between visit to my parents, we've been pecking away at getting the yard and flower beds ready for winter. The weather this week is making it so much easier...
I'm sure your niece is delighted with the photos you took. They turned out SO well.

Simply Linda said...

Congratulations to your daughter!!! How happy I was read to she was being baptized. Thank you for the photo of Bob on the couch, smiles. Blessings

Arlene said...

So wonderful to see our children follow the Lord and I know your heart was blessed at that service Mari. Your Sunday afternoons look like ours...Naptime!! And I love that beautiful Japanese maple. They are one of my favorite trees.

Linda Eller said...

What a happy way to spend your Sunday. Your niece is certainly a beautiful young lady. Also, your lunch and supper looked super...I love those easy things to make. Sunday afternoon is nap time at our house too. Have a great day.

Kerin said...

A perfectly, lovely Fall day.
You did a great job taking your nieces pictures.. and she is a cutie~pie!

Hope that the rest of your week is as lovely as your Sunday was.


Sally said...

Mari, I always enjoy sharing the day with you. What a lovely day it was for you all.

God bless Heather - I know she was so happy you all were there.

The photos are beautiful! Your niece is adorable. :)


Carrie B. said...

Such beautiful photos Mari. And one of those perfect Sundays filled with family, rest, good food and reflection. Love it!
Blessings on the rest of your week. xoxo

Jenny said...

Shaelyn is darling and what nice photos of her. You're a kind and sweet aunt, Mari. The food all looks so good. When I saw the panini picture my mouth started watering for a Monte Cristo, my favorite hot sandwich in the world (except for a good old cheeseburger). Especially I love to dip a MC into a berry sauce. Mercy. Congratulations to Heather and may God bless her always as He has thus far. xoxo

Anonymous said...

Hi Mari, So very thankful that you all could be there for Heather's Baptism. What a very special Sunday, indeed! May God bless Heather and Andrew. Your niece is lovely and you did a great job with her photo shoot. I know you enjoyed a little extra sleep on Sunday; I remember when I worked how very tired I would be. Love seeing your yummy meals and that gorgeous tree. We've had many days of heavy rain and our leaves are almost gone now.

Terri D said...

A perfect day indeed! Shaelyn is a lovely young woman and your photos of her are great. What a beautiful setting for a photo session. You panini sandwiches and your evening burgers look delicious! Thanks for sharing your day with us!

Anita said...

And thank you for sharing your lovely day with us!

You covered it all and topped it off with pictures of Shaelyn. :)

Patsy said...

Your tree and others are just beautiful, glad you had a lovely day.

Betsy Brock said...

A beautiful day! I can't believe it's November, either..amazing!

We planted a little Japanese Maple this summer....I enjoyed its color this fall!

Cherdecor said...

We are going to have Panini sandwich tomorrow. We went to the grocery tonight to get the fixin's because Alan wanted something different.

I wish I had been there to support Heather. I would love to have heard her testimony.

Shaelyn is a pretty girl.

Laura said...

Cute pictures of Shaelyn! The panini looks delicious!

LL Cool Joe said...

That looks like quite a modern church. Baptismal services are always very special. But then I would say that, I am a Baptist after all!

The pizza burgers look very tasty! Here in the UK Sunday is a day for Sunday roast, not that we ever have it, but most families do.

Brenda said...

Sounds like a perfect 1st day of the month.
I completely forgot I wanted to join you doing this. I'll just have to get caught up on the first week instead.