Monday, September 28, 2015


Our church recently started a MOPS group in our town, with 2 other churches. MOPS stands for Mothers of pre-schoolers. It's a group that is set up to support young moms.
The moms are put into a small group with an older mom - a mentor mom. That's where I come in. I'm a mentor mom for 6 young moms.  My friend Arlene, from Nanaland is also a mentor mom at a MOPS groups that she has been helping with for several years.  I've enjoyed her posts about what they do at their MOPS.
We had our first meeting last week and it was a hit. We had 25 moms and lots of kids.

The tables were set up so cute, with fabric flowers, signs with verses on them and jars with ice-breaker questions.

Everyone got one of these cute name tags.

 We mentor moms had made up a questionnaire and had a little chocolate for each mom.

 We had a lovely brunch of breads, bagels, yogurt, granola, coffee slush and juices.

We played games, and there was lots of laughter!

 We watched a short video and had a time of discussion.

 While the moms were doing their thing, the kids (or moppettes) were having fun at their own activities.

 After the discussion, there was time for a craft.  We each made a necklace.  It was a nest necklace, with one bead in it, for each of our children.

Here's the necklaces from my group.  We had 2-5 eggs in our necklaces.  Mine is the one with 3 pearls in it.

We had a good time, and I'm looking forward to getting to know these women better!


Terri D said...

I always enjoy Arlene's posts about her MOPS meetings. Such a great idea, and your group is lucky to have you for their mentor! I'll look forward to hearing more about your group!

Betsy Brock said...

I was a mentor mom for MOPS for several's a great organization and such a wonderful time for those moms! I was the speaker one time and then one year I did the crafts. You're going to love it!

Linda said...

Love it, Mari...thanks for sharing...have a beautiful Tuesday. Blessings

Beth Cotell said...

I was in a MOPS group for 5 years. It was such a special group. I made many friends from that group (5 of which I still meet with monthly for coffee). It was so needed at a time in my life when I just really needed some adult conversation and a short break from my babies!

Your service as a mentor mom will be much appreciated by these women!

Arlene @Nanaland said...

Mari, I am going to share your photos with our MOPs craft coordinator! She loves to get new ideas. Your nest necklaces are adorable. We had 30 moms return for the second meeting which I missed being at the beach. I just love my young friends...I learn so much from them about current styles etc. They will keep you young! And as I said, while my own kids do not want to hear my advice, my MOPs mom listen!lol

Sandi said...

I was part of a MOPS group for many years. Loved it!

(Love the curvy countertop! Very cool.)

White Lace and Promises said...

What a darling idea. I want to find out more about this. Tell me more or how to get organized.

Jennifer Hays said...

I'm glad it was such a nice time! We have MOPS here too. I was never a member of MOPS, but I did used to attend a group called Moms Club, which is similar but not affiliated with any church. I enjoyed it because it was always an organized activity and it got you out of the house and dressed properly, LOL. :)

Jenny said...

Those necklaces are darling. I like your nest best xoxo

Sally said...

How wonderful, Mari. You're a great MOM and I know your group will love you. :)


Brooke said...

They are blessed to have you as a mentor <3

Kerin said...

What a nice group! I've never heard of MOPS.... but it seems like a great way to foster good will in a community :)

Cute, cute, necklaces! Love your pears!

Have a sweet week.

Jean said...

What a great thing to get involved with. And great also that you can fit it into your work schedule.

Sola Scriptura said...

What a great group, I'm sure you are a big encouragement to the mothers. I love the nest necklaces. Before I became pregnant my sister made me a nest pin with a bead inside, in hope of a baby to come.

carrie@northwoods scrapbook said...

What a great idea! I think our church has done something similar before too. It looks like so much fun besides!! Keep up the great work you wonderful Lady.
PS: I love your necklace best. Lol!

Bethany Carson said...

Looks like a great time for the moms and kids! Very nice idea!

Cherdecor said...

MOPS was not around when I had my children at home, but I have heard of it. The church back in PA was involved in it. You will make a great mentor.

Cherdecor said...

I had to choose pies in my last comment. There was one pie and one cake. I chose them both and it was accepted. Is this a European program?

Joanne said...

Mari--I can just imagine what a gift YOU are to the younger moms there. I LOVE that moms gather through mom groups like MOPS.

Thanks for the sweet words on my site about my grandma. She was a gift from GOD and the heartbeat of our family.

Makes me so happy to hear from you. Blogging days aren't always as fun lately so your blog is a beautiful spot online that brings me back to the first days I began blogging about seven years ago...which is like 50 blogging years, right?


Karen said...

MOPS was my saving grace as a young mom. How wonderful that you are mentoring a group! They are blessed:)

Just A Southern Girl said...

My daughter is in a MOPS group and really enjoys it, and so does Simon since there are lots of kids to play with. I hadn't heard about the mentoring aspect of it though. Wonder if all the MOPS have it?