Sunday, May 3, 2015

A Day in my life...

Friday was the first day of the month and as I usually do, I'm sharing what I did on that day.
It was my day off.  One of the best things about a day off is not having to get up at 5am!  I slept in and had a nice leisurely morning.  (The leisurely morning will be mentioned again later...)

It was a beautiful day as shown in this picture of my backyard.   I did some reading, some laundry and  a little cleaning, before going out for lunch with some old friends.

These are all nurses I used to work with, two are now retired  They meet for lunch occasionally, but I'm usually at work, so it was nice to be able to come and see them again!

 After lunch I got groceries, figuring I had just enough time to do that before going to a hair appointment.  While in the grocery store, I had an awful realization.  I was supposed to make brownies for a church event, and was supposed to drop them off after my hair appointment.  What to do?  I hurried to the check out and back home.  This is when I was frustrated with my quiet morning.  I could have made the brownies without a problem if I had just remembered!

I had picked up these tulips at the store, so I popped them into a vase and hoped they would perk up.  (they did)  Then I quickly mixed up some brownies, but I wasn't fast enough.  There wasn't time to bake them and make it to the beautician.  I called my sister who lives around the corner and she was kind enough to say she would run over to my house in 45 minutes to get them out of the oven.   :)

 So, I threw them in the oven and headed out to a badly needed hair appointment.  It was time for a cut and a color.  This cute little scene is at the beauty shop.
I know a lot of people enjoy having their hair done.  I have a hard time sitting there for close to 2 hours, when I know I have lots more I could be doing!  However, I felt much better about my hair when I was done.

I got home, and as promised, my sister had taken the brownies out and they looked good.

About 10 minutes later, Bob got home from work.  We try to have a date night every Friday, so we headed out for supper, stopping to drop off the brownies on the way.

I forgot to take a picture, so this is from the restaurants website.  All the tables were full on Friday night.  I had a French Dip Panini and it was yummy!

We're looking for a new couch, so after supper we went to a furniture store.  We found one we both liked, so it's a possibility.  (it's not in the picture)  We took a cushion home to check the color in our living room.

Before heading in for the night, we took advantage of the nice weather and wandered around the yard.  Even the wild violets in the wooded side of our yard look so pretty.

The daffodils and the grecian wind flowers are also looking pretty along the edge of the woods.

It was a nice ending to May 1!


Betsy Brock said...

A nice but busy day! I think I would have picked out ready baked brownies at the bakery in the grocery, though!

Nice to have fresh appointment is this Friday!

I love your variety of violet..such a beautiful color!

Anonymous said...

Good luck with choosing a new sofa. Like you, I don't like spending much time at the hair salon, but it does make me feel better afterward! Your brownies look so good and I bet your home smelled wonderful. Glad you enjoyed your dinner out for date night. Hope your week is a good one.

Terri D said...

Hope the cushion matched and you found your sofa!! Your yard looks so nice! Glad your got to your hair appointment and that your sister could help with the brownies! Friday night's dinner sounds like it was good. Glad you day off allowed you to enjoy lunch with old friends!!

Jennifer Hays said...

I loved seeing your day, Mari! I also dislike getting my hair done, and all I ever do is get a trim. I'm just antsy. I hope you found a sofa. I enjoy furniture shopping but my husband and I aren't usually on the same page about styles so it can be a little stressful. But it's always nice to have new things and it feels good to come to a compromise. I'm glad you had such a nice day off. Hope you have a good week!

Jenny said...

OK Mari, good people buy tulips at the store. Smart people also buy ready-made brownies when they realize they "wasted" their entire morning. Lucky people have sisters who will help them out in a pinch. Classy people go to the beauty parlor and get done what needs to get done although it's rarely convenient. Fun-loving people eat out TWICE in one day. Devoted people save time for their loves, doing something as simple as looking at flowers in the yard. Wonderful people pack lots and lots of accomplishments and experiences into their day. You are all of the above and compared to you I am a lazy bum. But I'm the luckiest because you're my friend. The End xoxo

Stephanie said...

What a busy day, my friend. Ahhh, a haircut is always wonderful afterwards :) And those brownies...oh my, they look delicious!

May you have a beautiful week. Hugs!

LL Cool Joe said...

I know what you mean about going to the hairdressers. It feels like such a waste of time, and I'm not a fan of sitting in front of a mirror for so long either! You did have a busy day for a day off!

Unknown said...

I dont know how you do all you do....I am exhausted reading it all. lol Glad it all worked out with the brownies and hair appt. You have a beautiful yard and I always enjoy seeing your pictures. Hope your Monday is a good one!

Ceil said...

Hi Mari! I love meeting with my nurse friends. Most of the ones I see these days are retired too. Like you, the ones who are working are busy!
No picture of your new hair?? I bet you look great :)
I see some little violets coming up in the little garden strip on the side of my house. I have no idea where they came from, but they're so cute. Purple is my favorite color, so they just warm my heart.

You are a blessed woman to have your sister so close. I wish my sisters didn't live so far away. Sister to the rescue!!
Monday blessings,

Anonymous said...

Oh, a hair appointment. I understand that much needed part. I have that right now, too, lol!!

Patsy said...

It is so good to see all the spring flowers and nice green in your yard after all that snow.
Glad your day did turn out a happy one.

carrie@northwoods scrapbook said...

Other than the brownie fiasco (lol) - it sure looked like a perfect day off kind of day to me!!

Blessings for a beautiful week ahead Hon!

Cherdecor said...

What would you do without that sweet sister just around the corner? Getting one's hair done makes one feel so much better so it is not a waste of time. You deserve it.

Sola Scriptura said...

Well done finding a solution to the brownie dilemma. Often the solution to problems does involve a sweet sister :) They look delicious!