Monday, March 9, 2009

Answers - Part 2

Here are some more answers to all of your great questions!

12) Brooke:
"What's your strategy for working through arguments - after 27 years of marriage you have to be pretty good at it!"
My first strategy is to marry the right person. If you share the same beliefs, many arguments don't come up. I have been blessed to be married to someone that I rarely argue with. However - we do have our moments! I have to remind myself that I'm not always right. That's a never ending battle with myself - although my brain knows this, my mind doesn't always remember it. I also try to let things go. If it's not a big deal, it's not worth bringing up or arguing about. Bob feels the same way, so it cuts out a lot of arguments!

13) Mary:
"Do you have a hobby and if so, what is it and how did you come to love it?"
I enjoy scrapbooking. This was something I started after my sister Terri started to encourage me to do. It took a few years, but I tried it and really liked it. It's a great way to document my kids lives, although I'm still trying to catch up. I am also enjoying photography. I've started a photo blog and have been having fun, taking a picture a day.

14) Pat:
"How close is your home to Lake Michigan? I'm within a few short miles of the Detroit River...aren't you jealous?"
We live about 20 minutes from the lake, and sorry Pat - I've never seen the Detroit river so I'm not jealous!

"How many bloggers have you met in person other then your family and close friends?"
I have only met one blogger in person and that is Dena. She lives in South Carolina and we visited her when we went there for Andy's graduation from basic training. I almost met Kayren this past weekend since she was going to be near us, but our schedules didn't mesh. I do have quite a few family and friends who blog.

15) Lois Lane II:
"What is the first meal you're going to make for Andy when he gets home?"
I'm not really sure. He said he wanted steak sometime, but I'll ask him Sunday what he wants on Monday night. Maybe a roast!

16) Just a Thought Ginger:
"Did you enjoy growing up here in West Michigan and would you want to live anywhere else?"
I really did like growing up here. It's a beautiful area and I think the people in the area I grew up in were very caring and had high morals. I was also surrounded by many relatives who lived nearby.
I wouldn't want to live anywhere else. Although I complain about the cold, I love the change of seasons and the beauty of the area. I also would have a terrible time living away from my family.

"Do you have a favorite meal that you love to make and eat?"
I have been thinking about this, and I can't come up with one favorite. I listed a few in yesterdays post, but I really like to try new recipes. (often to Bob's dismay - he likes the tried and true!)

17) BethAnne:
"Where do babies come from?"
Hahaha! You are so funny. I do have an answer for you., though. They come from God and are one of His greatest gifts!

18) September Mom:
"Do you have a favorite cooking show?"
I like to watch Paula Deen. Her food looks so good, although it's so bad for you!

"What ingredient would you hate to cook with?"
The first thing that comes to mind is brussel sprouts. I really don't like them and I hate the way they smell when they're cooking!

19) Lara Gisela:
"Well, Mari, I would like to know which countries have you already visited and which would you like to visit. I'm sure you would like to visit Portugal!!! You must say that. LOL"
I haven't traveled much, just here in the states. I have been in Canada, but that's not too far from me. I love the history in Europe and would love to visit Italy or Greece. Of course I would also love to visit Portugal because I have a blogging friend named Lara I would really enjoy meeting!

20) Saija:
"My question is sort of the same as Susan's ... how do you manage to do all that you do, and even visit your blog buds on top of it all?"
As I said to Susan - you don't see the whole story on the blog! I need to start telling you what I didn't get done! Here are a few things I do to keep up though.
I usually do a load of laundry almost every day. That way, it doesn't turn into a huge chore.
I've been trying to get extra walking in. I do about 20 minutes before I go to work. When I come home I try to do another 15 minutes and I hop on the treadmill for about 10 minutes when I change a load of laundry.
I get groceries every 2 weeks and plan my meals for that amount of time too.
I try to make extra meals when I can and freeze them.
As for visiting the blog buddies, I pop in and out of the computer room and I spend a lot of time visiting you all in the evening.

21) Aspiemom:
"If you could create a cure, what would you like it to be for?"
There are so many diseases that would be just wonderful to have a cure for and I know in your case it would be Cystic Fibrosis. I've recently lost a sister-in-law to breast cancer so that is close to my heart. However, I think I would have to say it would be Diabetes. My daughter Heather is a Type 1 diabetic and I so wish I could take away the difficulties she has in keeping her blood sugar stable and the worries about going low. Along with that are the concerns about the long term damage that can be done to the heart, eyes and kidneys. I'm grateful for all the advances that have been made in health care in so many areas in the last 20 years and pray that it will continue!

22) Musicaljean:
"Have you ever visited Lancaster County, PA? Do you plan to any time in the future? Cherdecor and I would love to have lunch with you!"
I have never been to Lancaster County, and I have no plans in the immediate future. However - if the opportunity ever comes up, I would love to meet each of you in person. What a fun lunch that would be!

23) Andy:
"I also would like to know what you are going to make me when I get home. Also what type of fun adventures are we going to do?"
There is a smart alack in every bunch! I told you that I would make whatever you asked for! As for the fun adventures - we thought we would sit in a room and just look at each other, to enjoy some family bonding time. If we get bored with that, Dad says he has a lot of work planned for you!

Thanks for all of your questions. I thought they were very interesting and I had a good time answering them!

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Jennifer said...

The Barefoot Contessa has an awesome BRUSSELS SPROUTS recipe that you might actually like! :) I dare you. :)

Mary said...


I enjoyed reading the answers to the rest of the questions. I have attempted scrapbooking our trip to Florida in 2008, but haven't got them nearly finished. When they are, they will be gifts for Brandon and Jordan.

Blessings for a great week.

Susan said...

Great answers, Mari and an enjoyable read.

Leigh of said...

GREAT Q&A! I have thought of doing this,,,,but am fearful I won't heve even one question!
Lucky you!

Lara Gisela said...

Hi Mari,
Thanks foryour answers. I enjoyed reading them and getting to know more about you.

jenniferw said...

*giggle* I love Beth Anne's question and your answer! I've always wondered about that too! *giggle*

Kayren, Pink Daisy Girl said...

Good answer for Beth Anne's question! I wondered what you were going to do with that one, but it was perfect.

Pat said...

I loved reading all your answers, you are really close to the Lake, lucky you! In all seriousness, I have to say, the Detroit River is very pretty, I love going to Bishop Park in Wyandotte and watching the boats go by....while eating a Dairy Queen Ice cream! If you ever head in my direction, give a shout and we'll meet over an iced tea!

septembermom said...

It was fun reading all the questions and your answers!! What a great way to get to know a little more about you! By the way, I like Paula Deen too. Her upbeat personality is hard to resist.

Aspiemom said...

I've enjoyed reading your answers and laughed when I saw Andy's!!!

Actually, I would chose CF to be my cure (sorry, other CFers!). I've always thought "Altzheimers". That or Lou Gehrigs'.

Brenda said...

That was fun reading both posts. Love your son's wisecrack at the end!

Julieann said...

Mari--I missed the question asking post----but I really enjoyed reading all the answers!


Rebekah said...

That was a fun read- hope you get your internet up and running soon.

Groomer Angie said...

Oh how fun that was to read all those questions & answers! I hate that I missed getting in on it. I've had so much going on here, I hardly have time to sleep, much less visit all my blogs I try to keep up with. I hate to miss out on fun because of work things. :)

Lynn said...

I love these posts. It is so fun to learn more about you. Thanks for sharing.

Kim said...

You're too funny!

And now you need to add Argentina to the list of countries to visit :-)

Joanne@ Blessed... said...


I LOVED Andy's question and your answer...are you sure we aren't related?!? hmmmm?

Raise Them Up said...

I'm sorry I missed the asking questions post, too. But I really enjoyed reading both of these with your answers. Such a great idea, and I feel like I know you a little better now. :)

May the internet smile on your computer tomorrow.


A Stone Gatherer said...

Loved this Mari! Especially that last one! I can see you sitting around staring at each other, and then bursting out laughing! Looking forward to Sunday!