Sunday, March 8, 2009

Answers - Part 1

I've had such fun reading your questions. You asked some great ones. I'll do my best to answer them all!

1) Kae:
"What is the first thing you will do when you see Andy?"
I will hug him and cry!

2)Kari and Kisja:
"What will you do and say when you see Andy in nine days?"
As I said above, it's pretty common knowledge among those who know me that I am an easy crier. I get teary when happy and sad, and I'm pretty sure I'll be so happy to see him after a year that I'll be crying. I'll tell him how happy I am to see him too!

3) Bonnie:
"I want to know how long you have been blogging, why you started blogging, and what keeps you doing it ..."
My sister Cheri started a blog and I enjoyed reading it. Then she talked our sister Terri into starting one. You know that once Terri started, the two of them ganged up on me to start one. I kept saying my kids were older and I didn't have anything to say, but I finally started. I can't believe I still haven't run out of things to say! I keep doing it because I like having my thoughts, day to day events and things like that written down. I also so value the friendships I've formed through blogging - with people I would never meet any other way.

4) Susan: "You seem so very disciplined and get so many things done in an orderly, timely basis. What is your secret?"
One thing about blogs - you don't see the whole picture! I can be a real procrastinator, and there are plenty of things I don't get done. I actually think I get more done because I work. It forces me to plan and keep a schedule. I plan what I need to get done after work and on my days off. I also plan our meals, so I'm not scrambling to make something for supper when I come home. I know that if I don't keep up with the laundry and housework I'll be in trouble or will have to use all my time off to catch up!

5) Short Stop:
"You have such a fabulous relationship with Terri and Cheri. Did you three share a room when you were younger?"
I am really blessed to have my sisters and the relationship we share. I am 9 years older than Cheri and 5 years older than Terri. Until I was 13 we lived on a farm, in an old farmhouse. Yes, we did share a bedroom there. At that time my parents built a new house and I got my own bedroom. They had to share until I got married and moved out when I was 20. It was never something we minded doing though.

"And, besides your shopping weekend, what is your favorite thing to do with them ?"
One thing we have always enjoyed is getting together on Fridays. It's getting more difficult because I often work on Friday and now Terri does at times too. We take turns going to each others houses, usually now switching between Terri and Cheri. We talk and often pick up something for lunch. This is something my Mom used to come to and my Dad frequently shows up. We also like to scrapbook together.
PS - We do have a brother who is a pretty great guy. I'm afraid I can't see him ever starting a blog!

6) Perri
"How many hours per week do you work? What shift?"

I am supposed to work 32 hours a week, however, it usually is closer to 36 or 40. I work days. When I started working at the Nursing home Andy was 2 and the girls were 5 and 8. I worked on call for the 3 - 11 shift. Later I worked 2 days a week and switched to working 11-7 because I felt like I was missing too many school and church things that were scheduled during the evening. When the kids got older - about 7 years ago, I changed to days. It is the busiest shift, but also the easiest to lead a regular life with. Also, the residents are the most fun during the day!

7) LuAnn:
"Does Andy have a favorite meal? I am sure he does. What are you making for him?"
I asked him what he wanted me to make when he came home and his response was "anything home cooked would be good!" He did say he would like steak. Like most guys he likes meat and potatoes!

8) Lorie:
"Someone already asked my question kind of... what shift do you work and what is your favorite thing about the nursing home? Who is your favorite patient?"
I already talked about my shift. My favorite thing about the nursing home is the residents. Every day is different with them. Some of them are like little kids in the things they say and do. Others are alert and can be good friends. We laugh a lot, but when we lose one, there are often tears. It's hard to pick a favorite resident. I really love my Emma, who thinks my name is Marilyn and thinks I'm an officer. There is Carl who is really confused and yet is always so caring and kind. I have great memories of Cooper, who had such charm and wit, Rhett who prayed with me, Georgia who sat at the desk with me and carried on conversations from years ago and Tommy, who was a Downs Syndrome patient that greeted us with exuberance every morning. I could never choose just one and I could go on about so many more. Bet you are sorry you asked!

9) Cheri:

"If you couldn't be a nurse what job would you want to do?"
I always wanted to be a nurse so this is tough! I would like to work with special ed students in some way. I have been able to take care of many of them and always enjoyed it. If I had to pick something that's not in the caregiving field I would say something like a secretarial job where I could put together fliers... I used to do the Kids bulletin at church and always enjoyed that kind of thing.

10) Cherdecor
"Do you have a favorite recipe that stands out above all the ones that you have posted?"
This is really hard, Cheryl! I don't know if I have favorite, but one thing we all really like is this Pepper Steak. Another favorite is this White Chicken Chili.

11) Jennifer W:
"How did you and Bob meet?"
My cousin married Bob's brother and they introduced us, the rest is history!

I'll answer the rest tomorrow - my brain is tired!

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skywind said...

We always have to go to ask questions. We always have to answer questions. We always have to solve the problem.
Health is the Greatest Happiness
The World at The Present

Kim said...

I'm behind on my blog reading so I didn't get a question in, but I've sure had fun reading your answers to the questions that did get asked! Just wanted you to know how much I enjoy your blog so I'm glad your sisters ganged up on you :-)

Growin' With It said...

aww man, my mom used to make pepper i'm sad. i'll have to see if i can even come close. well, i see the ticker up there says 7 more days! WHAHOO mari, one week from today. almost there lady!

Lynn said...

These were fun to read, Mari. Thanks for opening up your life and your blog so we can learn more about what makes you tick.

Mary said...


I really enjoyed reading the answers to the questions. Like you, I was much more organized when I worked. I think now that I'm at home, I figure I have all the time in the world to do housework and it often gets put off until it's absolutely necessary. When I worked 16 hour shifts, my house was pretty much spotless. Today it's very lived in. LOL

When I worked in the nursing home, I had many patients that I loved, so I can understand you not being able to pick just one as a favorite. I loved Anna, who never spoke a word for two years. I used to brush her hair and put her lipstick on and she's smile. Working with all the patients was very rewarding.

Take care. I look forward to reading the rest of your answers.

BTW, Jordan wants to be a paleontologist, but says he's going to write stories on his days off. LOL

Blessings for a great week.

Kayren said...

Fun reading...looking forward to more tomorrow.

Cherdecor said...

Thank you, Mari. I have enjoyed reading the questions and your answers.

Bonnie said...

This is fun Mari !! I love the answer to how you met Bob ... the rest is history ! Classic !!!

Susan said...

Loved reading all these and thanks for answering my question.

I can tell you are a wonderful, loving nurse and your patients are indeed blessed!!

Pat said...

You're a brave and patient lady...this takes a lot of time, but boy am I enjoying it! Can't wait to read the rest!!

A Stone Gatherer said...

I couldn't think of a question, but I loved reading these! Fun!

Sandra said...

I couldn't think of a question either, I drew a complete blank, but I've enjoyed reading these answers though, there were so great questions :)

Brooke said...

aren't sister's the best?