Sunday, May 18, 2008

My Mom

May 19 marks the 5th anniversary of my Mom's death. She was only 69 when she died, unexpectedly of a heart attack. She was a great Mom and Grandma. She was always so proud of us kids. She loved to introduce us to her friends at church or her work. And - if she thought we were good, she thought her grand kids were even more remarkable! She just loved those kids. I hope her friends didn't get sick of seeing the pictures or hearing about them!
God blessed me with a Mom who was not only a mother, but she was my friend. She wasn't afraid of disciplining me, but we also had fun together. I remember many evenings, when I was a teenager that she and I were up late, just talking. She had a good sense of humor and was good natured about the teasing she endured from my Dad and us kids.
She had a lot of different roles, as I grew up. My Dad was a dairy farmer, and his crazy hours meant lots of juggling with meal times and preparing lunches to go out to the fields he was working in. She did a lot of work gardening, canning and freezing produce. When I was in Junior High she started working part time as a nurses aide in the local nursing home. She later worked full time as a secretary until she retired. I wish I had been able to have more time with her, and I wish she could see her grandkids now. She would still be so proud of all nine of them! I know she was a Christian so I'll see her again - in perfect health!
This day also marks the death of a friend from church. Tyler also passed away unexpectedly of a heart attack one year ago. I know this day will be a hard one for his wife and 2 young daughters, so please remember Debi and their daughters in your prayers today.

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Anonymous said...

Oh Mari, It's so nice to have such good memories. Sounds like you had a good relationship with your mom, and knowing you will see and hug her again is so exciting:)
I will pray for you and Debi's family also.

Perri said...

Praying you have a peaceful day remembering all the good times with your mom.

Andrew Bruins said...

Wow, I didnt realize it's been 5 year already. I am so thankful for the time that god gave us with grandma. I do miss her.

Beth said...

Your mom sounds like a wonderful lady.

Praying for you and Tyler's family...

Diane said...

My thoughts are with your family today as you remember your Mom's "heavenly birthday". I know the feelings you're going through and the void she left behind... I feel the void that my Mom left in me every day and I miss her very much!

My heart also goes out to Debi and the girls today as we all remember Tyler. He left quite a void in our church family and he's missed often by so many as well.

Laura said...

It seems like we've been without her for so long. There are so many times when I think - I wish Grandma was here - she would be so proud and happy. And I always tell Aaron that I wish he could have met her. She would have loved him.

And thanks for making me cry before I go to work.

I'll be praying for Debi and the girls today.

Chelle' said...

Oh Mari- I will keep you all in prayer. Debi's family as well. It is never easy to lose anyone... but a mom?? A mom has to be of the most difficult.

My mom is still with us and I am so so so grateful as she is my very best friend. I have realized since having a family of my own just how much everything my mom did was out of love and concern for me.

It is absolutely true that the older I get... the wiser my mom becomes. Not because she changes at all... but because I realize just how wise she has always been.

Thinking about you as you recall the memories and love that surrounded you through the person of your mother.

Cheri said...

She was such a good mom. I too wish she could see all the grandkids now- she would just be beaming with pride!
What a comfort that we will see her again and just think of how sweet that reunion will be!

Terri said...

I shed a few tears as I posted about her today too. This is just something you never totally get over. I sure wish she could have met Shaelyn. I know she would have loved her!

Cherdecor said...

Here I am a day late. I thought I had commented here last night but no. I must have gotten caught up in the picture of you and your mom and your post and totally forgot to comment.

She was a lovely lady who raised you three wonderful girls and son. She certainly did do a great job!

Alan lost his mother in 1998 and so did I. I also lost a brother in 1997. Even though it has been ten years, it seems like yesterday.

When we all get to heaven, what a day of rejoicing that will be!

I'm Sadie said...

What precious memories you have. You will have an amazing reunion with her one day. ((BIG HUGS hon))

Nate and Brenda said...

Your reunion in Heaven will be so amazing!! Your mom was so sweet!!

Praying for all your family today!!

Praying for Debi and the girls also.

Dena said...

What a beautiful bride! I know your mother had to be proud - Y'all are the definition of how you want your children to grow!! Big kisses on this sad day!

Nancy said...

What wonderful memories, I'm sure that was just a sneak peak of what she was really like. I love the picture of the two of you. Cherish the sweet memories and know you are thought of today in prayer.

Anonymous said...

I didn't realize that today was the anniversary of your Mom's homegoing,too. I pray that your day was filled with sweet memories of your mom. Isn't it wonderful the blessed assurance that we have in knowing that we WILL see them again! Praise be to God! Thanks for the prayer covering.

Earen said...

I praise the Lord for the wonderful relationship you had with your mom & the memories you have. What a joyous day for her that she's rejoicing in Heaven with Jesus..just sad for us still down here. I'm sorry for the loss of your mom & friend.

Rebekah said...

Its hard to lose a parent no matter how old you are. June 3 will be 3 years since my Dad passed away. I can still hear his voice if I listen hard enough

Shelly said...

Hey Mari, that is a really nice post of your Mom. God blessed you to have a wonderful Mom. What great memories. It is always nice to reminisce and reflect on the past, but nice what the future holds for us.

Debi, was my old neighbor. I remember Tyler wearing the bandana all the time when he mowed the lawn. I know how hard this is for her and I will keep her and the girls in my thoughts and prayers.

Joanne said...


What a beautiful mom God gave you. Though I won't meet her until Heaven, I can imagine just from knowing all three of you blogging girls of hers, that she must have been kind, loving and have a wonderful gift of encouragement.

It would have been my parents 40th wedding anniversary yesterday. Sharing a bit of a heavy heart with you.