Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Happy 20th Birthday, Andy!

On May 21, 1988 we were blessed with the birth of our third child. Andrew Scott was born and we were surprised to hear we had a boy - I actually asked the Dr if he was sure! Andy was a really easy baby and has remained laid back as an adult.

Here he is at 7 months. We saw that smile often!
In this picture he was 3 1/2. Can you see the mischief in his eyes? Take note of his hair - it always wanted to stick up and out! God certainly blessed us by giving us such a great kid. We are so proud of him and although we miss having him around, we know he is doing what he enjoys.
Happy Birthday Andy - we love you!

Will you do me a favor? Because Andy just got sent to Korea, we only got his address yesterday. Therefore we haven't been able to send a gift or even cards. Would you mind stopping over at his blog and wishing him happy birthday? His Mom would certainly appreciate it!
Here's his site:
Agile, Mobile, Hostile
Thanks so much!

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Anonymous said...

Oh Mari. what cute pictures, they grow up so fast. . .I am on my way to wish him a Happy birthday.
God Bless,

Melissa said...

Great pictures!!! :)

A Captured Reflection said...

What a son to be proud of - happy birthday to him! Wonderful photographs. I thought that was so cute that you wondered was this a boy this time round and wanted to be sure. Did you get my email? Thank you so much for the most wonderful package, I was near tears it was so lovely and just the thing for a cold, rainy day and us all with colds, coughs and things. Thank you so very much.

Anonymous said...

Hey there. Left a message on your son's blog; wow, he's really into it, too. Must be a family trait, huh! Praying for you all during the separations. Ours begins in July.

Megan (FriedOkra) said...

I'll head over there now.

Terri said...

Love that little smirk. I remember it well. Hard to remember him being that little though!

Rebekah said...

I stopped by Andy's before I read your post. I saw that everyone was wishing him a happy birthday- so I did the same.
I hope he keeps up on his blog. It will be interesting to see how things are going.

Im sure you are missing him even more today. I know birthdays were really hard for my MIL while Adam was in the service.

You are in my thoughts and prayers

Dena said...

OH my - happy happy happy birthday!

Sadie said...

CUTE, CUTE pics! Love the mischief!

The Birds Nest said...

How cute was he? I stopped by his blog to wish him a happy birthday, and to tell him that my nephew Andy just left Korea. He liked it there, and found his wife (she's from the Phillipines). They have two precious little girls. His family is now at Ft. Campbell, KY, but he had to go to Afghanistan:(

Pat said...

What precious pictures - didn't time fly?!
Happy birthday to Andy!!!

Chelle' said...

Happy Happy Birthday Andy. And yes Mari... I will leave him a message.

Take care dear friend.

Mary said...

What lovely photos of your Andy. I just dropped by and left him a note. His room is awesome.


Melissa in Mel's World said...

Oh My cute was he as a baby, and seriously, he looks so much like he did at 3 1/!!!

Happy Birthday to your Baby!

PS - We are on our way over there now to wish him a birthday blessing from Ft. Lauderdale!

LeslieW. said...

Happy birthday! You know that newly adopted 4th sister's birthday is tomorrow!

Lynn said...

Hey Mari! I can send things through the military postal system over here for free! Is there anything you want me to pick up for him? Any special treats he likes? I would be happy to help you out.

Mississippi Songbird said...

Happy 20th! Hope he had a wonderful day!

Amy said...

I am sorry I am just checking in now, but I will go on over and wish him a Happy (Belated) Birthday!

Laura said...

Good grief - that picture of him makes me cry every time because he's so stinkin' cute!