Sunday, August 4, 2019

A Day in my Life - August

I feel like I say this every month, but I can't believe another month has gone by!  I hate seeing summer go by so quickly, but that's what seems to be happening.
I had a very busy first day of the month.  It fell on Thursday which is my busiest day of the week.  So, here's how the day went.

 I left the house a little after 7.

 It was a beautiful morning!

This is the hall my office is in.  When I arrived, the only person there was the head of our PT department.
I went through the things left in my door mailbox, got my list of residents to see ready and went out on the floor.

 Here's our skilled nursing unit.  Most of the residents were still in bed, a nurse was passing meds and I came to gather charts for the residents our doctor would be seeing.

 Back in my office - the cart is filled with charts to which I had attached recent vitals, labs and notes on anything going on with them.
When I finished this, it was time to go to the morning meeting.  All managers come to it and we review all the notes and orders from the last 24 hours, plans for discharges and admissions, any issues.
After the meeting I worked on my infection control paperwork to close out the month on July.
At noon our Dr arrived.  He had 2 people to admit so started to go through those records.  He also had paperwork to sign, and 10 other people to see.

 It's his birthday next week, so the director of nursing and myself had a little gift for him - some cookies and a fun t-shirt.  He's a bird watcher and the t-shirt said "bird nerd".  He loved it.

He finished and left around 4:30.  I then had to write orders, print med sheets, chart on everyone he say and call family members to update them on the Dr visit.  Then I put all the charts away, told the nurses about any changes, and it was time for me to leave.

I left about 6:00.  My hall was dark as everyone else had left for the day.

I had several stops to make before going home.

 The first stop was a funeral home about 20 minutes from me.  One of our long term residents had passed away.  She was with us for about 5 years and I got to know her kids well.

After I left the funeral home, I went to my Dad's house to set his pills up for the next few weeks.  He knew I was coming and had left everything out, but was at a ball game.

 Here's the pills - all set for a little while.

 Then it was time for a stop at the store.  Our son and daughter-in-law were driving up from Kentucky and I wanted to pick up some fresh fruit and a few others things for their visit.

It was about 7:15 when I got out of the store, so I stopped at Wendy's for a burger for the drive home.

 It was still a beautiful day and I enjoyed my drive home.  I love living in the country - seeing these fields of corn and farms are just a blessing!

Home sweet home!  I got home about 7:50.  I put my groceries away, started a load of laundry and hopped in the shower.
Bob works late on Thursday too and he got home from work about 8:30, so we relaxed the rest of the night.
Welcome August!


At Rivercrest Cottage said...

You exhausted me just following you through the day! Thanks for the tour.

Laurel Wood said...

Hi Mari, Your facility is so nice and clean. Cute gift for the dr.'s birthday. Such a long and busy day. I know the children of the resident who passed appreciated your visit to the funeral home. I know your dad appreciates your help with his pill minders. I always love the views from your drive to and from work. I am dreading the time change when it gets dark so very early. I wish you a nice day today.

R's Rue said...

You are so kind.

Linda said...

Beautiful photos, Mari. I wish my in-laws would follow our directions, but they don't and they mix all their pills, don't get me is never ending. Another reason why we ended PillPak--it was too easy for them. Keeping it real. smiles

Dianna said...

Now that was one busy day!

Jean said...

I just love hearing all about your first days of the month! Working as a nurse is such a different world from mine and I'm amazed by you!

That WAS a long day away from home for sure! Glad you could go home and just relax.

grams ramblings said...

Wonderful pictures to accompany a busy day.
Thank you for sharing.

Michelle said...

You are one busy woman!

Changes in the wind said...

I think your name should be the energy bunny:) You handle a lot of responsibility and should be commended.

Arlene @Nanaland said...

Mari, I love your looks so pretty and welcoming. I know you are glad to go inside at the end of a long day.

Henny Penny said...

My goodness, what a full day! It was fun going with you. It's interesting to see how others spend their days. I sure remember those days at work and getting home at 6:30 every day...with supper to cook and dishes to wash. You have a pretty home to come home to.

Terri D said...

You do live in such a pretty area and I miss seeing cornfields. Bless you, Mari, for all you do for your patients and your family. You are like the energizer bunny. Have fun with your son and dil!!

Pamela said...

I am a Retired Registered Nurse and I really enjoyed this post.

Thanks From

Doris said...

Having worked in a nursing home for 15 years, everything in this post is very familiar. Must say though, I'm still very busy but I don't miss that kind of busy!! God bless you....Every NH needs a compassionate and organized leader such as you =)

Sandi said...

I love the floor and colors in that hallway. Love the green!

And those are some very clean desks. :)

Hootin' Anni said...

I always REALLY enjoy reading these posts of your day from start to end! A busy life you lead, but always so fruitful. And I'm sure your co-workers & patients LOVE you. (Family goes without saying)

Love the bird nerd t-shirt!!

Jenny said...

I love these posts, look forward to them, and always marvel at how much you accomplish in a day. I really wish you didn't have to be at work for eleven hours, but I guess that goes with the territory sometimes. Yes you do live in a beautiful place -- peaceful and serene, with so much natural beauty to comfort and inspire. xoxo

Kim said...

Oh my, I'm worn out just from reading your post! You have a lot of energy, lady!!

Laura said...

Wow! I don't think I've ever read one of your 1st day of the month posts that isn't packed to the brim! You always do fit a lot in a day. :)