Monday, May 27, 2019

Back from a break

 I'm back after being gone for 2 weeks.  Before I left, I told you that I had to complete an online course on Infection Prevention.  It's done!
I also told you that the State had shown up on Mothers Day for our annual inspection.  They came on Sunday, they left on Wednesday and it was not fun, it never is.  We don't have our final report from them yet.  It takes a few weeks to show up.  They always find something though, some are valid, some are crazy and most are quite picky.  For example, the craziest cite I remember, was when we were cited for having trash on the table while people ate.  However, what they didn't say, was that the trash was a banana peel sitting next to a resident who had peeled the banana and was eating it.  We had to write up a plan, that staff would be watching and remove any peels from the table immediately.  The problem is, anyone looking at the report online would think we actually had trash on the table.
I also told you that Bob's moms health was really declining.  She passed away the day after Mothers Day.  She was in my facility, so this made having State there even harder.  My administrator said I didn't have to come to work, but I felt that I needed to be there to answer for my sections, so I came in.
Mom had told us all that she was ready to meet her Lord, and although we miss her, we are thankful for the promise of heaven and no more health issues for her!
The visitation was Thursday afternoon and evening.  One good thing is seeing people you don't get to see often.

Uncle Neal, Larry, Roger, Bob, Tom - in order of age.
This is Moms youngest brother with Bob and his brothers.  They told him that he could be their older brother because of the similar hairlines!  Only Tom has avoided losing his hair.  :)
Uncle Neal is 81 and retiring this week! He doesn't look or act 81.

All the kids before the funeral - Karla, Diane, Bob, Roger, Tom and Larry.  Bob was the 4th of these six, but there was another daughter who was the oldest.  She passed away at one year old.

The funeral was Friday.  Mom had planned a lot of it, including the Bible passage and songs.  One song was  'How Great Thou Art', and she also asked that the Hallelujah Chorus be played as the family exited.  Very touching!

After the funeral lunch, I got a few pictures of our family since everyone looked so nice.  Unfortunately, Ruby got up looking a mess that day, and Laura ended up coming by herself and Aaron stayed with Ruby and took her to the Dr.  She had pink eye.  So, Aaron is missing from the pictures.

 Here's Bob and Andy goofing off...

Laura, Heather and Andrew, Andy and Nikki

It was so nice having Andy and Nikki here with us from Kentucky too.  They stayed until Sunday morning when they headed back home.  So, it was a week of tears and laughter, good times with family and friends and lots of support and prayers from those around us.

This is a sign that was given to us instead of flowers, from our small group at church - a wonderful reminder of where Mom is, but it also applies to us still here on earth.
Thanks to those of you who heard about this and sent prayers and cards.  It was very appreciated!


At Rivercrest Cottage said...

How wonderful to have seen your mother out with such a thoughtful and loving group. The sign instead of flowers is a great idea.

Joyful said...

You had a rough weeks but you made it! Praise the Lord from whom all blessings flow. I really mean that. I have a pretty good idea of how much all that you went through took out of you. It is wonderful you mom made some of her own funeral plans. That really meant a lot I'm sure. It also helps when we know they are ready to meet their maker and that those left behind no longer have to worry about her pains and illnesses. That is so very difficult as I'm sure you know very well since you work in a home for the aged. Funerals are bittersweet aren't they? But it is true that is a time to see family and loved ones that you seldom see. Hugs to you Mari.

Ramblings of a Retired Lady said...

I am so sorry to hear about Bob's Mom. I havent been around and didnt hear the news, but thankful to know she is in Heaven with her Lord.

Linda said...

What a lovely post, my friend. Condolences in your loss.

Laurel Wood said...

My sympathy to you all in the passing of Bob's mother. Thankful to know she is in Heaven with no more pain. Thank you for sharing the family photos. You have a beautiful family.

Terri D said...

I am so sorry for your loss, but as you said she is no longer in pain and the sorrow is gone. Funerals are always bittersweet. Folks gather in respect but also to keep the ties that bind from breaking. I love that you got the sign instead of flowers! A beautiful reminder for all time. Hugs & love to you and Bob and the family. Good luck with the report. Banana peels on the table. Ridiculous.

Changes in the wind said...

These are hard times in our lives but knowing they know the Lord makes all the difference. Glad for all the family support.

Connie said...

I'm sincerely sorry to hear the news of Bob's mother, but like you said she is now with the Lord. What better place is there to be, right! It's nice that everyone could show up and have time together. Seems that sometimes it takes weddings and funerals to do that.

Arlene @Nanaland said...

I am so glad to see you back in Blogdom, Mari. Hugs to you on the loss of your MIL. I know it came at a difficult time. Showing up on Mothers Day??? How rude of those inspectors. I love your gift from the Sunday School class.

Kim said...

I'm sorry to hear about your mother in law, but it sounds as if you have a wonderful family who all came together in love and support. And those state reports are such a load know, sometimes. They have to cite at least one thing for you to "improve" on so they pick something totally ridiculous like the peels in the absence of a true infraction. There are so many facilities that are truly lacking, that's where they should focus their attention and if a facility is excellent, well then so be it. Bureaucracies...

Hootin' Anni said...

Her suffering is done! She now is enfolded by the good lord & and is whole again.

That state inspection sounds so typical. I'm sure you're glad to have all that behind you. Tell your husband he's being sent a comforting hug.

carrie@northwoods scrapbook said...

Hello Dearest Mari -
First of all - sending my deepest sympathies regarding your loss. But it sounds like your MIL had faith foundation and as we know this is never the end. I pray the memories and stories of her bring comfort to you all - as well as that you now you'll see her again. xo

But also congrats on finishing your training and that state is done ...yay! 🎉 I remember how ridiculous they could be sometimes. Lol

Blessings on the rest of your week xoxo

Doris said...

What a time. Facing the death of a loved one is always enough. But throw in a state inspection and it becomes way over the top! Just reading this brings back memories of those visits when I was working. (the feelings are still right there!!) They would often show up right around Christmas =(
Blessings to you and your family as you face life here on earth with out you loved one. Thank Jesus for the promise of being with her again!

Jenny said...

Funeral Photography! I love it. I always say, a funeral is a family reunion under another name. A photographic record should be made of everything because, like a wedding, none of it will ever be repeated in exactly the same way. In years to come, you'll look back and marvel at how everyone looked on that day. I LOVE the idea of a sign with a beautiful lasting message of truth, in lieu of flowers which are ridiculously expensive, look pretty for a moment, and then die. Like so many great ideas you post on your blog, I'm totally stealing that one. God bless you all going forward! xoxo

Sally said...

So sorry, Mari and Bob for the passing of your loved one; how great is it to know she is with our Lord now without pain.

A banana peel though? Good grief. Well, I guess it takes all kinds; obviously they have to write up 'something' to show they actually were there.