Sunday, May 5, 2019

A Day in my Life - May 1

May is here - what a wonderful month!  The snow is gone, the temps are rising, flowers are popping out.  It makes me happy!
Here's how I spent the first day of the month.

I was up at 6 and left the house at 7.

This was my view as I left for work, dreary and lots of rain!

I started work a little before 7:30.  I have a little flip calendar on my desk that has a different  verse or quote for the day.  Here's what it said on May 1.

Good verse for my job!

It was a very busy day.  Shortly after I arrived, 2 nurses came from our corporate office to do a mock survey.  They do this every year to try to prepare for our annual survey with the state. This involves them watching lots of things like treatments, med pass, meal delivery...   They also look at a lot of charts and ask lots of questions.
I am the Infection Control Nurse for our building so I had to bring my book for this year in and go over everything with them.  I'm happy to say they found no issues and had no suggestions for anything that I should change.
In the beginning of the month, I review anyone that had antibiotics ordered for the previous month, make sure I had them all entered into a computer program, mapped out to see if anything could have been spread from resident to resident or staff to resident. I'm always happy to have all the reports done on that for another month.
Our Physician Assistant also came in and I rounded with him to see several people.
When any survey is happening, whether it is a mock survey, or the real deal, the managers can't leave until they leave for the day.  So - I was there until 6:30.

When I left, the rain has stopped, but it was still cloudy.

 You can see that it is getting more green!

 When I was almost home, I had to stop to let these turkeys pass the road in front of me.

Bob had a meeting at church that night, so he had already been home, ate supper and was on his way when I got home. I made some lunches, hopped into the shower and got my pj's on, then grilled myself a turkey, tomato and cheese sandwich.

It was 7:30 by the time I ate.  I did a little reading, then watched Survivor when I am a huge fan of.

Bob got home before it was done and we did a little catching up.

After that I spent a few hours reviewing these online courses I have to do for work.  There are 20 parts to this course, and I just keep plugging away - have to get it done fairly soon!
When I finished them, I was off to bed.

Another good day!


Jean said...

That sandwich looks so delicious!!

Wow, you really have so much responsibility at your job! And that was a really long day!!

Joyful said...

You are a busy lady. I'm glad your month got off to a good start and that the weather is changing for the better. We are also getting nicer weather but I am very ad that the cherry blossoms are already long gone.

Arlene @Nanaland said...

Oh that sammy looks yummy....and eating in pjs is icing on the cake.

Sandi said...

Love the rainy photo!

Kerin said...

Nice that the 'mock' inspection went so well for you; surely that gives you peace of mind that you're charting, record keeping, etc. is all up to par :)

Super cool turkeys! Love wild turkeys, and I sure wish we had more around here!

Have a great rest of your week, and enjoy this lovely season!


Terri D said...

Mari, what a loonngg day you had! They are blessed to have you there and I'm sure they know it! The area where you live is pretty, even in the rain! I enjoy your first day of the month posts! Thanks for sharing!

Michelle said...

Glad your mock inspection went well. It sounds like you had such a long day. Though, that sandwich looks like perfection.

Jenny said...

Someday when it's the second day of the month I want to read that the day before, you slept until 10 a.m., got up and had a scrumptious breakfast (including three cinnamon rolls) while still in your pajamas, parked in front of the TV watching old movies, then went out and enjoyed a late leisurely lunch with all of the girls, then went shopping and bought yourself a few outfits plus a new purse and at least two pairs of shoes and some perfume, then were taken out to your favorite restaurant by the gallant Bob, then went to bed upon which said chivalrous husband fluffed your pillows, tucked you in, brought you a drink of water and kissed you tenderly good night -- oh wait. That's MY day. Haaahahahaaha xoxo