Monday, March 18, 2019

Random updates

I have to show you this cute picture of Ruby.  Her preschool had 'Reading is a treasure - Pirate Day'  and everyone was to dress up as a pirate.

Laura had a video of her saying  "Arrrgh me hearties, you dirty scalawags!"  Hilarious!

The school had lots of things set up to celebrate reading, including this pirate book saying "We arrrrrgh ready to read!"

We had some birthdays in the family last week.  Bob's Mom and my Dad both turned 88, 5 days apart.

We spent time with her last Friday evening.  She and Bob's step dad, Roger. moved into an assisted living place a few months ago.  Roger has Alzheimer's disease and continues to decline.  He sleeps a lot and is quite confused.  Bob's mom is also declining.  She has lung issues and it's getting harder for her to talk.  She's much weaker and we are noticing some confusion with her too.

My Dad's birthday was last Monday.  My sister and I brought over balloons and took him and Ann out for lunch.  He's doing quite well, but his vision is getting worse and he complains of being tired a lot.  He still goes bowling 3 times a week and is a joy to be around.

We're thankful to have these parents and step-parents in our lives yet, and as they age we are reminded that we don't know how long we'll still have that privilege, so we don't take it for granted.


Jean said...

Ruby's humor shows all over her face! What a cute picture!

It's really hard to see our parents decline, isn't it? We are really noticing big changes in Dick's dad this year. He's 93!

Mary said...

Oh how sweet! I would have loved to see that video, it would have been precious.

LL Cool Joe said...

Love that photo of Ruby. She's a little character!

It's my mother's birthday today, she's 90, hanging on for dear life, but I'm not sure why. Her mind and body have both deteriorated so much. I will go and see her today.

Ramblings of a Retired Lady said...

Miss Ruby is so cute and I know she had fun being a pirate. You are blessed to still have parents and step parents in your life. We cant take a single day for granted. Happy Tuesday!

Arlene @Nanaland said...

That Ruby!! I am sure she was a GREAT Pirate. I still have my mom and while she can live alone, my sisters check on her every day. She will be 89 in August. If your dad goes bowling three times a week, he is doing well! I don't know if I could bowl three times a week,:)

Changes in the wind said...

Ruby's smile tops off her outfit, how cute. Yes, you are right about parents, I lost mine many years ago.

Dianna said...

First of all, that Ruby is SO cute as a pirate....well, Ruby is cute any time, but when I first saw that picture of her as a pirate I couldn't believe how much she's grown. Maybe it is the striped shirt?

Tears came to my eyes when I was reading about yours and Bob's parents and step-parents. Carroll's dad made it to 90 and my mom was 88 when they went to be with the Lord. You are so wise, Mari, to appreciate these loved ones and to do for them while you can. xo

Terri D said...

A blessing and yes, a privilege. It is hard to watch our loved ones decline, though. Enjoy all the precious moments with them!!

Jenny said...

Well shiver me timberzzzzz! That ar's a right cute little pirate wench! Haaahaha you know I love this so much.

It's pretty wonderful that your dad is so vibrant at this stage in his life. I know eventually we lose our parents and no doubt there is some sorrow not far up ahead for you and Bob both, but thank God for the promise of eternal life through His only Son, with Whom our souls are entrusted.

I can't believe that TG's dad has been gone for eight years now, and his mother for three. It just doesn't seem possible. My dad died young but my mother will be 82 in June and I can only remember a few days in my entire life when she was sick. She sure won the lottery when it came to health. You can't stop her so nobody tries, haaahaha. xoxo

Hootin' Anni said...

You and your family are blessed!

And then...Ruby!! What a doll...and those dimples.

Henny Penny said...

You can't help but smile when you look at Ruby's expression. She is so cute, and looks proud to be a pirate. Glad you can enjoy times with your parents still. It all goes by too fast.

carrie@northwoods scrapbook said...

Oh my gosh - that Ruby! Beyond adorable!! ;)

And how cool that you guys still have your folks all hanging in there as well as they are. Aging isn't always the easiest road - but our older adults are to be treasured. They have such wisdom and they should be so respected for all they gave us through the years. And we are all only guaranteed today, so each day is a gift. Glad they're still living their gifts pretty well overall. Blessings over them all xoxo

Beth Cotell said...

Ruby makes an adorable pirate! And yes, we never know how long we have with out parents. I'm glad you are able to enjoy time with them!

Cherdecor said...

I am sure that Ruby stole the show! She is just so cute anyway.
Changes of seasons and transitions to assistant living has got to be hard. They feel that they have to give up so much. So glad that you still have them close by.