Sunday, November 18, 2018

Unicorn Party

This is a slightly late post!  We had a birthday party for Alaina and Ruby last week.
They had seen a unicorn cake and thought it was the coolest thing, so their party turned into a unicorn party!

The girls arrived in unicorn headbands, but Ruby didn't keep hers on long.

They also had unicorn socks and leggings!

We had pizza on unicorn plates.

Then it was time to open presents which is always fun!

Have you heard of the book - The Wonky Donkey?  It achieved fame on the internet with a Scottish Grandma reading it to her grandson, but she was laughing so hard she could hardly read.  The book was out of print and everyone was trying to get it.  More were recently printed and my sister Cheri found this one for the girls.  The funny thing is that Heather had also gotten a copy and was going to give it to me, and Laura had tucked one away for Christmas.  Guess great minds think alike!  So, Grandpa read the book and as you can tell, everyone thought it was great!

After reading the book it was time to take out that unicorn cake.

Blowing out candles - 7 on one side of the cake and 4 on the other.

It was a fun unicorn party!


Anonymous said...

Looks like everyone had fun!

Changes in the wind said...

What a cute theme and didn't know they shared their birthday but so sweet for each to have their own candles.

Joyful said...

Happy birthday to the darling girls. I'll bet grandpa had a fun time trying to read Wonky Donkey. I saw the Scottish granny reading and laughing all the way through. :-)

Arlene @Nanaland said...

I want a unicorn fun!! Love your girlies.

Sally said...

Just look at those sweet smiling little faces! They're so adorable. Happy Birthday to both!

I had not heard about the unicorn faze until recently; Rylan loves it too. :)


Linda said...

What a wonderful time, Mari...Happy, Happy Birthday Alaina and Ruby. Smiles

Terri D said...

What a fun theme for those adorable girls!! That book is just too funny! I need to find a copy for friends who are about to be first-time grandparents. I know they had a great birthday!!

Dianna said...

Awww...what fun and memories you made for the girls, Mari. I loved the cake! Did you make it?

Doris said...

That was a fun party....especially fun book! I must find it for my there will be lots of kids getting it for Christmas :)

Hootin' Anni said...

What a wonderful, wonderful day for the girls!

And yes, I heard that grandmother read the book...Bud & I saw the book at WWalmart

Jenny said...

I think Dagny needs a Wonky Donkey party for her birthday next year! Unicorns are so 2018, haaahaha xoxo

Cherdecor said...

Such a fun party for the girls! I am happy that you all had a fun time.