Sunday, October 9, 2016

One more day

On our last day of vacation we were driving from St Charles, Missouri to our home in Michigan. This took us through Springfield, Ill, where Abraham Lincoln lived before he became president, and where he is buried, so of course we had to stop there!

Here is the home.  It's been restored to look like it did when he left to become President.  It was much smaller when they moved in and had a few additions done while the family lived there.

The plaque on the front door.

 This is the front parlour.

 The black furniture was the actual furniture the Lincolns used.

 The dining room.

The room where the family sat in the evening.

Abraham and Mary's bedroom.  It was said they he often had trouble sleeping.  Our guide said if her room had wallpaper like that, she would have trouble sleeping too!

 His shaving mirror and chest.  Bob noticed the the mirror was up over his head as we walked past, showing how tall he was.

 This is his desk.

The kitchen.  They said this is the actual stove, and that Mary Lincoln wanted to take it to the White House because she liked it so much.

They restored not only the Lincoln house, but the neighborhood as well.  It was very interesting to walk around.  It felt like we had stepped back in time.

 The sidewalks were wooden.

After we left the home, we drove a short distance to Lincolns tomb.

It's quite a monument!

 You walk inside and here is his stone.

 Apparently during WWII, soldiers started rubbing his nose for good luck.  You can see by the shine, it's still happening!

Bob rubbed his nose too, but it didn't seem to help us out.  A short time later we were stuck in horrible traffic, trying to go around Chicago.  :)

We got home, safe and sound around 6:30 that evening.  We had such a good time, and are thankful for safety and all the beauty we saw.

Recap of the trip:
Miles driven: 2, 289
Cost of gas for the whole trip:  $168.86
Strange roadkill along the way: 2 coyotes and 2 armadillos
Days we were gone: 8
States we were in:  Michigan, Illinois, Kentucky, Arkansas, Oklahoma
Special people we saw along the way: Andy, Nikki, Lynn Doughty, Susan Joyce, Max and Mariah
Blessings and memories:  too many too count!


Arlene @Nanaland said...

Love traveling via armchair....

Changes in the wind said...

Thanks for taking us to see all the Lincoln things, especially this tomb. Great pictures and glad you are safe.

Terri D said...

I'm always so happy to be taken along on my blogging friends' trips! Yours was extra special, Mari. I really enjoyed the photos of Lincoln's home and tomb. Thanks for sharing your vacation with us and welcome home!

Sally said...

So amazing! I loved the tour of President Lincoln. That is something I'd like to do! Yeah, that wallpaper? I wouldn't be able to sleep either without an eye mask.

You guys traveled far and wide; thank you for sharing with us. :)

So glad you made it home safe and sound. xoxo

Betsy Brock said...

You had a wonderful trip!

I bet Lincoln had trouble sleeping for a few of them being his feet hanging off that little bed. haha.

Ramblings of a Retired Lady said...

What a wonderful trip. So glad you were able to do interesting. Always good to go, but good to get back home!

White Lace and Promises said...

What a great trip! I know you created memories that you'll forever hold close to your heart. I would have loved to visit Lincoln's home. You know how much I love the rich character of the old.

Ceil said...

Hi Mari! I've taken the kids to Springfield, and I just loved it. I really enjoy history. They didn't! Oh well.
Your photos were great, reminding of a great vacation (for me anyway!).

carrie@northwoods scrapbook said...

Howdy my dear Mari!!

I'm having fun catching up on your posts again and reading about the rest of your travels. Such beautiful old historical places - I love that!! I especially loved this post about Lincoln's home. He was such an amazing person in history that I love to see where he lived and the fun tidbits you shared - like his tall shaving mirror and the stove that Mary loved. ;)

I love your little "facts" at the end - especially the weird road kill. Lol!! ;)

Thanks for sharing your travels with us and happy you're home safe and sound. Have a blessed week ahead Hon. xoxo

sharon said...

An amazing place to visit!

Cherdecor said...

That was some trip, and I know that you enjoyed every bit especially the historical part. Betsy beat me to the point and I thought you were going to say that the reason Abe could not sleep was that the bed was no long enough. I think I have heard lots of jokes about that. I do like that old house.

LL Cool Joe said...

Blimey that wallpaper with the patterned bedspread would have kept me awake for sure.

I have to say that old house would have depressed me but maybe it was seen as ultra modern at the time!

Laura said...

So cool! Looks like such a fun place to visit. Glad you're safely back.

Just A Southern Girl said...

Sounds like an amazing trip/experience! Love all the photos you've shared!

Jenny said...

UGH, Chicago traffic. Better you than me. Still, it looks like you had a great driver and a super-great time. Road trips are fun when you can take your leisure every little bit. xoxo