Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Meeting a blogging friend!

After a day in Eureka Springs, we had plans to do more driving.  Bob and I both had people we wanted to meet in Oklahoma.  Most of you know that Bob does a lot of caricature carving.  There is a carver named Lynn Doughty, who is very well known in the carving world who lives in Oklahoma.  Bob knew he had  gallery on his property but didn't know if it was something that was open to the public.  So - we figured that the best thing we could do is try!
We found his place and his wife came out to meet us.  She brought us to meet him and they were both very welcoming.

 Here are a few things he is working on.

 He was also working on a video teaching how to make mirrored sunglasses.

 Then he took us to his gallery!  He makes some large carvings.

Most of his pieces are quite humorous.

 Here's a shot of his gallery which was filled with carvings and many awards he has won.

Here's a picture of Bob with Lynn.  (Look at how nicely Bob is positioned in front of those horns!)
It was a treat to see those carvings and Bob was thrilled to meet him in person.

Then we drove on to a little city near Tulsa.  I have a blogging friend named Susan Joyce who lives there.  We've known each other from our blogs for almost 10 years.  Susan no longer blogs but I've kept up with her on Facebook and I was anxious to meet her in person.

 She was just as sweet in person as I knew she would be!  We talked at their house for a while before she and her husband Mickey  showed us their town and let us tour their church.  Then they took us out for a wonderful lunch at a Mexican restaurant, and then for a tour of Tulsa.

 It's a beautiful city!

and it has such pretty buildings!

 They also drove us through Oral Roberts University - these praying hands are at the entrance.

We had such a good time with Mickey and Susan.  As you all know, we get to know our blogging friends pretty well so it wasn't like spending time with strangers.  We also share a bond in our faith and enjoyed some time praying together before we left them to drive back to Arkansas.

It was about a 3 hour drive back and we saw some small towns and back roads of our beautiful country as we drove.
It was another good day!


Joyful said...

Those are beautiful carvings and so detailed. It was nice you got to meet a former blogger and a current on line friend, and that it was a happy experience. Tulsa looks like a nice place.

Terra Hangen said...

How good to meet the talented carver and your friend from blogging.

Mildred said...

I enjoyed this post so much. So happy that you and Bob had these opportunities and I love seeing your pictures.

LL Cool Joe said...

So are the beige shorts part of the carving uniform? :D How cool to meet up with a fellow carver, and for you to meet a blogging buddy.

What a beautiful city, I agree. Glad you had another lovely day.

Arlene Grimm said...

Isn't it fun to meet our blogging friends? If you ever come to North Alabama I expect a visit!!

Linda Eller said...

Very special to meet an 'old' friend. Bob got to view the work of a man he admired, you got to meet the lady you have known for a long time, and tour a beautiful city on this trip.

Stephanie said...

What a joy for you and Susan to meet up! I have had the blessing of meeting two blogging friends in person and they have always been so sweet {{smiles}}

The wood work is truly amazing! Thanks for sharing with us. Hugs!

Sally said...

How wonderful! Beautiful carvings and gallery. I'm glad Bob was able to meet a fellow enthusiast, and artist! Yes, I see the horns, hahaha too funny.

I've always wanted to meet a fellow blogger; so great that you were able to and spend time together.


Terri D said...

Well, you know how I love meeting blogging friends in person so I am excited for you that you got to meet Susan in person! How great that Bob got to meet a fellow carver! I think Bob's work is just as good (if not better) but that gallery is quite impressive! Tulsa looks clean! I love seeing a big city that looks clean. Those praying hands are quite impressive. I feel like my prayers would get to Jesus faster if I said them standing at that sculpture! Wow!

Sadie Qualls said...

Mari! You were in my area! I'm not but just a few hours from Eureka Springs! How fun! Looks like a great time and I LOVE the carvings. I look at the one I have and I just love every single detail!

Kerin said...

Wow! What a treat to get to meet the woodcarver, and see in person his beautiful work and talent, and also to meet up with your blog friend. How wonderful that your blog friend was able to show you her home city in a way that is special to her.
You sure had a wonderful trip, filled with lots of warm memories.
So happy for you!


Betsy Brock said...

That sounds like a lot of fun! :)

Jean Stauffer said...

What a special day!! That wood carver's gallery is very impressive! I know you enjoyed your time with Susan! I never thought of Tulsa as a place with so many tall impressive buildings. It really does look beautiful. I guess in my mind Tulsa was ORU and nothing else, hahaha!

Kimberly Hoyt said...

Meeting new friends has been the BEST part of blogging! Even for those of us who don't blog or blog infrequently these days. I sure had fun meeting you a few years ago Mari!

Jenny said...

Wow, what a treat for Bob to meet his hero. That's so cool. I wish he could see my pirate carving! I treasure it so. What a fantastic trip. xoxo