Sunday, August 7, 2016

Break time is done

So, I had my little blog break.  The purpose of it was to get some projects done.   I made progress, but I decided that I need more time than just a blog break  - a little vacation from work would be more helpful!  Anyway, I missed you all and decided I better come back.  :)
There hasn't been too much excitement over here during this time other than Bob and some foot issues.  He went to the foot doctor because he was having a lot of pain and swelling in one foot.  Nothing showed up in x-rays,  so the doc taped up his foot and prescribed an anti-inflamatory.  It's doing better and hopefully will continue to improve!

Here's a few pictures from the last couple of weeks.

 The back yard is loving all the heat and the rain we've had.  You can't see it well in this picture but in the back of the yard, our Rose of Sharon bushes are blooming like crazy!

 Even in the back of our property there are some flowers blooming.

 We had the girls overnight and Alaina had fun riding bike with Grandpa.

 Ruby loves the swing!

Ruby also befriended our little garden girl.  I came around a corner to find she had picked her right up and was giving her a hug.  :)

We've had some extremely hot weather lately.  This past weekend we got a short break and the high temps were only in the 80's.  It was cool in the morning, which caused a little mist to hang over the ground.

It made for a very pretty drive into work.
I'll be stopping at your blogs to visit.  Have a great week!


Karen said...

Little Ruby is such a cuties. The last photo is stunning.

Welcome Back!

Mildred said...

Welcome back, Mari. I hope Bob's foot continues to improve. Love the photos of Alaina and Ruby. They stay so busy and have so much fun. Your yard is gorgeous. I love the last photo in the mist, too. I hope you have a restful night.

Joyful said...

Welcome back Mari. Some nice photos of your garden and cute-as-a-button granddaughter. The mist over the barn look nice and refreshing too. I hope your husband's foot gets better real soon and that you get the holiday you need. I appreciate you having prayed for Kipngetch who has now gone home to be with Jesus and the saints. Hugs. xx

Arlene Grimm said...

It is HOT here as well but some rain is helping to cool things down a bit and hopefully will relieve the drought conditions. Hope your hubby's foot gets better. My hubs shoulder is bothering him...resulting in a cortisone shot. Oh is always something. I am glad you are back..I missed you.

Heather said...

I love those girls! That Ruby is too sweet!

Simply Linda said...

Welcome back Mari...I sure hope Bob's foot issues get worked out...Ruby is a darling. Hot, hot, hot here and we are under a severe drought as well.

Keeping you in prayer. smiles.

Changes in the wind said...

That little Ruby is too sweet:)

Terri D said...

Welcome back!! You have been missed! That Ruby is really something, isn't she! So darn cute and of course Alaina is just plain beautiful. Your yard is gorgeous. Hope Bob's foot heals well. Thanks for the photos and update!!

Linda Eller said...

Sure glad you had a good time away but doubly glad you are back. Enjoyed your pictures, especially of Alaina and Ruby. Hope Bob's foot gets well soon.


I hope the swelling goes down!! That's not fun. How on earth did he accomplish pedaling the bike...he has a strong constitution!!!! I bet she was thrilled having grandpa beside her.

Love the giggly face with her swinging. and how precious hugging the girl statue. sweet.

Love the fog layered around the barn.

Heat? Moisture? Lucky you...all we have is heat. Look what's happened to OUR area [see new post in my blog]

Patsy said...

Happy to see you are back, we are so hot here.
Looking forward to fall.

Sally said...

Hey Mari, so happy to see you. Missed you!

I'm wondering what could be wrong with Bob's foot and hoping he gets some relief!

Love the pics; Alaina and Ruby - so so cute.


Betsy Brock said...

Your yard looks beautiful! Our rain ended a couple of weeks ago and our grass dried up very quickly! Now we need rain!

Hope Bob's foot feels better. :)

Cherdecor said...

That little Ruby had us fooled. Underneath that adventuresome spirit she does have a very tender heart. So cute!

Hope that Bob's foot heals well without further treatment.

Your yard is beautiful as usual. I love the fountain grass.

Carrie B. said...

Welcome back Mari! Glad to have you back and glad Bob is okay. Love seeing your lovely pics and especially those precious Girls!! Blessings on your week ahead. xoxo

Barbara said...

Your barn-in-the-mist picture is wonderful! I like your photography.

Visiting your blog today by recommendation of Terri @ Your Friend From Florida.

Jenny said...

Ruby hugging the statue! The look on her face! What a moment. My Greg has had foot trouble lately too, and just went to the doc today for an xray. It's his heel. I hope the doctor can prescribe something that will help him because it's making it uncomfortable for him to walk. God bless Bob. Your flowers and yard are so pretty. xoxo

LL Cool Joe said...

You know I have a real soft spot for Ruby. She's full of fun and I can see her getting into so much trouble when she's a little older! Ha!

Laura said...

Such nice pictures! Of course I always love the Girls and Grandpa pics. We really need to get him taking some pictures too so we can see some Girls and Grandma pictures too! :) Ruby does have a sweet little heart somewhere underneath all the danger and adventure!