Sunday, March 22, 2015

A moms life!

Life with little ones is never boring. I recently got this e-mail from my daughter Laura telling me how her morning was going. I thought it was pretty funny and thought you would enjoy it too. She titled the e-mail - My Crazy Kid

I thought you might get a laugh out of the morning I'm having.  I think Alaina is trying to kill me today, I've had at least three heart attacks.

#1 - I was working downstairs while Ruby was sleeping upstairs.  Alaina was in the office with me playing.  She always likes to swing around on the treadmill.  Suddenly I heard a "thwack" and she started screaming.  I whipped around in my chair and she was holding her face with blood pouring from between her fingers.  So naturally I assumed she had knocked all her teeth out.  Once I got her calmed down and could check things out better, she had just cut her lip and face a little so I think she'll survive.

#2 - She decided the office was too dangerous to play in, so she moved to the laundry/storage room.  A little later Ruby was starting to wake up, so I came out to go upstairs, and discovered she'd been emptying the cupboards and shelves and had canned foods and potatoes up the stairs and all over.  I told her to start putting them back while I gathered some from the stairs.  Suddenly she's screaming about her foot and I look over and she's laying on the floor clutching her foot with a can next to her.  So I assumed she either had a broken or severed toe from a can falling on it.  Turns out that's ok too, thank goodness.

 #3 - I finally make it upstairs and start some milk warming for Ruby.  Lain went past and I figured she went in her room.  I leave the kitchen to get Ruby and here comes Alaina from the hall - carrying Ruby!!!! 

"AUUGGHHH"  I scream.  "I got Ruby for you Mumma."  she calmly says.  I think I was in shock because I was actually trying not to laugh while telling her she may never, ever carry Ruby again.

To top things off, as I was feeding Ruby she was doing her trademark tooting, and suddenly I felt quite warm and wet.  I held her up to see her jammies turning orange with poo leaking everywhere, including me.

Hope that all gives you a laugh today - and hoping for an uneventful afternoon!!
Love ya,

To balance out that craziness, here's a little video of the two of them. They love each other, and we love them both!


Dee said...

Oh yeah, I've been there... :)

That video of the girls was just too cute, too. There's just something so sweet about hearing a baby laugh.

Amy at love made my home said...

It sounds like quite a day!!! Let us hope that it doesn't happen again any time soon quite like that! xx

Simply Linda said...

Oh yeah, been there, done that. LOLOLOL--Thanks for the giggles. Blessings

Sola Scriptura said...

That video is precious! I'm glad your Laura has a good sense of humour and can see the funny side of such a crazy morning.


A long time ago, my grandmother said "It takes young ones to raise young ones"....she was so right. The orange "Poo" made me gag. rofl

Kids...sweetness thru and thru. Hope mama told Alaina that she could carry Ruby when she grows up more instead of "you can never do that".

Carrie B. said...

Boy does this bring me down memory lane! I remember those days all too well. I used to say prayers often thanking God for making kiddos so durable!! Lol

My daughter Annie has always especially been my one to leap before she looks and we'd joke that she was like the truck commercials and say "thank goodness she's built Ford tough". :0)

I'm sure you reassured your daughter it will calm down, at least a bit, as they age. xoxo

Jenny said...

Ahhhh how well I remember to forget those days! Haaahaha. Yesterday we celebrated Audrey's 32nd birthday and I reminded her that I had my fourth (and last) baby three weeks after turning 32! Then there was the time Stephanie pulled Audrey OUT of her infant seat -- which itself was propped in an armchair -- all the way down onto the FLOOR. I nearly died. I sympathize with Laura. It's a wonder any of us survived those years or got anything done. The laughing vid is all kinds of crazy adorable. xoxo

Beth (A Mom's Life) said... with littles! Never a dull moment!

Terri D said...

That video is precious!! And who doesn't love an audience that appreciates your performance?!

Some times I am sorry I missed having a baby. Other times, I think it's perfectly fine.... LOL

Patsy said...

That is just to cute! Life is never dull when you have two beautiful little girls.

Sally said...

Oh goodness gracious - I can imagine how upsetting things were for your daughter, Mari. all in one morning! :)

And, how stinkin' CUTE is that dance/laugh number. Love it! :)


Cherdecor said...

Laura's email message is so fun! (At least for us who have already been through that.)

The video is so adorable. I know how you love those two grandchildren.

Bethany Carson said...

Sounds dramatic!

Jean Stauffer said...

I think I have forgotten how frustrating it was sometimes when my kids were little. I tend to look back on them as the good old days. But really, it was hard to get much done or to get enough sleep or to have any time alone. Bless Laura! I love her sense of humor.

LL Cool Joe said...

That video of them both is priceless!

Kimberly Hoyt said...

Glad Laura can laugh about it :)
The video is too cute!