Sunday, February 16, 2014

A few more winter pics

We had a better week here as far as weather goes; some snow but not huge amounts. It's stayed really cold though so our snow isn't going away. Here's a few pictures I took in the area.

This was taken in a friends back yard.  The picnic table looks like modern art, but check out the pool next to it.  It was nearly empty but is now nearly filled with snow.

This was taken out of our side door at work.  The snow on the ground is getting higher, and there is more hanging off the roof all the time.  Maybe they'll meet in the middle!

Here's a closer shot of the snow hanging off the roof.  I like the shapes and lines in it.

This is Lakeshore Drive in Holland.  It runs next to Lake Michigan for quite a distance.  It was a pretty drive, although is was a bit slippery.

Can you see the road in this picture?  It looked so pretty, but there's quite a bit of snow on it and I thought I'd be safer staying on a main road.
Tomorrow I'll show you pictures I took of the Frozen Grand Haven Lighthouse.


Cherdecor said...

Your houses up there must be of good construction because the layers of snow have to be heavy. It is beautiful!

I read that the roof on the TV station in Lancaster, PA collapsed under the weight of ice and snow. Flat roof, of course.

Beth Cotell said...

Your snow pictures are beautiful but I say, bring on spring!!!!!!

Jenny said...

Oh sorry. I got so involved in catching up on your pictures and posts, I posted my comment for this post on the post below it. LOL read on.

Just A Southern Girl said...

I'm really enjoying all your beautiful snow photos, Mari, but I'm SOOO glad we don't live in Michigan any more :)

Jennifer Hays said...

Gosh, that's a lot of snow. I remember scenes like this when my husband and I lived in NY near Lake Ontario. The snow overhanging the roof, in particular, brings back memories. Mainly because we had to rebuild a portion of the roof because of ice dams. Good times. :)

Deb said...

It is so good that you are finding beauty in the snow because you sure have a lot of it! I also love you last post and am going to check out that facebook page - even though his birthday might have passed. I can always send a belated birthday card. Thanks for the great idea! Have a good week.

Anonymous said...

John and I enjoyed your snow pics. I know you are ready for nicer weather.

Sola Scriptura said...

Its amazing to see all that snow! I'm wishing you warmer days soon.