Monday, January 6, 2014

Baby, it's cold outside!

Like many of you, we've been dealing with some pretty crummy weather for the last few days. We've had record setting cold temperatures, and along with that blizzard conditions on Monday.
This is pretty accurate today.  I don't think there was a school around that was open, the universities in the area were also closed.  As the day went on, businesses were closing.  I was at work and the pharmacy that serves us closed early and the lab was unable to come for our blood draws.  At this time, all the schools and colleges are closed again tomorrow.
Here's how things look around here.
This is the main street in our town.

Snow, wind and cold!

Whiteout conditions! 
 I was happy to make it to work today, and then happy to make it back home.
We got about 12 inches of snow since Sunday.  The temperature right now is -3 degrees and tomorrow the high is supposed to be 5.  I have to go to work again tomorrow so it'll probably be another nail biting drive. I'm thankful that I don't have to drive too far.

Here's a little winter humor to go with the cold temperatures.  :)


Terra said...

That chicken told a funny joke. I live in California and called my relative in Wisconsin today and she answered the phone saying "Wisconsin is closed." Brrr.

Jennifer said...

Goodness, it sounds awful. I used to live in upstate NY near Lake Ontario and we had weather like this relatively often. Maybe not usually that cold, but very snowy. I hope you can stay indoors as much as possible, though I know you probably have to go to work no matter what. Stay warm, hopefully it will be over soon.

Justabeachkat said...

Oh wow Mari! Makes me feel guilty to complain of our weather here in Florida. We are weenies when it comes to cold weather, for sure! Be safe and TRY to stay warm.


Jean Stauffer said...

Bless you, Mari!! We are having the extreme temps as well, but not all that snow.

Deb said...

Stay warm. Drive safe in all that snow. Driving in the snow and freezing temps were a big reason we moved to Arizona - and now we are thinking of moving back to a snowy place in a few years. Go figure. Have a good day.

linda eller said...

This cold is getting old quickly. We have the beginnings of cabin fever. Be safe as you travel to and from work.

Betsy Brock said...

I think we're colder than you, but you have more snow! Brrr! The boys haven't even started back to 'school' since Christmas! ha.

Connie said...

This weather is something! I'm glad I can stay inside but I'm running out of things to do.
I love the true.

Connie said...

Ha Ha...the know what I mean.


Firstly, I snorted at the comedy relief from the cold snap!! That's funny.

But the cold, frigid temps are not at all.

Stay warm, drive safely...where you work there just can't be closures. Will be thinking of you.

Cherdecor said...

One thing for sure, the cold has not frozen your creativity in place. This is one of your best posts! I love your first picture and that chicken joke about made me fall off my chair laughing.

We are cold here too. It was a negative 13 yesterday and a negative 8 today so you see we are in a warm spell today.

Do you have a permit to drive on the roads since you work in a nursing facility? We are forbidden to drive on the roads after 5 PM. We can drive in town but we opt not.

Stay warm, my friend, and be safe.

Michelle said...

Do stay warm and be safe!

Simply Linda said...

Oh wow! -23 here, suppose to get Lake Effect snow. Stay safe & warm. P.S. Love your map, we summered in Ludington when we were kids. Blessings

Anonymous said...

Laughing at that last joke/photo!

Bless you as you drive in these harsh conditions.

We were at 6 this a.m. but thankfully the sun came out and the wind died down.

Terri D. said...

Oh Mari, God bless you and all other care-givers who have to be out in that terrible weather. Please take care and travel safely to and from your destinations. I hope you don't lose power, and that you have the streets to yourself!

Brooke said...

bhahahahaha! love that chicken pic. :P

stay safe!! our cold temps should be gone come tomorrow morning.

Jenny the Pirate said...

Terrible! Just terrible. I am so sorry. Here it struggled to reach the high 20s today, with bright sunshine, and I suffered even in that. I don't know how you endure it. I pray for everyone having to deal with this right now. Warmth and safety. xoxo Jenny

Beth said...

Our schools have been shut down since Friday. Well, only our school district and one other local one decided to end Christmas break New Year's Day. Therefore we have an extra snow day that the others don't have to worry about.
Below zero here from Monday night until sometime in the middle of the night. We're up to between 5 & 6.

We had snow on Thurs. & Friday but not what you all had. And it's not supposed to snow for at least a week.
We are on 2hr delay for tomorrow.

Bless all you folks who still have to go out and care for others. I know that such drives can be harrowing. I had one of those Thursday when our school district wouldn't even call a 2-hr. delay. There were lots of near wrecks and a few actual wrecks. None of our staff or students were injured, just severely shook up. To add to the 'excitement' were all those humongous fracking industry trucks--some with wide loads on a two-lane winding road with almost 0 visibility and snow and ice. Then we ended up being sent home early! There were lots of angry parents. One of our buses was stuck for an hour behind a wide-load truck that couldn't make a hill.

Mari said...

Ahahahahahahaha! Maybe it should be frigid more often, cuz I hate the saggy pants on the ground! :) :)