Thursday, November 21, 2013


There's something about abandoned and run down buildings that appeal to me. I always wonder about the people who lived there or used the building, and I wonder what happened that caused them to be deserted and run down.  Someone sent me these pictures of abandoned buildings from all over.  I hope you find them as interesting as I did.

Desert sand fills an abandoned house in Namibia


This old church in Belgium is over 800 years old and was abandoned more than 40 years ago.


This apartment complex in Taiwan was abandoned when the construction company went bankrupt.  The buildings have sat empty for 15 years and the forest is growing up around them.


This is the City Methodist church in Gary, Indiana.  It was closed in the 1970's, but has remained because of frequent use by film crews.


This hotel in Columbia was abandoned in 1990.  There are plans now to turn it into a museum.


This abandoned mill in Italy, was built in the 900's.

This New York subway stop was closed in 1945, but has been preserved.


This was a large office building in France.  It has been abandoned for 20 years.


Chateau Miranda in Belgium was abandoned in 1991.


This is the ghost town of Bodie, CA.


This is the Woodward Avenue Presbyterian Church in Detroit.  Look at those beautiful stained glass windows!


A tree grows over and abandoned temple in Cambodia.

This ghost town is in Montana

This old home in Barbados was destroyed by a fire.  It is now part of a National Park.

I would love to visit all of these!


Cassie said...

They were quite interesting. I have always loved ghost towns and wonder about the previous inhabitants of them.

Simply Linda said...

I love looking at photographs of abandoned buildings. I am like you..often wonder..have a blessed weekend.

linda eller said...

The pictures are incredible and some unbelievable that they are not used now. Thanks for sharing. Like I always wonder about homeless people, I wonder about abandoned bldgs. too. Happy Friday!

Jean Stauffer said...

SO interesting!!! I too would love to visit these!

Ceil said...

Hi Mari! And I would love to come with you! I always imagine how much life was in those buildings, especially abandoned churches. The music, the prayers, the families...all whispers of the past now.

Even the hotels! The people just relaxing, meeting, enjoying life. Puts me in a reflective mood.

Beautiful photos too.
Have a blessed weekend Mari!

Jennifer said...

What an interesting set of photos. I feel the same way about abandoned places; there is so much to imagine and ponder. I've actually been to Bodie, the ghost mining town in California. It's fascinating and I recommend a visit if you're ever in the area.

Brooke said...

i think the abandoned churches are the saddest.

Susan said...

I loved these. Thanks for sharing. I think old things should be preserved and not torn down and destroyed.

Humble wife said...

I wonder about those that are homeless, and think, why don't they take up residence?

Its amazing though how things go back to nature~isn't it?


Betsy Brock said...

Oh wow...those are SO cool. Some are eerie...almost like looking at a ghost or skeleton! Some are beautiful.

Michelle said...

I love rural and urban decay. The house filled with sand is unusual.

Terri D. said...

Mari, I would love to visit all of these with you! I find myself wondering those same things when I see an abandoned building - who lived there, why is it abandoned, what lives were touched by it? Thanks for sharing these!!

simply bev said...

I love these! So many I'd love to visit!

Pat said...

"If these walls could talk"! Wow, what great pictures and so much history. I'm always sad when I learn that an old structure will be torn down.

Donna B. said...

I too love abandoned buildings or homes...I remember back in the 50's and 60's there were several abandoned large homes we used to frequent because we heard they were haunted. While everyone was sneaking, hiding and scaring...I wandered about admiring what I imagined it to look like when it was lived in. I used to wish I could be rich so I could go around fixing up old houses...

Cherdecor said...

I would love to visit the ghost towns, but wait! They are probably the home of western rattlesnakes so I will choose to stay home and look at your wonderful pictures. :)

LL Cool Joe said...

It always makes me feel sad to see abandoned churches, it's a real sign of the times in a way.

I love all the photos and would love to visit some of the places myself!