Monday, March 14, 2011

Gotta love Jimmy Johns

Do you have a Jimmy Johns near you? They make great sandwiches, but I also enjoy reading the signs they have hanging all over.
I was there last week and took pictures of some of my favorites.
Some are funny, most are pretty wise!
See what you think...


Sadie said...

CUTE!!! You have the best posts that always make me smile!!

I was giggling at the pigeon/statue one!

Connie said...

I too like the pigeon one. Cute and so true.

Penny said...

Haha!! Those are so cute!

Sharon said...

We have just got one here but I have not been there but my dil said their sandwiches are great. Her office orders from them every Wednesday.
I love the pigeon one.
Have a Happy St.Patrick's day.

Brooke said...

haha! sometimes "no spitting" signs around here are meant literally! :)

Pat said...

What great signs, hard to choose a favorite.
They have great 'em!

Nezzy (Cow Patty Surprise) said...

Don't hate me!!! I've never heard of a Jimmy Johns! I realize I don't get off the Ponderosa much but I'm not familiar with this place.

Love the Pigeon/Statue sign! Heeehehehe!!! Sooooo true!

God bless ya and have a terrific Tuesday sweeite!!!

Terri said...

I seem to recall a time when Mom was the statue! :)

Lynn said...

Never heard of Jimmy John's, but these sayings are great!

Kim said...

Funny! My fav is the pigeon/statue one. LOL

Cherdecor said...

I remember the name Jimmy Johns from your posts a year or so ago. I like the name. It sounds so down home like.

Jenny said...

WOW these are all great but I love that last one. We had a huge SCENE with some folks about a year ago ... won't elaborate too much except to say that our pastor's daughter was trying to fix up our daughter Erica with a separated but STILL-MARRIED MAN in the congregation. Yes, you read that correctly. And the pastor backed his daughter up to the hilt, saying that for him it was a "Catch-22."

Most surreal.

It goes without saying we changed churches faster than you can say John the Baptist.

But what was so amazing was, the daughter did issue to Erica what was supposed to pass for an "apology" ... as in (and I quote) ... "I'm sorry you took it wrong."


Now if only on that sign, they'd put a question mark after part three!

Jenny said...

RE: your comment to me about this comment: I know, right? Just when you think you've got a happy church home, something happens that makes you feel like a termite in a yo-yo: TOTAL confusion.

Absolutely nowhere to go with it but out the door.

God help those pastors who scatter the flock. They will answer to Him for their behavior.

Jean said...

Never heard of Jimmy Johns, but I LOVE these signs. The first one is hilarious!!!