Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Sticky Post

Go here to sign up for the $70 gift certificate from CSN stores!
Giveaway ends on 2/9/11


Colleen said...

It sounds lovely but I don't imagine they ship to Norway!

Oh well!:)

Have a wonderful weekend!

Pat said...

I'm going there now! NOt Norway, although that would be lovely!

Jane said...

Hi Mari,
Stopping by to say hi. Sorry to read about your daughter's accident but I'm so happy to read that she wasn't hurt!!
Have a wonderful weekend.

Anonymous said...

Nice post. Will have to investigate.

Rose said...

just saying Hi1 and hope your daughter is not having ant pains from car accident have a good weekend rose

Aspiemom said...

A very humorous post on shooting barns for you...

Sharon said...

I finally caught up with you. I was so glad to hear that your daughter was not hurt.
Sorry to hear about the week you had and I hope it will be better.
It is so nice to have a mechanic in the family these days.
Hugs to you.