Wednesday, June 3, 2020

A Day in my Life

It's June!   I saw a post on Facebook that said:
"Congratulations!  You made it to June.  Welcome to level 6 of Jumanji!"
It's been a very eventful year so far, and I thought that was pretty funny.

June 1 was a work day for me.  It was a cool morning, but the sun was shining as I drove in to work.

 This is the view from the parking lot.  It's so nice that it's light, early in the morning.  I got to work about 7:15 am

 Here's the table that's been part of our routine since Covid.  We punch in, then take our temperature.  We have to write down our temp, the time we arrived, check that we did hand sanitization, check off if we have a cough, shortness of breath, body aches.  We have to do this every 4 hours we work and again when we leave.
I'm happy to say we remain Covid free!!!

Here's the hall where my office is.  I was the first to arrive, so no lights were on yet.

I have several things I have to do on Monday morning.  I run a report with all the charting that has happened on the weekend and read it, to make sure there are no issues that need to be evaluated.  I check a report from the pharmacy that tells me if there are any meds that insurance is no longer covering.  I also have to send a report to our county health department, notifying them of any new infections or outbreaks.
When I got those things done, I started getting some info together on 2 new admissions.  Our doctors are still not able to come into the building, so I now have to go into the chart, gather paperwork that tells the persons history, labs, current orders.  
I was working on that when I got a call from the nurse on our transitional unit asking me to come check one of our residents who was not looking good.  This lady has been with us for a few weeks, and suddenly was having increased heart rate, high BP and was less alert than usual.  I called the Dr who wanted her sent to ER, then helped that nurse get everything done to send her in.

It was now nearly 9 and I needed to finish getting info on the 2 new residents to the Dr.   I finished that and faxed it over to him.
He called about 20 minutes later and I took my phone into these new admits rooms so he could do a skype visit with them.  He gets vitals from me,  I move the phone so he can check skin, legs for edema, any incisions...   One of the ladies told him "I don't like this kind of Dr visit".  He agree and said he didn't either!
When that was done, I hung up with him and went into our morning management meeting.  He later faxes signed paperwork, orders and his Dr notes.

After the meeting, I worked on some evaluations that need to be done on each resident, every 3 months.  The ones I have to do is a Fall observation and a pain observation.  I had 4 of those to do.
I also had to put in lab orders for new residents, and find out and document their immunization history.
When this was done I helped feed some of our residents lunch.

A big job for the afternoon was doing covid testing on some of our residents and staff. Our state asked that this be done and was even going to send the National Guard to do it.  We didn't feel that was in the residents best interest.  Can you imagine how scary that would be for some of them?
Thankfully, the residents or their power of attorney was able to decline if they didn't want it done.  As we have had no cases and no one has sx, some people did turn it down.

Another thing I had to do was our weekly ordering of tube feeding, supplies, trach supplies, catheter supplies...

 When I finished that, I did some online learning.  We usually have 3 courses that take 45 min to 1 1/2 hours each to do each month, so it's good to get started early.

I left work at 5:30.  It was no longer sunny, but still a pretty drive home.

 I saw these little ducklings that have grown since the last time I saw them!

Bob beat me home, and we had supper.

After supper, he did some work on the landscaping, while I wondered the yard and admired the flowers.

 The vibernum in the back is flowering so nicely!

 Our Japanese Iris are also blooming.  I think they are one of my favorite flowers.

 This clematis is behind the iris.  It's such a pure white and looks so pretty in that shady spot.

After that, we came inside and just relaxed for the rest of the evening.
PS - the lady we sent to the hospital was admitted but is doing ok and will probably return in a few days.
And that's it - the first day of June!


Susan said...

Wow, I am tired just reading all you do! I am glad you have no Covid there. My daughter works at an OB office and they have to check the temps of everyone. She use to work a lot with the patients. Now she does more clerical like scheduling and she says it keeps her busy. You have a beautiful garden Mari!

Joyful said...

You had a very busy day Mari. Your garden is looking lovely. I wish I could say my hostas looked as nice but something has been eating all the new leaves. I think it's my neighbours cat but I can't catch her as she is let out around 4:30 a.m. before my neighbour goes to work an hour later. Happy June.

Hootin' Anni said...

Your day is full! And I'm sure all the staff & residents appreciate all you do. That clematis is so oretty with the double petals...and purple iris...your yard is a paradise!

Sylvia said...

LOVE your day and LOVE LOVE your garden Mari

Arlene @Nanaland said...

I dont know how you do it all Mari. I would come in eat supper and go to bed.:) Thankful for diligent nurses.

Linda said...

Wait, what? The National Guard to do what? (rhetorical --I know what). Sigh...goodness, I am just tired reading all this, smiles.

Kerin said...

You've been a busy bee, for certain!

I love your yard and everything in blossom is so pretty.
I need to put clematis in our yard.. it would be such a pretty addition.

Have a sweet day.


Laurel Wood said...

I think I lost my first comment. Just want to say that I am thankful you can get out in your beautiful yard in the evenings after such a stressful work day. Also, glad that your granddaughters live close enough to visit some weekends.

Terri D said...

Bless you and all nurses (and all staff) at the facilities that care for our parents and grandparents. It is wonderful that your place remains C-19-free. It is such a problem here in Florida. Your procedures should be the standard for all facilities! Your yard is always beautiful, no matter the time of year.

sharon said...

I just love seeing your beautiful yard!

Jean said...

I read every one of your blog posts, Mari, because I receive them via email. But like I said before, for some reason I cannot comment from my phone. So I often forget to do so whenever I finally get to the computer, which does not happen every day. Anyway, I am so impressed with the amount of responsibility you carry at work. You really need to "keep your head together."

I enjoyed seeing your lovely gardens.

Great-Granny Grandma said...

Wow, calling in the National Guard to do Covid testing? Isn't that a little extreme, and do they even have the training to do it? And if the National Guard would be allowed in, why aren't the doctors? There's so much I don't understand.
Your garden looks amazing. So beautiful.
Stay strong and well! xo

The Liberty Belle said...

That's quite a check-in process you have at work but I'm sure such precautions are needed to help ensure everyone's health and safety. The Japanese Iris and Clematis are lovely.

Changes in the wind said...

That is a lot of responsibility you carry and am sure it is appreciated. So glad that you have not had the virus there as so many died in nursing homes but am sure it is due to the good care you all are giving. Your yard is just beautiful!!

Kelly-Anne ♥ The Diary of a Country Girl said...

Happy June, Mari! ♥ I agree, 2020 has been an eventful year thus far indeed!
Goodness, I felt tired after reading about your day!
Your garden is so lovely...what a lovely place to spend time in at the end of a long, busy day.
May the week ahead be a blessed one...sending love your way!

Jenny the Pirate said...

Oh dear .. that is a FULL day. I can't believe you're at work for ten hours straight! That just seems like a lot. And so much to do while you're there! But I imagine that the busy-ness of the day makes it go faster. Your flowers are breathtaking as always. xoxo