Thursday, June 13, 2019

Coming home!

All good things come to an end, and that means vacations too.  We were ready to get back home to our husbands and families.
We were scheduled to fly out of Waco, and wanted to get there on time.  We have always been told to be there two hours early, so that was the plan.  Our flight was to leave a little after 1, so we got to the airport shortly before 11, so we could turn in our rental car and then go through security and be ready to go.
We turned in the car with no trouble, but then went into the airport itself and realized just how small it was.  (When we flew in, we went right from the gate to the car rental and out, and didn't look around).  Anyway, the security area was closed, so we sat down to wait.

 Here's the airport - 2 desks and only American Airlines uses it.

This is the extent of it - on one side is the American Airlines desks I showed you, on the other end is the car rental, and the seating area here is all there is.
There were only 2 other customers there when we arrived.
To make matters worse, we soon realized that we were there on Michigan time which was an hour earlier!  We had all looked at the time on our computer not realizing the time was different.  So, we had a long wait!
About 10 to 1 a local police officer came to assist with the security check for boarding and we finally got on the plane.
We flew into Dallas with no troubles and had a short turn around before getting on the next plane which would take us home.
However - there were storms...  We ended up sitting on the tarmac for quite some time.  When we finally took off, the pilot said to prepare for a bumpy ride and also said it would take longer because we had to fly around storms.

The clouds were beautiful from above.

It was quite a bumpy ride though.  The stewardesses attempted to pass juice and had to quit, and the fasten seat belts and stay in your seat sign came on numerous times.  We were glad to land in Grand Rapids and find our husbands waiting for us!

It's fun to travel but so good to be home.


Joyful said...

Thank God for a safe flight.

Anonymous said...

Welcome home!

Jean said...

Just want you to know that I HAVE been reading each of your trip posts. I receive your posts via email each morning. But I can’t comment from there. What a FUN sister thing to do together!

Linda said...

I have been enjoying your vacation, smiles. I am so glad you landed safely, smiles.

Sally said...

Such an ordeal, Mari, but thankfully you arrived safely!

I've only flown 3 times on business trips, but always glad to be back home.


Changes in the wind said...

Glad you had a wonderful time and are back home safe and sound.

Rebecca said...

Such adventure! We're back, too. Ours was a road trip. No place like home!

Arlene @Nanaland said...

Oh that turbulence...glad you made it home safely.

Michelle said...

I love to travel, but am not a fan of turbulence!! Glad you made it home safely!

Terri D said...

I am glad you arrived home safely! How funny about the time difference and the little airport. Who could have known? You guys had such a fun vacation!! Thanks for sharing it with us!!

Hootin' Anni said...

It's ALWAYS GOOD to be back home, fun tho vacations are, home is where the heart is. Yep, Texas is big enough to have two time zones! (And yes, Texas, Southern pride shows in every corner...including courtesy & respect)

Jenny said...

Ugh! I hate that for you and I'm glad I didn't know you were up there on a bumpy flight. But safe travel and a great trip, lots of wonderful memories! So worth it. xoxo