Monday, June 24, 2019

Bob's latest project

Bob loves gardening and is always working on something in the yard.  Before I show you that, I want to show you some things that are blooming right now.

This is a Wine and roses weigela.  It's full of these flowers that start out pale pink and get darker the longer they are blooming.

 I love these!  They are Siberian Iris and they are such a striking color.

 Our clematis is loaded with flowers, and it looks so pretty behind the iris.

This is a miniature lilac.  It blooms after the regular lilac and it smells just wonderful.

 Here's the latest - it's a woodland garden.  Bob cleared out an area in our side yard.  He built the bench several years ago and moved it here, edged the area with tree branches, made the entry pillars and put in some wood chips.

He planted impatiens, azealeas, hydrangeas and hostas.

Along the other side is this area with different hosta varieties and ferns.
It's such a pretty spot to sit in the shade!


Terri D said...

Your yard is so beautiful, Mari! I really think you could name it and charge admission!! Bob is so creative in everything he does.

Laurel Wood said...

Bob's woodland garden is very beautiful. What is the 5-leaf creeping plant near the pillar on the right? There is something similar to that growing on a fence between us and the neighbor.
The lilac and the clematis are my favorites, but your entire yard is just wonderful.

Jean said...

I LOVE this sitting area!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh it’s so beautiful and natural, I love that!

Arlene @Nanaland said...

Your yard looks like a lovely park Mari. Bob is a great gardener.

Dianna said...

Your flowers are just beautiful, Mari. And after the winter that you endured, I know you must be enjoying them immensely. Bob is such a clever guy when it comes to his projects. I'd never get any housework done if I had such a lovely area to enjoy. :)

Linda said...

Beautiful. Can I borrow Bob? (giggling)

Sally said...

Such amazing beauty to surround you, Mari. And, I love the new area that Bob made. :)


Jenny said...

Mari this is too wonderful. White clematis! So gorgeous. Ours are purple and I love that but the white is breathtaking. And that miniature lilac! Bob's woodland garden is practically too good to be true. Did he edge the beds with tree limbs? That is just amazing. He truly shows the heart of God in his garden creations. I am jealous because it's all we can do to keep our yard from becoming a jungle, haaahaha xoxo

Connie said...

Oh, my goodness . . . give Bob a big hug from me. What a sweet man; your new shaded sitting area is beautiful. I love how he thought of using the tree branches as a boarder, that's very clever. Your garden is so pretty. I especial like the photo of the white clematis with the iris . . . they look gorgeous planted there together. I've not heard of a miniature lilac, but will be keeping my eyes open when visiting the nurseries from now on:)
I think that you folks could give garden tours and make a living at it :)

Kim said...

Your husband sounds a lot like my husband! I love the nook he created and that bench is outstanding. He is a creative guy!

carrie@northwoods scrapbook said...

OH my gosh Mari!! It looks so beautiful - like a park!! Great job Bob. thanks for sharing ❤️