Sunday, April 24, 2016

Farm Days

I live in an area that still has a lot of farms.  About 10 minutes from my house there is a Farm Museum.  It has all sorts of old things that relate to farm life.  Every Spring they have some Saturdays that they set aside for kids.  They plan kid friendly activities and have a little petting zoo.  It fell on Saturday when the girls were going to be here, and I knew they would enjoy it.  Bob had to work so it was just me and the girls.

The museum is across the street from the Hardware and Feed store.  It's been around a while, as you can see.

 Here's the entrance to the Museum.

 This old windmill is in the front of the building.

 When we walked in, we had to check out the top of the silo.  Isn't it cool?

 There was a stuffed animal petting zoo to start with.

 They got to sit on a big tractor...

and try out a little one too.

 But they were most excited about seeing the real animals.

 It's so fun to hold a bunny!

 Pure joy!

 Alaina had a hard time putting this bunny down.

 But she finally checked out the chickens.

 Ruby did too...

But she wasn't too sure about this goat!

 Alaina got her face painted and became a kitty!

 And she did a little crafts and painting too.

 Alaina got to try out a machine that took the kernals off an ear of corn,

and then tried another one that ground the corn cob down into something that could be used as animal bedding.

She even got to use a machine to twist her own piece of rope!

Here they are at the end of our visit.  They got stickers and bracelets, they got to make felt butterflies, twist rope and paint a wooden flower.  What a fun time!  Grandma was a little tired from chasing after Ruby while Alaina did some of the activities, but it was worth it!


Weekend-Windup said...

It would have been a wonderful trip for them. They must have enjoyed by trying things in the machines and seeing real animals...

Deb said...

What a fun place! Looks like you had a great time! Enjoy the coming week!

Arlene Grimm said...

Nothing like spending time seeing things through the eyes of a grandchild! Those girlies are just so precious.

Joyful said...

Such cute pics of your grands and the animals. I like to see farm life and also museums featuring farm life because it seems the way of the small farmers is fast disappearing.

Sally said...

What a fun day, the girls really liked it, didn't they. Well, except maybe Ruby and the goat. LOL

I'm glad you were able to take them making such great memories. :)


Simply Linda said...

That museum looks familiar...I think it has been showcased on one of these home shows.

Thanks for sharing...the girls are adorable, Mari. Blessings

Terri D said...

What fun!! I don't see any photos of Ruby climbing up anything high, so that's a plus!! LOL It's great knowing there are still smaller farms around and that someone runs a farming museum. I'm afraid farming will be lost completely one of these days, and what a shame that will be. Thanks for sharing the fun with us!

Karen said...

This looks like a lot of fun. Do I see a pet bunny in Alaina's future? That's such a sweet picture:)

Changes in the wind said...

What a great day:) Loved seeing the inside of the silo, have seen many from the outside but never inside.

Ceil said...

Hi Mari! I wish this place was around me, what a great kid attraction! I love the silo entrance, it really sets the theme. Your littles really warmed up to the animals, I wonder if my granddaughters would? One is pretty brave, but the older one is pretty shy... But I'd still love to take them to a place like this!

Stephanie said...

It looks like you have a wonderful and memorable time. The pictures of the girls are just too precious.

Have a lovely week. Hugs!

Cherdecor said...

Ruby might be a little wild and hard to keep from running around, but I did notice how careful she was around the chicken and goat. She only petted the chicken with one finger because she was careful. I think she is just a curious little girl, but as she grows, she will be careful. Alaina's middle name is curious. Both girls are so smart and so cute! I am glad that you had a great day at the farm museum.

Carrie B. said...

Hi Mari!!

Sorry I've been so behind in blogland!! I played catch up and finally read all of your recent posts! So fun to read about your trip to MO for the wedding and St. Charles. Looks like it was all wonderful! And now back home to your sweetest l'il Gals in the whole world - Miss Alaina & Miss Ruby!!

What a fun place and looks like it was well worth tackling both girls to go and enjoy the fun.

HOpe you have a wonderful week ahead and I hope to be back on schedule a bit around here. ;)

Blessings. xoxo

Jenny said...

What wonderful memories. You're an awe-inspiring grandma. xoxo


Oh the precious memories for your girls Mari [well, your granddaughters] know what I mean.

...and memories for you too.

Love the museum silo entrance and looking up once inside. I would have really enjoyed this myself since I'm a 'farmer's daughter'.

Patsy said...

What a wonderful day with your grand-girls.

LL Cool Joe said...

Ha ha I can picture you running after Ruby. My older daughter was just like Ruby, but now she's the complete opposite, so there's hope yet! Sounds like the kids had a wonderful time.

Amy at love made my home said...

Sounds as though it was a great fun day for you all! Glad you enjoyed it, it looks like a great place to visit.

Jean Stauffer said...

You were a brave grandma taking the two girls by yourself! What a great place! I love museums that include hands-on activities.

Laura said...

Such cute pictures! They were tuckered out, but not as tired as Grandma I imagine. :) I agree with Jenny - you're an awe-inspiring grandma!