Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Last Day

On our last day in Indiana, we went to the Wellfield Botanical Gardens in Elkhart.  It was lightly raining, not enough to stop us, just enough to carry an umbrella along.
These gardens were beautiful and we enjoyed walking the trails and taking in the late summer beauty.

This is the beginning of the trail that winds through the gardens.  There were several side trail you could go on as well.

There were many areas that invited us to stop and enjoy the beauty around us.

The statues scattered throughout the grounds were fun to see.

 A few close ups of some of the flowers.

This small waterfall pretty to see and to hear.

Even these ducks were enjoying this place.

When we finished walking around, it was time to head home.  It wasn't a long getaway, but it was very enjoyable!


Dianna said...

Hello Mari,
I found your blog through seeing your comment over at Lauren's and decided to give you a visit. I am so glad I did! You have a beautiful blog...and I also enjoyed your photography and recipe blogs. I love that your recipes are not complicated ones, but something that can be whipped up in a small amount of time! And they all look delicious.

I will be back to visit again! :)

Sola Scriptura said...

It's so charming and absolutely beautiful! What a lovely place to spend some time with your hubby.

Sola Scriptura said...

It's so charming and absolutely beautiful! What a lovely place to spend some time with your hubby.

Hootin' Anni said...

Ohhhhhhhh, every bit of this it's all so pretty! Love the "Japanese" bridge and the lily pond. But I could sit for hours on the bench. [3rd photo down]

Anonymous said...

Such a gorgeous place. I love the views from the benches they have placed around the grounds. So glad you had a nice visit.

Unknown said...

A beautiful calming, peaceful. Love the pictures, and glad you enjoyed time away for a bit. Does us all good.

Terri D said...

Absolutely beautiful! You sure did get some good photos on your trips. This place is so lovely and peaceful, even on a rainy day. The colors are amazing! Thanks for sharing your vacation time with us!

Brooke said...

wow! how lovely!

Kerin said...

Good Morning!
What a beautiful garden. I'm so glad that there are gardens cultivated and tended with loving care, for all to enjoy. Makes this world a better place, and much prettier too :)

I'm so glad that you had a nice get-away. Refresh and recharge, and relax.


Patsy said...

Did it give you any idea's to add to your lovely yard and flower beds?

Linda said... pretty, calming and fall break is coming up soon..hubby says we are going to Niagara Falls for the day.Blessings

Cherdecor said...

Awww, so beautiful! The winding trails....the waterfalls,.....the ducks.....all so beautiful! So peaceful! A great get-a-way.

White Lace and Promises said...

Wow! Looks almost as pretty as your garden and landscape. I'm sorry that I haven't dropped by lately. Hope you are doing well. I know you had fun on your trip.

Jenny said...

Your trip seems above all to have been peaceful and relaxing. I'm so glad. Your pictures are gorgeous. xoxo Now back to work you and Bob both hahaaha. ~The Pirate

Jean said...

LOVELY! Reminds me of the arboretum here. Even the same brightly colored chairs!