Sunday, October 21, 2012

God's Artistry

We've had such a beautiful Fall season here. The colors have been so pretty and the season seems to be lasting long than usual.
Heather and I went out for a drive late last week and I took a few pictures from around our house and that drive to share with you.

 The burning bush in our back yard is brilliant this year.

Our neighbors tree

Our Oak leaf hydrangea is multi-colored

Even the shrubs growing in the nursery near us are colorful

We came across this tractor just sitting in the trees

The country roads are the best for enjoying this season!

 Such a pretty drive

And back home again.  This is the view out our living window.  We love this tree in all seasons, but it's especially pretty in the Fall


Terra said...

Burning Bush is an apt name for your glowing red bush, and all of your photos show masterpieces of autumn.

Beth said...

I was asked in a previous post if the trees were truly purple. We do have some that have a purplish cast to them this time of year. I think if you do not live in an area where the seasons are so pronounced, you can't quite grasp how vivid autumn is.
I love this time of year and your drive reflects one my husband and I took yesterday. At one point I said to him, "Find a place to pull over; I've got to capture those trees on the rolling hills down below us." He did. I did.
I love all your pictures, but esp. the tree view from your house. I miss my trees in Cinci and long for a yard that is big enough to have a tree and has a view other than an alley. But I understand why we are here am trusting God to work it all out.

Karen said...

God's Artistry, indeed. The burning bush is gorgeous. Our colors are intense this year, too, but we don't have nearly the variety that you do. Thanks for sharing!

Betty WSch. said...

Stunning! Love the colors!!

LuAnn said...

very pretty - love burning bushes.
funny - I just posted kinda the same thing. :)

mare ball said...

Oh my word, such BEAUTIFUL photos! The colors are breathtaking. You are right, only God can create such perfection. thanks for sharing!

Lauren Davenport said...

Gorgeous! The autumn colours in your photos are spectacular!

LL Cool Joe said...

What beautiful colours indeed. Great photos. :)

Musicaljean said...

That burning bush and your neighbor's tree are INCREDIBLY beautiful!!!

Thara said...

Great pictures! I especially like the one of your neigbours tree.